R.C. Ch.45

Ch 45

“Ao-sama, it’s morning. Please get up.”


What is it? I hear voices right beside me.

I’m slightly ticklish.

“Aoi-sama is a spoiled brat, isn’t he? I’m fine with that. Shall we sleep together today?”


I slowly stretched my arms out to embrace the gentle voice in my slumber.

I don’t know what it is, but it feels so soft and comfortable.

“Oh, Ao-sama, you’re so sweet. You’re really a pampered child. I’m sure you’re right, you can stay in my arms and we’ll be together today. No, I don’t mind if you stay like this not only for today but for a long time.”

You’re gonna stay like this forever? Maybe that’s a good idea. It’s so soft and exquisite.

It smells good, too.

“Yes, I’m a good girl. Ao-sama, you can do whatever you want with me. I am your property.”

I wonder if that’s true.

“Hey, bitch. What are you doing to my brother?”

Then, a cold, crawling voice from the depths of hell wakes me up with a startle.

I looked and saw that Shirogane-san was holding me, or rather, I was holding Shirogane-san.

“I just thought I would let Ao-sama sleep peacefully. Sister.”

“Your mother asked me to wake you.”

“Yes. However, Ao-sama who was sleeping so innocently was too cute, so when I slept with him, Ao-sama hugged me.”

“…… big brother?”

She stares, staring at me with her lightless eyes.

You’re a little scary with your pupils all dilated, Rimi.

I’m sorry. Rimi. And Shirogane-san.”

I wouldn’t mind if it stayed that way forever.

She says and squeezes me when I try to move out of the hugging position.

I’m sure you can’t do that, right? I’m not sure what to do. If you’re going to hug, then hug your loving sister.”

Saying that, she forcefully intervened between Shirogane-san and me and opened her arms.

This is going to get more awkward if I don’t hug her.

I thought so and gently hugged her.

“Hmm, I guess big brother is better with me after all.”

“Then I’ll take the back.”

Shirogane-san comes around behind me and gently hugs me.

”Soshigaya-Kun likes big breasts, doesn’t he?”

“Uh, yeah. Yes.”

“I’m so happy.  But if it makes Ao-sama happy, I’ll always be next to you, so you can develop it, okay?”


She whispers that, and I’m thrilled.

“Big brother? I’m still developing, so I’m not that big, but too big is not classy either, right? Don’t you think I’m just the right size? Here.”

Then she takes my hand and tries to get me to touch it.

Oh, no!

“Ao, Shirogane, Rimi, what are you doing?”

So, I thought my mom would come and save the day, but it turned out to be even more troublesome.

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