Ch 20

It’s Tuesday.


Today is the day of the decisive battle. And now it is 20 minutes before the test starts.


I must not lose. I must win.


I’m as nervous as I was when I took the test. Don’t worry.


I can win. I’ve studied so hard.


I take a deep breath and do a final check.


Then I silently proceeded with the check, and the teacher came.


Er, five minutes before the test…


I took another deep breath and went for the test.


And the last day of testing


Korn Khan Korn Keen


Hmm. Mmm. Ahhh.


I raise an inaudible voice. The response is perfect.


I don’t think I’ll lose this time.


I wonder if this is called a flag.


Well, whatever.


I want to know the result as soon as possible.


Then, about a week later, all the tests came back.


And now it’s my house. Reika senior is sitting opposite me.


This time, I got the top grade.


…I really got it. I didn’t think I could get the top grade, even though I had a good feeling about it.


But I guess because this time was more difficult than the last time, my score was lower than the last time.


“Reika-senpai, what was your score on this test?”


“Hmm? I don’t feel like losing this time either, do you?


“Hehh. Is that so?”


“What kind of request should I make?”


“Then, let’s start with senpai.”


“Fufu, I got 722 points.”




“Fufu… Wahaha. Reika-senpai!”


“Huh? Ha, yes.”


“I got 726 points!”


I am overflowing with joy. Wahaha. Hooray. I’m really glad.


“Then, Reika-senpai. Please listen to my request.”


All right. I’ve broken through the first barrier. I’ll just have to be brave.


And for some reason, my senpai’s body is purring and her face is a little drawn.


Is it that frustrating?


“…….. Okay.”


“Reika-senpai. Um, well…”


“… Yeah.”


I can’t say it well even though I have practiced it many times.


“Um, I…would you like to go on a date with me?”


“…. Eh…. Eh? Ehhhhh!?”


“Well, um…? No good?”


“Uh-huh. That’s not true. That can’t be true.”




Reika-senpai is crying!? Well, let’s see. That… What should I do?


“*Hic*. I didn’t expect Yuuya to say that. I thought you would say something like: Don’t get involved with me anymore.”


“What? I won’t say that.”


Did my senpai think that way?


“Hi, *Hic*. Yuuya-kun.”




I slowly pat the head of the senior who has embraced me, as if looking for a reaction.


“Yuya-kun, Yuya-kun! Pat me more!”


“…Yes, yes”


You don’t like it, do you? It’s okay


But I think I’m being self-conscious.


I can’t believe that Reika-senpai likes me so much that she would go on a date with me.


But that’s all I could think of. If I were to take Reika-senpai’s word for it.


“Reika-senpai, sorry for being a week late.”


“…*Hic*. What?”


“Happy birthday. Reika-senpai. This is my birthday present.”


“…Yuya-kun. Thank you. Thank you. I love you. I love you.”


My senpai pressed her face into my chest. It was a little painful, but I was glad she was pleased.


I slowly patted Senpai’s head for quite a while, and finally she stopped crying.


“…Thank you. Yuuya-kun. Can I open this?”


“Yes, it’s okay.”


Is it fine? Will my senpai like my present?


“Is this hand cream?”


“Yes, it is. Because senpai cooks for me, so I thought it would be nice.”


“Thank you! I’ll keep it on display for safekeeping!”


“No, please use it!?”


But I’m glad she was pleased. I had never given a gift to a girl before, so I asked my sister about it and made a good choice.


“…. Huh? Something is still in there. This…”


“Um, that’s-“


…It’s a bear strap that I put in there on my own.


I thought it would be cute if my sensibilities were not off-kilter.


I wasn’t sure if she would be pleased with it, but I felt I had to send her something.


It’s like an extra. If you don’t need it, just throw it away.”


“I would never do that! Thank you. It’s so cute. Now I can always feel Yuya-kun.”




I’m glad you’re happy with what I sent you.


“So, um, is this Saturday okay?”


“Yes! I’m looking forward to it.”


“Is that so?”


“Yeah. Ehehe. Yuuya-kun.”




It’s not over yet, but the weight of anxiety, like a weight on my shoulders, is finally gone.

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