Ch 15

“Um, Reika-senpai.”


“Yes! What is it?”


“Would you mind not sticking to me like it’s normal!?”


“Oh no. Today is a special day, isn’t it♪”


“…It’s just my birthday.”


“Ah, mother-in-law. Thank you for giving birth to Yuuya!”


“…. It’s not that big of a deal. My mother is not Reika-senpai’s mother-in-law.”


“Not yet… right?”






Please stop. That creepy laugh.


Well, so today is June 15.


It’s my birthday………


Reika-senpai has been sticking to me like this since morning, and breakfast was unusually extravagant.


……..Even though it’s breakfast.


But I don’t want to disrespect my senpai’s actions, and it was delicious, so it wasn’t that bad.


So now I’m on my way to school.


I’m almost at school.


People around me are whispering about me.


Ha. I’m used to it.


At first I was really embarrassed and irritated, but not so much now.


I’m afraid of getting used to it.


“I’ll do whatever you want today, Yuya-kun.”


“Then please leave.”oday


“That’s impossible.”


“You won’t do anything for me.”


“Please don’t tell me what is physically impossible. Yuya-kun and I are the same person, you know?”




I really don’t know what my senpai is talking about with a straight face.


Especially today, senpai is somehow even sweeter than usual.


“Reika-senpai, why are you being so sweet to me today?”


“Because it’s Yuya’s birthday.”




“..Yes. Really.”


There is definitely something going on here.


I recently noticed that Reika-senpai touches her cheeks when she lies.


I wonder what it is.


A birthday is a special day. For me, that is. It might be a little bit special for you, too.


And she is strangely sweet to me.


Hmmm….. Oh, could it be…?


“Senpai, you’re not going to consign me to my birthday and spoil me and then go straight back to spoil me tomorrow, are you ….?”


“Uh. That’s not true-“


“Don’t look away!”


After that


“You were okay with me hugging you like that yesterday, so it’s okay if I do it, right?”


I wonder if it would be like that.




“Ah, and this is…”


You diverted the conversation.


“Huh? What is it?”


“It’s a birthday present. I was going to give it to you in the morning.”


“Can I open it?”


“Yes, it’s ok”


When I opened it, I found a notebook inside.


“Yuya-kun, rather than something cool, I think it would be better to have something practical.”


“Thank you! I will take good care of it.”


“I’m glad you liked it.”


My senpai was relieved after I said that.


I guess you’re right. It takes a lot of courage to give a gift to someone.


“Please remember me whenever you see it.”


“…I won’t”




Then I asked her to leave because it was a little hard to walk away, and we left without talking about anything in particular.


It’s not strange or awkward.


“Yuya-kun, I will cook dinner tonight.”


“No… you don’t have to go that far…”


“I want to do it.”


If this happens, my senpai won’t break.


“…I see. Then please.”


Then we ate a more sumptuous meal than in the morning, talked a little, and then senpai left.


Who did my senpai ask for my birthday? My sister?


If that’s the case, I should ask someone about Reika-senpai’s birthday too and celebrate it.


I was a little—no, a lot—spoiled today, but I got to enjoy it.


Even if I can’t celebrate, I should still give her a present.


But who is Reika-senpai’s friend…? I’ve never seen or heard of them.


I don’t know anything about her.


I should at least know the bare minimum.

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