Ch 4 Younger Brother

The Salemabat territory is located southwest of the royal capital, the center of the Lilac Kingdom.


Surrounded by mountains, it is a tranquil place with a self-sufficient economy that is dependent on the supply of vegetables and grains, which are transported to other territories.


Although it is a rural area, the town in the center of the territory is moderately prosperous and still bustling with activity.

The house of the Counts of Salemabert, where Phil lives, stands in the center of the city and is large enough to have a large fountain and a huge garden.


 No matter how corrupt and scum their son may be, they are a count’s family, so they can afford to have this much space.

In the middle of the mansion, Phil was walking down a long hallway to the dining room with his maid, Kahlua.

“Well, now that I’ve been confirmed as a shut-in, let’s play it safe and go to work today, shall we?”


“Oh, you work unusually hard.  Would you like a set of pats and strokes?”


“I’m working for this estate, aren’t I? I’m sure it’s not that uncommon. …… I’d like a pat and a caress, though! I want the option of a lap pillow!”


“Yes, yes.”

Call him corrupt, a bum, or a playboy, but he is a nobleman after all.


Now that his parents are away, the work of running the estate basically flows to Phil.


Mountains of people want to leave him alone, mountains of people want to go to the whorehouse. But if he is left alone, the territory will not turn around.

Therefore, it would be more correct to say that he works unusually hard, or rather, he does it on his own initiative.


There is a certain reluctance to enter a whorehouse with your back to the public in the midst of a gallery of neighbors who surround the mansion.


‘No matter how many whorehouses you visit, you still miss my lap. Pfft, you’re not being honest.”


‘I feel like I just said something that’s bordering on sexual harassment in general. …… I wonder why they’re so pleased?’


“You know what? Why don’t you learn a few things?”


“What’s is it?”



More and more I don’t get it 


Phil cowered his shoulders as he looked at the happy maid beside him.




“Well, well, well! I thought I smelled garbage, but it’s your brother!”


The first thing he did was to curse.


I suddenly turned my gaze forward and saw a burly young man walking slowly toward us.


 Beside him were several women dressed in maid’s uniforms similar to Kahlua’s. They were walking in a formation as if they were nobles. The way they walked in a formation as if they were in the company of a nobleman is something that is hard to describe,…….

“Oh, oh! If you think you can hear pigs squealing, it’s your brother! I thought the mansion was shaking a little …… maybe it’s you?”


“Hey, Phil!”


“You ……!”


Incidentally, like Phil, he has a …… bad reputation on the street.


“Well, well,…… time, brother, don’t you think there’s something noisy out there?”


“Well, …… maybe some bard has written a new poem or something.


Brother, I hope you’re not tooting your own horn!


“Oh? So you think the people are lying about what they’re saying?


“Of course it’s not true!”


Zan gives Phil a mocking look and says, “Of course it’s true!

‘That playboy, scumbag brother ofmine is a “Hero of the Shadows”? Ha! I wish you would talk in your sleep! He has no talent, no job, and is not blessed with military prowess. …… What makes you think he has what it takes to be a hero!”


He was not very nice.


Even though it was his own brother, it was a terrible thing to say.


The maids around him did nothing to stop him. It should have been extremely rude, but she did not admonish him, perhaps because she thought it was true, or perhaps because she was afraid to rebel against Zan.

And as for the person himself――――


“(Don’t you know this brother! It’s been a long time since I’ve become more likeable to him! To be more specific, I’m at a level where I can give him all of my assets other than the money I spend playing in the brothel!)”


“(You’re saying it because you don’t understand. In the first place, it’s not Phil who says he can’t do his job)”


“(Hmm? Rather than that, aren’t you angry, Mr. Kahlua?)”


“(Get angry, normal)

While whispering, Phil sensed that Kahlua was getting cranky.


Phil’s slightly puffy cheeks showed it, but he didn’t search for the cause, instead playing with them as if he was pecking marshmallows.


Kahlua, angered by this, stepped on his heel as hard as she could, causing Phil to yelp. Phil jumped up and down again and again in pain as he held his foot down.

“I feel sorry for my parents who have such a younger brother and me. (But I feel sorry for my parents who have such a younger brother and me. A nobleman who is not blessed with an heir is a good example of a family that is ruined.


(In that case, Phil, why don’t you do better?) 


“(Hey, Kahlua, where are you in terms of standing position? Is she my mother?)”


To the older brother who is referred to as trash, and the younger brother who has no courtesy or shit.


“It’s natural to be concerned about the future.”


If…Phil had admitted that he was a “shadow hero,” his impression might have been different.

That, and if you don’t even try to hide it, and you’re proud of it. ……)


Kahlua glanced at the faces of the maids at her side.


There was doubt, surprise, and a hint of expectation and respect on each of their faces.


The maids had never seen such a look on the playful Phil’s face before.


Kahlua thinks that this is surely because Phil’s true identity has been revealed.

“And, for goodness sake, be mine, Kahlua!”


As I was thinking this, Zan suddenly uttered something to that effect.


“Of course not, don’t make me say it again and again.


“You’re a maid and you don’t know how to talk to me!”


“He’s the only master I have. I have my own master, and I have to choose who I respect and who I serve.”


“Ouch, Kahlua, don’t pull my ear!”

As if to insist, Kahlua pinches Phil’s ear next to him.


Phil, who was only caught up in the situation, simply said, “It hurts.”


“Also, although I am willing to be a maid… have you forgotten that I am also a guest?”




“… huh”

Kahlua let out a loud sigh at Zan’s mannerisms.


 She certainly didn’t look like a maid, as she couldn’t hide her disgust.


 But so be it.


 It is a good proof that no one but Zan blames Kalua, who is the newest member of the family, for this kind of attitude.

“Just be mine!” I’d rather you serve me than this incompetence!”


With a jerk.


Kahlua’s brow furrowed.

At that moment, Phil moved away from Kahlua and bent down a little.


“If you become mine, I promise to treat you well! I’ll treat you better than those people…”

Just as Zan was about to say this, Kahlua’s foot moved.


She swung up to catch Zan in the jaw, regardless of whether a dull sound echoed through the air.


The speed of the swing was so fast that Zan was unable to evade.


Kahlua wore the same maid’s uniform as the other maids.


 Her skirt was above her knees, and the garter belt that went with her white socks extended to her waist, asserting the existence of the absolute area of her fine skin.


However, the absolute area is an absolute area because it “looks like you can see it, but you can’t,” even when she is standing or squatting.


If it is, and she raises her leg to kick up her chin, then ……!


“Oh, pink…”


 ”Unforgivable,”s he said.


“Oh, my eyes, my eyes, my eyes!”


Phil’s eyes, which had been bent over just to worship the sanctuary Agartha, are now being punished.


The maid’s physical prowess was astounding, as she had kicked Zan just a moment ago, and then immediately attacked Phil.


“Oh, by the way.”

As if remembering something, Kahlua spoke to the sprawled Phil.


 The way he looked at Zan, who was lying on his back and not even twitching, showed exactly how he felt about Zan.


 And then…


“I think the saint is coming this morning,” he said. It’s addressed to Phil.


“I wish you had told me that beforehand, but I want you to work on my eyes first ……!”


He casually dropped the bomb.

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