Ch 11

“Senpai, where are you going today?”


“Eh? Hmm. I haven’t decided on anything in particular.”


“What? I thought you had already decided.”


“As long as I’m with Yuya-kun, anywhere is fine.”


“… Huh. Is that so?”


We walk around talking about such things.


And then.


“…Senpai. Please don’t casually intertwine your hands.”




My senpai looks a little dissatisfied.


“You can’t make that face. I’ll let you go.”


“No! You can’t do that.”


My senior rushes back to the normal hand-holding.


More importantly, we’re holding hands normally, but it’s funny when you think about it.


Even though I don’t like girls.


“Hmm? What’s wrong?”


“Ah, no problem. Besides, where are we really going?”




Oh, I remember there was a park near here.


“Senpai, I think there’s a park near here.”


“Great! Let’s stay there.”


We go to the park and sit on a bench.


“Somehow, it seems like we’re dating.”




I silently move away from my senpai.


“I won’t let you escape.”


“Hey, senpai.”


My senior sits on my lap, puts his arm around my shoulder, and hugs me.


Whoa, this is really bad. My senpai smells good, and above all, I’ve never done anything like this to anyone other than my sister.


My heart is pounding. My heart is beating very fast.


“Please stop what you’re doing.”


“I don’t want to. I smell Yuya-kun’s scent. I feel safe.”


She nuzzles her face against my chest.


Oh no, I’m starting to sweat. I wonder if I smell bad.


I should ask her to leave me alone and everything will be fine.


“Senpai, how can I get away from you?”


“Hmm. Ah, please call me by my name.”


“…Isn’t it okay if I buy you some juice?”


“No! Or…you can be my boyfriend, my son-in-law?”


“I’m sorry. I understand, Reika-senpai.”


“Don’t you need a senpai?”


“That’s… no. Otherwise, I’ll call you senpai again”


“Mmm. Understand.”


And finally my senior moved away from me. But the distance is quite close.


After that, time passed slowly without saying anything in particular.


Strangely, I didn’t feel awkward. Maybe it’s because I don’t think anything of her, or maybe it’s because…


Oh, stop it. That’s nonsense. I only see Reika-senpai as a senior. That’s fine.


It’s getting dark outside.


Reika-senpai is sleeping. Her usual pretty face was a little pale and cute…like her age.


I don’t think this senpai has good crisis management skills.


I’m a guy, too. I hate girls.


“Senpai, Reika-senpai.”


“Nn, nn. Good morning. I’m sorry. I fell asleep because I felt at ease when Yuya-kun was around.”


My senpai is laughing while saying: “Ehehe. Why is this guy even interested in me?”


Well, it might be a lie.


“It’s getting dark. Shall we go home?”




My senpai naturally takes my hand.


…Well, I guess it’s okay. She wouldn’t listen to me even if I told her.


“Reika-senpai, let me take you home.”


“Oh, really? I didn’t think Yuya-kun would say that. I’m so happy!”


My senpai says so and intertwines her arms around me.


“Don’t get me wrong. It’s pretty dark, and senpai is also a girl, so I just thought it would be better if there was a male there.”


“Hehe. I see”


My senior looks at me, smiling.


“If you do that, I won’t take you home.”




After that, I sent my senior off while talking nonsense.


“See you tomorrow.”


“See you some other time.”


“Mmm, I’ll see you tomorow.”


“Yes, yes, I understand.”


I don’t know what the relationship is between me and my current seniors, but I’m not sure myself. …….. I don’t want to admit it and I’m really unwilling to admit it, but I think the relationship is moving forward.


At least I no longer see my senpai as a normal girl.


I’m getting softer, aren’t I?

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