Ch 14

Things have changed recently.


The first is.


“Good morning, Yuya-kun!”


“Good morning.”


Since then, Reika-senpai has been coming every morning.


She doesn’t wake me up every morning, but she does cook for me.


I was really hesitant, but my senior said


“I want to take care of Yuuya-kun! Besides, we look like newlyweds when we do this.”


I wonder if Reika-senpai intends to make me a NEET, and where is Senpai heading?


I was worried about my senpai.


Another thing that hasn’t changed much is the way people look at me when I go to and leave school.


The boys look at me like, “Why a guy like you?” and the girls look at me like, “Why you?” Just like the boys, they are half interested in me.


I really wonder why me….


No matter how much I ask Reika-senpai, she always says, “If you go out with me, I’ll tell you.”


Until now, have seniors waited in ambush at the school gate? Also, since it was early in the morning, there weren’t many people around, but recently I’ve been going to school at a normal time, so the stares around me have become tighter.


And finally, this is probably the most important thing that has changed.


That is, more and more people are talking to me.


I’m, well, more of a shady person and not many people talk to me.


I don’t mind that! I prefer to be alone.


Well, I can probably figure out most of the reasons why they are talking to me.


Maybe they want to be friends with Reika-senpai through me, or something like that.


…….My only friend is Natsuki.


Well, I guess a lot has changed.


While thinking about that, I finished eating breakfast and got ready.


“Ah, Yuuya, you have a habit of sleeping.”


Reika-senpai corrected my bed habits with natural movements.


Haa, I’ve become softer toward my senpai.


When I first met her, I think I would have done my best to dodge her.


“Yes, this will work. By the way, …….. Hey!”


“Hey… Please leave.”


“I don’t want to. If Yuya-kun calls me Reika, I’ll let you go.”


“Please leave me alone!”


“Yah. I’m sorry. I’m fine with Reika-senpai. I’m leaving.”


This person really.


“Yuu. Are you sure about the time?”


“Huh? Ah, ah! Reika-senpai, let’s hurry up.”




“I’m leaving.”




We rushed to the school and managed to get there in time.

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