Ch 6 Assailant

T/L note: The ”()” is used to indicate the whispering between Phil and Kahlua

Even if you think it’s troublesome, you can’t just say, “Yes, I don’t want to talk about it, so goodbye.”


When looking at the various elements purely and objectively, the saint is overwhelmingly superior in terms of position.

The girl in front of me may not have the personality to say that I am disrespectful, but I can only imagine what the knights behind me would think and how they would judge me.


Therefore, the exit is only allowed only if Millis leaves on her own.

‘Dear Milis, it is indeed rumored that I am the “Hero of Shadows” …… but that is not true.
I simply adore  ‘Hero of Shadows’, that’s where it ends.

Phil says to Millis, as if appealing to her.


If you say it out loud, they’ll get the message, it’s just a misunderstanding, so make sure you’re mistaken..


With this thought in mind, he gazes into the clear eyes of the girl.

It is a great honor for a scumbag like me to be called a “Hero of the Shadows. We don’t even look alike to begin with, do we? You would know that if you had actually been saved…


“But there are similarities ?”



The saintly woman tilts her head in an adorable manner, as if to say, “What are you talking about?


Phil’s cheeks are still twitching, but he continues to speak while maintaining an expressionless face.

“What exactly do you think the similarities are?”


“You are similar in height!


“But my height is average for someone my age. There are people everywhere who look like me…”


“You even sound alike!”


“I’m sure there’s someone out there with a voice like mine if you look hard enough…”


“And you smell the same.”



Is she some kind of stalker?


Phil’s face began to distort a bit as he thought this.

“(How’s it going? “Can you politely ask her to leave?)”


“(I don’t think I can even fool her in the first place!)”

With Milis still twinkling in his eyes, Phil wanted to raise the white flag and run away now.


He actually tried to exit by trying to stand up, but Kahlua, who was waiting behind him, held him by the shoulders.

“You are definitely a “Hero in the Shadows, Phil-samal! I knew the moment I met you! And, well, I …… came all the way over here to thank you for that time!”

It was a past story, and it is indeed wonderful to take action to save the weak .
But for Phil, the story was a great nuisance, so he didn’t roll his tongue and only had a grim look on his face.


“I was concerned about getting the Archbishop’s permission, but …… I got it effortlessly! So I’m fine!”


“(I wonder if that’s okay?)”


“(Hey, you should pay attention to her.)”

Kahlua pats Phil on the back as he no longer wants to listen..


While it would have been preferable if this was still under control, Phil has become a mouse trapped in a bag with his only escape route blocked by a wild cat.

“But, when it comes to thanking you like this… I get nervous.”. Ehehe…”

During that time———




The windows in front of the knights had been shattered

Then, two human-like shadows with a single piece of cloth covering their entire bodies begin to invade the room.

Unexpected intrusion.


This guest room is located on the mansion’s second floor. It’s not a place to jump in.


As a result, the knights who were waiting for them were unable to comprehend the situation, and even if an intruder appeared, their movements would halt for a brief moment.


But Phil and Kalua are not ordinary people




Phil kicked up the table that was left in between.

Kalua moves to the edge of the wall with Miris in her arms.




Like the knights, Milis cries out in surprise at being held, as she has not been able to grasp the situation.


But that’s a trivial matter for both the assailant and Phil.


The table changes color to black and flies toward the intruders.


Why did the color change ? One of the assailants, who decides that he doesn’t have time to worry about it, uses his arm to flick it away.


But the moment he touched it, his arm was swallowed up. 。



Through the cloth,  a gasp of surprise could be heard.


He grabs the table with one hand to pull his arm out, but that hand too instantly begins to sink into the color of the table.


Then, from the arm to the shoulder and eventually to the torso — it sinks into the table as if it is being eaten away.

It’s like being dragged into something.


 One of the attackers didn’t even scream, but he continued to struggle until the end with fear and surprise..


 The result can be understood by looking at the appearance of one of the attackers who appeared together..


Don’t move.


Not that they were surprised, but because they couldn’t believe it, because they didn’t know what was happening.


“Come on, surprise is the strength of the assailant , isn’t it?”

And Phil is not so naive as to miss the opportunity.


He leans forward from the sofa, grabs the stiffened man by the head, and slams him straight to the ground.


But the dull sound does not resonate.

Normally, we would have heard a sound like a blow with a blunt instrument, which should have occurred from the action, but what we heard instead was a sound like a stone being dropped on the surface of the water.

~~~?” The attacker’s head sank to the ground. To be more specific, it sank into the ensuing black wave. The attacker resisted in the same way, but there was nothing he could do as long as Phil was holding him down, and his entire body eventually sank.








Then there was the aftermath.


The room was deafeningly quiet.

Suddenly the unforeseen begins, and suddenly it ends with a phenomenon that is impossible to comprehend.


 That’s why we all uniformly failed to open our mouths…


(ummmm …… I’ve done  it)


 In the silent space, Phil looks up at the ceiling with a drifting regret.


 The ceiling reflected a white, unblemished wallpaper, but for some reason Phil’s eyes couldn’t help but feel that the word “moron” was written in large letters on the ceiling.

“Uh …… anyway, Milis-san? Have you picked up your lodging yet?”


“What? No, no, I was going to get one from now on. ……”


“Then, please stay at my mansion today.  Here, the count’s knighthood is also …… ashamed to allow them to attack, but I’ll be tight and strengthen the security. Besides, we have extra rooms.”


After saying this, Phil walks to the door of the room as if to escape.


Kahlua, who was holding the saint, saw her master and hurriedly followed behind him.


“I’ll have someone to look after  you right away, Madam.”


Phil said and walked out of the room, ignoring the saint and her escorts who froze.

Why did Phil suddenly walk away?


It was simply because…


“I’ve used …… magic in front of the saint!”


“I can’t cover this up. After all, she ‘ve seen the Hero of Shadows use it once.”


“I’m so careless!”


Because I’ve shown the evidence of “Hero of Shadows” to the person I want to mislead.


Let’s run away before it is mentioned …… because of such a bad idea.

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whelp you just admitted it just now basically so running ain’t gonna do crud bruh lol