Old Man Ch.3

Ch 3 Training Dungeon 1/3

When you pass through the gate, you will find scenery like the inside of an old castle.

Reddish-brown brick walls and floors.

Candles are evenly spaced on the walls.

The whole place is dimly lit and has the atmosphere of a dungeon.

“Well, what shall we try first?”

Move your body lightly and stretch.

When I was 36, I was 240 centimeters tall.

Now I’m about 165 centimeters. So, just by lightly stretching, I can feel the difference in the feeling of use.

First of all, my limbs are shorter.

His arms, legs, and everything else are shorter than they were back then. Inevitably, the reach is also short, and for a while, I’m sure I’ll continue to be puzzled by the timing.

“I’m glad I didn’t challenge Sugimoto all of a sudden. If I had challenged him when I wasn’t used to this body, I would have been disgraced.”

While stretching, I continue through the dungeon. I think it’s time for the demons to appear…


A demon appeared from the ground.

The demon that appeared was a Lizardman.

It is over two meters tall and has a muscular body.

The only armor he wears is a leather waistcoat, but the dark blue scales that cover his entire body make it hard to believe that he has a low defense. In his right hand, he holds a machete with a blade about 30 centimeters long, and his golden eyes glare at me as if to lick my face.

“An F-grade demon, Lizardman, huh? They’re good practice partners.”

I snap my fingers and get ready.

This is my first fight in this body. Let’s get fired up.

“Come on! Come on!”


◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇


It was the Lizardmen who attacked first. With a machete in one hand, the Lizardman comes running.

”well, I guess that’s what an F-grade demon is like.”

The Lizardman’s speed is slow.

The Lizardmen run at the same or lower speed as Sugimoto.

The Lizardman reached my vicinity after about two seconds by feel. And then he swung his machete at me,……, but it was too slow.

I lightly dodge the slowly swinging machete.

The Lizardman has a surprised expression on his face… but I would rather have that expression on my face.

“First of all, my 18th skill. 《Advanced Flaming Wave Blaze Cannon》!!”


He sticks his hand out at the Lizardman and shoots a heat ray at him.

Boom, the Lizardman was engulfed in fire.

“Ri, Rizatt ……”

The Lizardman is engulfed in flames and burnt to ashes.

The scales are melting and the flesh is burning.

Advanced magic was overkill for an F-level demon.

The heat would melt the walls and floors.

It becomes a sludgy magma.

I’ve heard that dungeons can withstand up to 10,000 degrees, so my heat rays would lightly surpass that. …… Yeah, that’s overkill.

“I don’t find it uncomfortable to use. It’s as effortless to use as it used to be.”

I seem to be able to use the flame skill normally.

The skill I possess [Ice and Flame demon King Wraith Lore] is a skill that can handle ice and flame magic. So I have to find out how it feels to use both of them.

“Ri, Riza ……”

“Oh, you’re dead.”

Check the Lizardman.

The body of the Lizardman, which was burning, underwent a strange transformation. Suddenly, it turned into a particle of light.

When demons die, they turn into particles of light.

I don’t know the theory or logic behind it, but it’s always been that way since time immemorial.






Continuing on, five Lizardmen appeared this time. The equipment and appearance of all of them are the same as the Lizardmen from earlier.

“Just right. Now let’s try the ice type.”

Five Lizardmen are approaching.

I’m going to turn my right hand to them and…

“The Blizzard Prison, the High-Grade Ice Prison.”

With a crack, a gigantic block of ice freezes the lizardmen. The cold air froze the ground and walls, freezing everything within sight.

“I can use ice magic with no difficulty. I don’t see any problems with my magical skills.”

It’s the same feeling of use as when I was 36.

That means I have SS-level power now, and E-level Sugimoto is no match for me.

“It’s not enough …… to know that, is it?”

Fighting Sugimoto will probably be inside the classroom.

Therefore, you can’t use too much flashy magic.

The heat detectors will fire off flame magic, and ice magic will freeze the whole classroom. The school’s magic detectors are broken, so you don’t have to worry about that.

It’s difficult to fight Sugimoto with magic skills alone. You have to keep melee combat in mind as well.

“But I’m sure I can push him with my simple physical abilities.”

My physical ability is extraordinary.

Although I’m a magic-type ability holder, I’m proud of my physical abilities to the extent that they’re on par with A-level [Physical Enhancement] ability holders. My grip strength is so strong that it can’t even be measured.

The reason for this is simple, his soft body cannot withstand the skill. In order to withstand the immense heat and cold of the [Ice and Fire demon King Wraith Lore], it is inevitably necessary to strengthen the body.

Of course, this is not limited to me.

People with magical abilities have strong physical abilities.

It’s common knowledge.

“I also want to see how the other skill feels, so let’s quickly attack the dungeon.”

I muttered to myself and dove deeper into the dungeon.

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