Ch.8 Bound or tied?

There is a term called “Inscription”.

This is a term that every magician who works with magic is familiar with, and it is one of the fundamentals of witchcraft.

Magic is invoked by transforming an ideal into a theme and incorporating the researched theme into a formula.

In that process,the “Inscription “” is used to incorporate the theme into the formula.

 In order for the formula to read the theme, it is necessary to use the language of the theme that has been adapted to the formula, and that adapted language is the “Inscription


 Simply put, it is easier to understand if we say that it is the language of another country converted into the language of one’s own country.

Without it, magic cannot be invoked and cannot be put into a formula in the first place.

It can be said to be a piece in the puzzle of a number of processes.

Naturally, since magic is shaped by the ideal of the magician, there are many different inscription names, and many different types of magic are spreading throughout the world.

Phil, a magician, is no exception in using an inscription.

 The inscription is ── “Freedom to be bound by no one”.

 The root of the magic of binding.It is an inscription because it seeks freedom and has the theme of bondage.

By submerging the subject in the woven space, the action is bound, and neither resistance nor freedom is allowed.

It is also possible for Phil to break free from the shadows at his discretion, which is up to him.

From the outside, they may appear to be submerged in a sea of shadows.

Perhaps this is where the name “Hero of Shadows” comes from.

And Phil, who deals in such binding magic and carries the inscription of “Freedom to be bound by no one…”

“Why are you rolling up in the morning ……? Am I waking up to a new play?”

 — For some reason, he was tied up.

The next day after the arrival of Milis, the saint.


 ”Come on, let’s get up!” Phil exclaimed, exhausted from performing his duties while listening to the lords’ loud voices, arranging for the repair of the windows that had been destroyed by the attackers, and interrogating the attackers. Phil was exhausted and was about to get up when he heard these words.

However, the interrogation of the attackers was quickly ended when they drank the poison that had been hidden in their mouths.


 Perhaps they had been given a suicide kit to keep their mouth shut.


 Unable to gather any information, Phil had mixed feelings.

That’s nothing to be ashamed of. For the time being, let’s just try to figure out what’s going on.

My body wrapped neatly in a sheet and tied up with rope that looks strong.


I couldn’t move my limbs, and the only place where I could move freely was my slightly protruding face.

Why is this happening as soon as I wake up?


 Does someone have a grudge against me and are they trying to surprise me? Phil was puzzled.


 Then, a girl appeared from the side of the bed.

“Oh, you finally woke up.”


“Don’t show your face so nonchalantly, Kahlua. I already figure out who the culprit is. If  they are going through all this trouble, at least give me something more exciting and thrilling.”


“Well, then I’m going to the dining room.”


“Wait! Before solving the mystery of the case, let’s start by untying the rope around me!”

Phil tries his best to keep the culprit, Kahlua, from leaving the scene.


 He can’t control her with his hands, but somehow manages to do his best with his begging face instead.

“I can’t untie your rope, but… next time you go out with me, I’ll stay in this room.”


“If you don’t untie the rope, there’s no point in having you stay in this room, right?”


“It can’t be helped, there are unavoidable circumstances.”




Phil takes an interest in Kahlua’s words.

Something enough to bind Phil, who upholds the ideal of freedom and whose theme is binding..


 Furthermore, the reason why Kakhlua tie her master—-it is to show her interest.
 What on earth could be the reason?


 Phil’s curiosity got the better of his sense of urgency and he went from his begging face to a serious one.


“Before I tell you the reason, I’d like to ask you what you had planned to do today?”


“I’d eat breakfast normally, go to the brothel, and work refreshed……


And then I’ll go to the brothel again at night?”


“Th…Then it appears that I won’t have to solve it.”




Phil’s face shows that he doesn’t understand what it means.


 In contrast, Kahlua’s expression is…”

“’How could I let you go to a brothel when the saint is in this house?”

What the hell is she talking about?

“Are you stupid? Why is the owner of the mansion trying to go to the brothel while neglecting the reception of the saint? Did you leave your cute and corny common sense somewhere?”

“Mr. Common sense is always in my heart tho?”


“What are you saying with a straight face, really…”

Kalua presses her brow.


 Because of her own master, her troubles are only going to increase today.



“(…why can’t i be better?)”


“Hmm? Did you say something?”




Phil tilts his head at Kahlua, who suddenly starts to turn away.


 It made him wonder, but Phil put it to the back of his mind for the moment.

“Can’t you untie me for the time being? I can’t even go flower-picking, let alone a whorehouse with this on. I’m traveling back in time to my childhood.”


“Phi-samal was so adorable back then. Let’s see how cute you were here again.”


“What are you doing? Forcing your master to wet the bed?’


“I mean, I have no recollection of carving childhood memories with my master!”


More than a whorehouse, Phil felt threatened by bedwetting at his age and started jittering as best he could.


 If he didn’t resist, a lifetime of black history was going to spread over the sheets.


Kahlua, being Kahlua, tightly grasps the knot to keep it from unraveling.

It was, in some ways, a devious act.

And then…


“Oh, um,  Phil-sama?

“Are you awake?”

Suddenly, the door to the room was opened.                                              


“Well, isn’t this a terrible situation?”

Milis, who had appeared, couldn’t help but smile bitterly when she saw the situation.

“I like this kind of thing, my master”

“Really, are you serious!?”

“Shut your damn mouth, you degenerate maid!!!”

At any rate, it took an hour to get the rope untied.

It took about an another hour to clear up the saint’s misunderstanding.




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