Ch 5 Saint’s Visit

There are humans being called saints.
They are blessed by the goddess, who is the object of worship of “Aristoism”, which is widely worshiped on a global scale, and brings various happiness to people and protects them from disasters.

The reason why invisible beings such as goddesses are worshipped so much is because of the presence of visible beings, saints.

If the saint erases the plague, if the saint brings happiness to the people, it will all increase credibility and make people believe that they are worthy of faith.

The most recent examples are actually participating in the defeat of the Demon King and saving people from illness.

Perhaps because of this, the size of the Aristocratic Church has ballooned to the point where it cannot be ignored on a national scale.

The number of saints is four today.


It is up to each of us to judge whether there are too many or too few, but for Phil, they are only as rare as the bargains he finds sleeping in the bazaar.


This may simply be due to the fact that Phil does not believe in Aristorism.

But it is the aristocracy that thinks but does not say.


I was aware of how important they are, not by feeling, but by the country’s evaluation of them.

“…And what sort of business did the church saint have with me?”


Phil was the first to speak in the guest room shortly after breakfast was finished.


He disregarded all the preliminaries, the exhortations in the whole process.

“Before that… I apologize for  my unexpected visit! I was desperate to meet Phil…”

Facing Phil, in front of a swarm of knights at the back of the line. A young girl sat in a monastic gown with gleaming decorations.

 She has a small figure and long, silky blond hair.

She was either the same age as Phil or younger, but I couldn’t tell from her amber-colored eyes and too-neat face.

She appears to be a lovely, pet-like young lady. 


However, the atmosphere is more like an inaccessible one than a ladylike one, and Phil feels uncomfortable.

“(It’s difficult to converse with this thing; conversing with a muscle head is simpler. Can’t we switch to a crowded carriage right away?) 

Kalua, who is standing behind her, is talking to Phil while keeping an eye on him.


Phil claims that it is difficult for him to speak because she is a saint.


It’s not like speaking with a nobleman.


After all, the opponent is on a different field to begin with.


Others respect her not because she has a princely title, but because of her faith.


A commoner’s hero is an excellent example.

“Well, that’s not all…”

A pretty girl who appears to be found anywhere.


The atmosphere of not being able to approach, on the other hand, distorted the image of the normal girl.


What is the most appropriate response? If only to keep one’s face as a member of the Earl family…


“Um, …… ‘Hero of Shadows’, am I correct? I’m here to thank you for your service.”

While staining her cheeks, the saint shyly mouths.


Whether this occurs inside or outside the brothel,I would say “she is so adorable that I’d like three cups of rice!” It would have been thrilling, but this is the Count’s home.


It is also a location where seats are officially assigned.


Of course, I couldn’t say that.


“(Hey, you knew what the visit was about, didn’t you?)


“I knew that.”


“Well, and… How do you make them think you’re such a crappy person?”

You can  just be humble.


But as for Phil, he is very keen to fool people into thinking that he is not a “shadow hero”.


 How to make people think that he is a scum son as rumored and that such a person cannot be a “Hero of Shadow” …… is the only goal.

A lickety-split attitude and vile words will make people believe that he is a scumbag son.


 However, if he makes a fuss and tries to ruin his impression, his reputation as a count may be damaged.


 Even if they think he is a scumbag son, he doesn’t want to trouble his parents directly,……, which makes Phil’s head spin even more.

“(If you want to thank them, do a striptease; it’s a win-win situation for both parties to be peacefully satisfied.)”


“(One does not appear to be Win?)”


You should be happy to give them what they want if you want to thank them. For adolescent boys, a cute child’s retreat is more valuable than money and words.”

What a thing to do to a saintly woman.


The person who  pointed the sword is right in front of you, but when you look into their eyes, you can not sense any blood lust from them

“Is it true that I am a “shadow hero”? Just kidding, the Holy Saint must have heard about my rumors…——”


“Please call me Milis!”


Phil’s cheeks twitched at Milis, who was blatantly trying to close the distance.


Phil remarked rudely that he would welcome distance from a girl who ends up with money, but not from a girl who is carrying a bomb on her back.

“I’m sure you’ve heard rumors about me, haven’t you ……? As a saint, you must know a little about the state of the country and the rumors of the places you visit.”


“I have indeed heard of you.”




“But if you are the Hero of Shadows, I’m sure you have your own reasons for doing what you do!”


Said a saintly woman with sparkling eyes and a cute, raspy sniffle .

“(I hate this girl ……!)”


“(She’s such an intense saint. ……)”

She believes and does not doubt.


 Perhaps it is because she is such a pure person that she was able to become a saint, but for Phil now, it is a factor that brings a thin tear to his eye.

“(In the first place, Phil… Do you recall heling this child?)


(…… I remember helping a girl dressed like this not long ago.”


“I don’t believe anyone can better describe ‘rust from the body’ than this.”


“(Perhaps one day it will be on the curriculum, but it is entirely black history, and I want you to know that if you use it as an example to the children who will rule the nation in the future, you will end up crying alone…)”

Phil heaves a sigh.


Receiving a thank you from Milis, a saint, is a story of honor for others, but it is only a nuisance for young people like Phil who despise life and wish for corruption.


(Well… I’m not sure what to do.)


Phil cried softly as he looked up at the ceiling.

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4 months ago

…. Can’t he just deny it??? It’s not that difficult… This really should not be a problem…. Like if there was actual real good proof this would have been good… But there’s practically no proof at all….