Ch 2 The Savior

A few months ago.

“No, no…”

A young girl named Milis Alamilea stands at the biggest watershed in her life.


It is an event and a moment that greatly influences one’s life.

“Gruaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! ! ! “

In front of her eyes is a huge monster, more than three meters in height.


The fangs of its mouth were dripping with a mixture of drool and flesh and blood, and its sharp eyes were pointed at the girl as if it were a starving beast.


Looking around, the wreckage of what used to be armor was scattered about, and pieces of meat and organs that had not even retained their original shape were lying in the forest.

The girl’s monastic dress with gold embroidery was also colored red, as some sort of a bizarre decoration.


The coloring liquid was the same color as the lying organs.


In other words, “live” or “die” is where the line is drawn.


Never in life will there be a more pivotal turning point.


If there is, it will be when you are in heaven or hell.

—I don’t want to die.

—I could have saved you.

—–It’s my fault.

But all she could do was stare up at the slouched, drooling demonic beast..


(If only I had the strength ……!)


I have the gift to heal, but not the gift to hurt.


I have always been thankful for the blessings God has given me, but today, I wish God had given me something else.


Inwardly, I cannot help but grieve.

No matter how many people call her a saint, she is still just a human.


I’m terrified of passing away. It is even more so when it is spread out in front of you.


“WOooooooooooooooooooo! “

The roar of the demonic beast echoes through the air.


It shakes the grass and trees and makes its presence felt all around.


I would like to praise the fact that I am inflicted with so much fear that I am not even able to sit up.


However, I would have to add a postscript to my praise:

Therefore, the girl wishes.


 Someone help me.

—It was at that moment…


“…… what?”


In an instant, the entire floor was covered in black.

“’Releasing magic from a distance is meaningless if it doesn’t hit your target, and you’re just taking all sorts of risks.




The feet of the magical beast sink down.


It was as if I was stuck in a large swamp, and even if I moved a foot, another foot sank further.
The more it struggled, the more the huge body that had been so intimidating and terrifying on the ground disappeared, and the roar that they had just released was tinged with surprise and fear.


“After all, there is no risk once it is sunk. There is no need to approach it with a sword, and there is no need to unleash magic that is not guaranteed to hit. Why don’t creatures other than fish live in the sea? Simply because it is an unfavorable environment.”
The owner of the voice comes down abruptly.


 Despite the landing, its legs do not sink, unlike those of a magical beast.


 It was the same with Miris, but he did not have the luxury of noticing it.


If so, once you drag them into an unfavorable environment, all you have to do is sit on the sidelines and the story will be over. We’re not in a situation where we’re going to win any battles, and we’ll do whatever it takes to win.”


I don’t care what it takes to win.


“Sink, predator. You’ve had enough food for one day.”




Still, the girl is not pleased.


Is it because her corpse is lying around? Or is it because she is too scared to think?


No, it’s more likely that her mind just can’t keep up with the sudden change in situation.


I’m sorry …… for being late.”


The boy in front of me speaks as if regretful, yet a little sulky.


 He is dressed in black and wears a sessile mask. He was a little taller than the others, but his voice sounded somewhat childish.


 It was very similar to the information that Milia had heard before.


(Black clothes and sessile masks …… and that was witchcraft. Then this person is—)

“I’d love to help you mourn, but …… isn’t that your thing? It would be faster for you to do it than for me, an amateur, to step in between.”


 The boy steps forward.


 Slowly, he disappears into the forest.


“I’ll take care of the monsters in this forest, and you can mourn them to your heart’s content. After that, you’d better go home quickly.”


Those were the last words I heard.


 He walked away before I could thank him, and the only sound in my ears was the rustling of the grass and trees.


 I looked around and saw no guts lying around that would have made me want to vomit.


 All that was there was broken armor and the weapon that the escorting knight was carrying.


 Is this a sign of concern? A …… casual, kindness that the girl would not find offensive.

(Is that the one you’re talking about, . …… “Hero of the Shadows”-sama?)


 I’ve heard stories about him.


 A hero who gallantly rushes into a pinch, saves someone, and then quickly walks away.


 I never thought he would appear in front of me. I never thought I would be saved.


 When I heard the rumor, I had no idea such a thing would happen.





 Such a surprise can wait.


 Now, the sadness and relief that hit me all at once causes my accumulated tear glands to collapse.




 There was a tinge of gratitude riding on the cry.


She didn’t stop crying until about ten minutes later.

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