Old Man Ch.2

Ch 2 Understanding the Current Situation

After that, Sugimoto and the others left.

As expected, Sugimoto and the others didn’t go wild at the hospital. I felt like they were mumbling something, but that doesn’t matter now.

“…… I’m looking younger.”

I was shocked when I saw the hand mirror in the drawer of the TV stand. I’m surprised by the impossible fact.

He is looking younger.

He looks like he did 21 years ago, when he was in junior high school.

The 36-year-old Shindo is nowhere to be found.

His face became younger.

His gaze lowered as he stood up, indicating that he had shrunk in height. His well-trained body was gone, and he became a scrawny, bean sprout-like man.

Everything is the appearance of a junior high school student.

It’s the pathetic figure of 21 years ago.

“What if I’ve come back to the …… past?”

I read that in a novel once.

About a man who dies in an accident and returns to his boyhood.

Perhaps the same thing is happening to me. I’m not sure why or how, but I think I’ve gone back in time.

“Twenty-one years ago. That’s when I was in ninth grade.”

Every day was a mess back then.

Every day, I was robbed of my money unreasonably.

They forced me to get naked in front of girls once a week and humiliated me. On rare occasions, he would call me into the men’s restroom and give me a pile driver.

Other times, I was forced to eat cigarettes and lick the toilet bowl with my tongue. The document which is distributed to all the class is torn, and it is scribbled.

I’ve been through some really …… awful things.

“Now that you’re back in the past, you’ve got a lot to do.”

First of all, I need to get stronger.

My first goal is to become even stronger for the battle against zogarth 21 years from now. I will acquire new skills and show you that I will defeat zogarth this time.

And secondly, I’ll resolve my other regrets from the past; I’ve lived 36 years, so I’ve accumulated my fair share of regrets.

“But the first priority at the moment is to retaliate against Sugimoto and the others.”

Even though 21 years have passed since I was bullied, I still see them in my dreams sometimes. The trauma that Sugimoto and his friends have inflicted on me sometimes comes back to me in my dreams.

They forced me to smoke, forced me to drink water from the toilet…and pushed me off the roof. I have been subjected to bullying that lacked humanity on a daily basis.

I will never forgive Sugimoto and the others.

And …… I just can’t forgive myself for not resisting them.

“I just couldn’t resist. I mean, part of me couldn’t help it. He was a psychic, and I was just a regular guy back then.”

Sugimoto is a large man and a level E ability holder with the [Physical Enhancement] skill. I’m the second rank from the bottom, but before I awakened my ego, I was an ordinary person with no skills, so I had no chance to win.

However, even if it was difficult to resist Sugimoto, I think I would have been able to resist those two cowards.

Sugimoto’s two henchmen, Yuuki Isawa and Yuta Ochi, also joined in and bullied me. They were not awakened like me, they were just ordinary people.

I didn’t have enough courage at the time and couldn’t resist.

As a result, I couldn’t go to school and spent 15 years as a freelancer until I was 30 years old.

But now it’s different.

“I can feel the magic power that is comparable to that of my prime. Perhaps I can even use my skills.”

I have the same amount of magic power now as I did when I was at my peak, in other words, 36 years old. The effects of the doping items have worn off, so the amount of magic power has dropped to some extent, but

And I think I probably have the same skills as I did when I was 36. I have the strongest skills in the world.

I guess I inherited all the power I got in my previous life to be strong in the game and play a new game. Unfortunately, it seems that the inheritance of weapons was not done because the item box was not found.

But even without the armor, there is no particular problem.

I was once the strongest mankind has ever known.

SS-class magic, SS-class skills.

It’s no big deal to slaughter an E-class Sugimoto.

I’m not the same person I was back then.

“I’d like to try a few things before I take Sugimoto down, but I can’t do it here at ……. The magic detector will probably go off, so let’s just give up for now.”

If I use my skills, the magic detectors on the ceiling will go off. But I’m a little nervous about taking on this challenge without knowing what’s going on.

I’m 36 years old and I’m 15, and I have a lot of different specs.

The skills and the way we use our bodies are very different. Therefore, I want to see how it feels in my current body….

“We have no choice. Let’s go with plan B.”

But Plan B can’t be implemented right now, either.

That would require a large space. If we do it in a hospital room like this, it will cause enormous damage.

“Well, ……, maybe the backwoods might be just the place.”

Let’s get out of the hospital and head for the backwoods.

It’s daylight now. We can’t sneak out.

We’ll have to go at midnight. Let’s sleep until then.

I got into bed and went to sleep.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

2:00 AM.

I was in the hills behind the hospital.

“All right, let’s give it a try.”

Stick out your right hand and concentrate.

And then… – Activate.

“The Fireball.”

A fireball the size of a soccer ball was generated in the palm of my hand. 


Compress the fireball and make it smaller.

A soccer ball-sized fireball becomes a baseball-sized fireball. A baseball-sized fireball becomes a ping-pong ball-sized fireball. The ping-pong ball-sized fireball became a marble-sized fireball. The marble-sized fireball finally became invisible.

Gyun!!!! (sound effect) 

As soon as the fireball was out of sight, a small distortion was created in the space. I insert my arm into that distortion.

”The way dungeons are made is more barbaric than you’d think.”

Fifteen years from now.

In the year 2025, a method for creating dungeons was discovered. The method is to “force open the space distortion caused by compressing magic to the utmost limit”.

The dungeon created in this way is called a “Training Dungeon”. The reason for this is that the demons that appear are weak, so it is easy to test your skills.

“Alright,……, we’re done.”

Pry open the distortion of space, and widen it to a size where one adult can open it. The result is a hole in the space that cannot be seen from the back – a.k.a. “The Gate”.

This is Plan B, the “Discover in the dungeon” strategy. Since there are no magic detectors inside the dungeon, we can do whatever we want.

“Because it doesn’t matter how many skills I activate as long as it’s inside the dungeon. Within this, let’s find out what I can and can’t do right now, what I’m good at and what I’m not.”

And I took on the dungeon.

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