R.C. Ch.46

Ch 46

There was some trouble in the morning, but we managed to get through it and it was the first time for me to go to school with Shirogane.

Mom and Rimi still have sulky looks on their faces, so I pat their heads with sincerity and tenderness, which makes them look like they’ve had a good time, but when I stop them, their faces go sulky again.

I keep repeating this, but somehow I manage to get my mom to give me a ride to school.

I managed to avoid the crowd of people at the school gate by entering the entrance for the related parties. There were people at the entrance, too, but the security guard managed to keep them out.

I’m sorry, it’s my fault.

Well, I managed to get to school, but Rimi won’t let me go.

“Don’t get too attached to Shirokane-san there, okay?”

“Yeah. I know.”

“I’ll protect Ao-sama even if I die, so don’t worry.”

“Isn’t that obvious? What I want to say is that you shouldn’t get too close to my brother.”

“I’m Ao-sama’s guard, so it’s impossible for you to tell me not to get too close to him.”

“Don’t say that and hug me again!”

Shirogane, you’re making fun of Rimi, aren’t you?

“See, Rimi? We’re going on a date, so let’s not talk about it. Rimi’s going to be late, right?”

“What? Really? Are you lying?”

“Yeah. Okay.”

“I’m an escort. I’m a two-trick ……”

“Shirogane-san, keep your mouth shut for a minute, okay?”

I cover Shirogane-san’s mouth with a smile.

…… Shirogane-san, please don’t blush.

“Absolutely, okay?”


And so, I somehow convinced Rimi to finally go to school.

I get out of the car and walk a little bit, and the girls are already glancing at me.

I wave at her and she waves back shyly and runs off.

“Ao-sama. You’d better not do that kind of thing to yourself, okay?”

“Is that so?”

“Worst case scenario, you’ll be raped.”


“You shouldn’t lick a woman so much. You’ll get the wrong idea.”

Shirogane-san said so matter-of-factly.

I see. Then I shouldn’t do too much, should I?

“Yes, but I’m here and I won’t let you do that, but just in case something happens.”

“Okay, but I’m afraid I’m going to sound unsociable.”

“Men are usually unsociable, crass, violent, and short-tempered. I’m not as gentle as Ao-sama, so I’ll be fine.”

I wonder if that’s what it is.

I’m still not convinced, but I’ll try not to do too much.

“Besides, being swarmed by bitches will reduce the amount of time Ao-sama and I have alone.”

I whispered it out loud, but I can hear you, okay?

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