Ch 10

After a slightly long break, it was time for school.


As usual, I get up early and head to school.


Will I be at the senior school gate again?


Oh no, no, no. I should have learned to be skeptical.


I feel like I’ve been lenient with my senpai ever since the day I told her about my past.


Maybe it’s because I felt a little rewarded when she consoled me.


In the first place, I didn’t try to get to know my senpai.


But now that is changing a little.


Hmmm. Maybe I’m a bit naive.


So, about a girl like Ichika.


Phew. I need to tighten my mind again from today.


As I walk thinking about this, I see the school gate. Sure enough, I see Senpai’s figure.


I tried to pass through the school gate without saying a word.


“Good morning, Yuuya-kun.”


A senior blocked my way.


I tried to ignore her and walk past her, but she stopped again.


“Good morning.”


My senpai smiles at me and asks for my reply. But I ignore it and try to move on.


But my senpai puts her face close to mine and says once again.


“Good morning, Yuuya-kun.”


It’s a distance that makes me feel like I might kiss her. I guess my senpai wanted to hear my answer, no matter what. It would be bad if I kissed her.


“Good morning. Senpai.”




She answers with a smile.


“Okay, then.”




I start walking as if nothing happened.


Phew. I feel like I’m back to how I used to be.


This is good.


“Oh, wait a minute!”


She takes my hand.


“Please wait for me when I return today.”


“…….. Why?”


“Because I want to have an after-school date with Yuuya-kun.”




I walk straight to the classroom, leaving my senpai behind.


“Just wait for me…okay?”


I did not reply to the voice I heard behind me.


After that, school life went on as usual. The only difference was that I couldn’t concentrate in class as much as usual and my seniors didn’t come during lunch break.


“Yuya, aren’t you hurrying home today?”


“Oh, I have something to do.”


“Hmm. See you tomorrow. Let’s play after the midterm test.”


…I ended up leaving.


But I would be betraying my seniors, but I don’t think I’m trustworthy or don’t to get involved with girls… That’s what I’m thinking.


In that case, I’ll take the middle ground and go later than usual.


That’s what I decided.


I felt like an idiot for thinking that.


I left the classroom later than usual and headed for the school gate.


I found my senpai leaning against a pillar at the school gate.


I was so impressed with her beauty in the setting sun that I couldn’t help but admire her.


“Oh, Yuuya-kun. You’re later than usual. “Could it be… me?”


“I’m not doing it for the reason you might think. I just happened to have something to do.”


“Hmm. I see.”


My senpai is smiling.


“Then, let’s go.”


“Huh? I don’t want to.”


My senpai told me to wait. I kept that, or rather, I took the middle ground, but I didn’t promise to go on a date.


I don’t mind being called a sophistry or a quibble.


I decided in the morning that I was going to keep my guard up. I’m going to keep it, I’m not going to make the same mistake twice.


“Eh, why not?”


“…….. I don’t like it.”


My senpai moves her face closer to me once again.


“Let’s go……Okay?”


My senior holds my hand with both of hers and tilts her head.


I think she’s been coming on to me since that day during Golden Week.


But even if she did that to me, I wouldn’t go.


“…….. Okay?”


She moves her face even closer. It’s really close enough to kiss already.


As expected…… Impossible


“All right, please step away.”


“Yay! Thank you! Let’s go.”


My senior took me by the hand, and the after-school shopping began.

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