H.F. Ch.14

Ch 14 Filming begins

“Haru-kun, try this on too!”


“Seisho-kun, Seisho-kun. Try this one too, please!”


I do as I’m told and put on the clothes they give me.


Some of the clothes made me wonder, “Am I really going to shoot in this? Some of the clothes made me wonder, “Are we really going to shoot in these?

“Wow, he really looks good!”


If anyone’s going to do a live-action version of this character, it’s got to be Haru!”

The waiting room was filled with a strange excitement, but behind them was Emi in the shape of Hannya.


“Both of you?”




The two of them turn around fearfully.


Giggling, moving like a broken toy.


If you think this will take long…”


“Su, Sumima, why didn’t you call me! Sen.”





“Goho, we’re waiting for you, Kominato-san?”




Their gazes are focused on Emi.


Emi can’t stand their eyes on her anymore.


“Do it after we’re done.”



“But this is different from that. I’ll deduct your salary for making you wait.”



“No one is going to help you “


Say whatever you want. Come on, Harusho, let’s go!


Emi says this and starts to walk away as if nothing had happened. I followed her, obediently. Sano-san and Kobe-san followed behind us, grumbling.


Emi was in a groove too, wasn’t she?


“I could hear you perfectly.”


Well, they were saying something, but I wasn’t complaining because I was able to help them.




“Thank you for waiting, M Kominato, please.


It took you a long time. It took you a long time, but it’s finished well because of that.


Of course, of course. She’s a good quality girl to begin with.


“All right, then, let’s get started.


I take the pose as instructed.


Unlike last time, the instructions were much more detailed.


The instructions were more and more detailed: eye contact, fingertips, facial expressions, and more and more instructions.


I had to do my best, even if I was being paid.


Smile here, please.


I followed Kominato-san’s instructions and smiled for the camera.




Suddenly, Kominato-san held my nose with his left hand.


What happened? I looked over at her, but it seemed that her nose was bleeding, and a red liquid was dripping from the gap between his fingers.


Oh, my God, are you all right!”


I tried to approach him, but Kominato-san restrained me with his hand, telling me not to come, so I had no choice but to return to my original position.

Okay, oooh, give me more!”


Ms. Kominato’s condition is clearly getting stranger than before, but I guess this is also her passion for photography. I desperately try to keep up with him.


“Gosh, take a break!”


With a slam, he utters a single word.


After uttering a single word, Kominato-san collapsed on the spot.


“Is she all right?”

I’ll take care of this and go get changed.  Sano-san,  Kobe-san, you’ll have to go wild next time, won’t you?”


“Leave it to me!”


When I returned to the waiting room, the two of them made me look a little more badass than before, and resumed shooting. When I returned, Kominato-san was already back to normal.


After that, we repeated the process of changing clothes and filming several times.


She said, “Okay, I’m almost done for the day. You can move around a little as you like at the end.

Can I move as I please, huh?


It’s difficult. Even with instructions, it’s difficult.


But I try to pose as naturally as I can, as if I’m in my heart. Sweat drips down my face. I wipe the sweat with my hand and brush my hair messily.

It’s getting kind of hot. It’s probably because of the lighting. I unbuttoned my shirt.


One by one, I hear the sound of spitting as I unbutton each button. When the buttons are completely unbuttoned, a glimpse of my nicely split abdominal muscles appears.



I thought I heard something unspoken, but I didn’t care and kept moving for a while. Then, after about 10 minutes of continued posing, the OK was given.




When Harusho was going back to the waiting room to change his clothes.


In the studio, things were very bad.


“Damn, there’s not enough blood!”


“Wow, I’m in trouble too. I’m having palpitations!”


Unlike Kominato, no one was bleeding from the nose, but everyone was holding their chests and trying to catch their breath.


“Oh, she’s an amateur, isn’t she!”


 Ando-san, you found a really bad boy!

I’ve never imagined anything like it either.”


In the meantime, I have to choose a photo to give to Harusho. Hmmm, this one. I like them all. I can’t decide.


I’m sorry, everyone. I’d like to hear your opinion too, Kominato-san.


What is it? Everyone gathered around.


Mr. Kominato appeared with plugs in both noses, as if the blood had not yet stopped.


I’d like to choose a photo for Harusho to promote on social networking sites, but I’m having a hard time deciding which one is the best.

I see. It’s true, I felt really good when I was shooting this time.


Kominato-san, perhaps remembering the shoot, has a glowing expression on her face. She is a pervert after all. I have to be careful. I can’t live if people around me look at me like this.


“For now, can we decide by majority vote?”


「「「「「Okay! 」」」」」




At my call, they all pointed their fingers at the photos at once.


And all of their fingers stopped at the same picture.


“Let’s see, is this the one after all?”


This is the one I was most excited about when I was taking it.”


I had bad heart attack too.


Me too.”




Hey, this is the waiting room here in the studio.


My name is Momoka Tazawa. I’m Momoka Tazawa. I’m a new actress who has recently been getting some small roles. She is a high school freshman who will turn 16 this year.


Recently, I have been interested in someone.


But I haven’t met him yet, I just know him from SNS. His name is Mr. HARU. He is a very popular model who has suddenly appeared recently. Even before he started modeling, he was frequently spotted on social networking sites, and I was curious about him.


What made me even more interested in him was a comment from someone.


To my surprise, someone told me that HARU-sama was at my high school. I have hardly been going to school since I entered the school, and I regret that it was a waste of my time.

However, even now, I am still unable to get there due to work.


I was hoping to see him soon, and then I saw the waiting room in the photo that was just updated. That was the studio, no doubt.


I hurried to the waiting room.


The door to the waiting room was labeled “HARU-sama’s waiting room. I knew I was right!


I frantically adjusted my breathing, brushed my hair a little, and knocked on the door.


Knock, knock.


‘Yes, come in.’


A man’s voice came from inside.


What should I do, what should I do!

Let’s go! Let’s go, me!


I opened the door vigorously.


“Excuse me, is this Mr. Haru?”


I did it. I’m such an idiot.


If there was a hole, I’d want to get in.


“Well, yes…”


I had been writhing in agony earlier, but when it turned out to be HARU-sama after all, I got excited.

I knew it! Nice to meet you, I’m Momoka Tazawa, an actress.


Um, am I right to call you a model, or am I HARU?


Piyaaaa, you have a cool voice too!


And what are those sexy abs!


I can’t look at you!


Oh, that’s right!


“HARU-sama, may I take your picture?”





I immediately went next to HARU-sama. Awww, close, close, close!


Calm down, I’m going to look like a strange girl. I’m calm, I’m calm.


I managed to breathe and we managed to get a two-shot, which I promptly decided to post on social media since he said I could post it there.


He said I could post it on social media, so I did. Um, if you don’t mind, can I have your contact information or…no?”


Hmmm…no, that’s fine.”


We exchanged contact information and I decided to excuse myself as it seemed that someone from Master HARU’s business had arrived.


Hah, what a good day! I vowed to finish my work as soon as possible and go to school.


Later, I managed to go to school, but it would be a long time before I could find HARU-sama.

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