Ch 12



“Haa, what is it?”


On my way home after school, Reika-senpai caught me as usual.


“I’m just calling you.”




“Oh, God. I thought you were a little derelict.”


“Damn. I thought you were a little attracted to me.”


“I’ve never been attracted to Reika-senpai.”


“I wonder if that’s true.”


Senpai looks at me with a smile.


“More importantly, the midterm test starts tomorrow.”


“…is that so”


This was my first regular test after entering high school. To be honest, I wasn’t worried.


Recently, I have done nothing but study when I get home from school.


I want to see how well I do on the first test.


“So, would you like to play with me?”


“What? Well, okay.”


“It’s a game, and the loser has to do whatever the winner says, right?”


“There is a limit, though.”


“Isn’t it obvious? Even if I win, I’ll just have you become my son-in-law.”


“With a limit!?”


“Er. Well, it’s just a joke. If Yuya-kun wants, I can be your girlfriend or wife at any time.”


“I don’t want to.”




My senpai puffed up her cheeks a little.


“So, are you going to win the overall match?”


If I remember correctly, there were eight subjects in total.




“Please don’t tell me I’m out of the game because we were in different grades and had different levels of difficulty.”


“I know. Yuya-kun, you are the one who should not tell me.”


“I understand.”


Then I drove my senior home (because she was looking at me all louche) and went home.


Phew, let’s do it.


Keen Korn. The bell announces that the test is over.


Phew. The test went well.


I think I got a pretty good score. I feel like I could even beat my senpai.


All of the subjects were returned a few days later.


“Yuya-kun, how was your test?”


“I think I can beat Reika-senpai.”




My result was fourth in my grade, which I think is pretty high. My overall score was 740 points.


To be honest, I don’t feel like losing. Ahh~. I want to taste defeat.


“Senpai, I’ll go first, 740 points.”


Reika-senpai bows her head. I did it. I beat Reika-senpai.


I thought so…


“Fufu, fufufu. I’m sorry, Yuuya-kun. My score is 746 points.”


“Ehhh!? Are you serious?”


“Well then, I won. Now please listen to my request.”


“…….. You really have to keep your limits, okay?”


“It’ll be fine. Yuya-kun, please go to school with me every day.”


“Huh? Is that okay?”


I thought she was going to demand something worse.


“Yuya-kun, do you want something radical?”


“No, please don’t wiggle while blushing.”


This person really.


“Tomorrow morning, I’ll go to Yuya-kun’s house. Let’s go together.”


“I’ll go to Reika-senpai’s house, okay?”


“I’m very happy, but I’m going to Yuya-kun’s house.”


“Thank you.”


Reika-senpai is so kind in this way, isn’t she?


I was really like, “Oh, my God, I’m really like her.”


Then, while talking about nothing else, I send my senior off, went home, took a bath, and went to bed.


Not knowing that tomorrow something more bothersome would happen.

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