Ch 54

I gently lift my head and look at Yuuya-kun.








I look into Reika-senpai’s face and eyes.


The expression on her face is so gentle that even I can see it.


“I don’t think Reika-senpai is bad.”


“……. Even though I didn’t tell you? Even though I might cause trouble for Yuya-kun, I approached her and confessed to her?”




I turn the words slowly. As if to myself. Gently.


“Senpai, I think ‘love’ is something that can’t be controlled. I think it’s selfish and self-absorbed.”




“The stronger the desire, the more powerful it becomes. The fact that I raised my deviation score considerably and worked so hard to get into this school is partly due to “love” and partly due to the fact that senpai kept quiet about it. I think the reason I confessed my feelings to her was because I was full of thoughts.”




“And I have no regrets. Even if senpai had given me advice, I would not have listened to it. I don’t think I would have listened to your advice, just like senpai never gave up on me.”




“So, senpai. Please don’t apologize.”


It may become an outcome theory. but…….


“I’m having a lot of fun right now. I think there will be many more fun things to do in the future.”


I still can’t say “I love you” in this situation, and I laugh at myself because I feel ashamed.


But I have to say this.


“I’m glad I got to meet my senpai.”


I don’t think I could have had a bigger smile on my face.


“… Yuu, Ya-kun. Yuya-kun. Yuuya-kun!”


Senpai hugs me tightly.


Senpai is crying, a bit like a child. But I think that’s okay.


I stroke her head slowly to calm her down.


I think I was able to give something back to her.


“Ehehehe. Yuuya-kun.”


“Hey, I have a kitchen knife right now. It’s dangerous.”


A little while later, Reika-senpai said, “I’m fine now. Thank you,” and then she came to my house as usual.


“You know, Reika-senpai. Let’s calm down. Okay?


“Yes. Ehehehe.”


“You don’t understand…”


Senpai has been like this for a long time. No matter what I say, she is like that.


“Senpai, when you’re done cooking, you can do as much or as little as you want, and I’ll do whatever I can to help you.” 


As expected, it’s dangerous to use fire while cooking from now on.


“I did it♪”


“That sounds like…”


“Hmmm, uh”


Senpai starts counting on her fingers. Her face looks so happy.


I like it when senpai smiles.


“Hmm? What’s wrong, Yuuya-kun?”


“It’s nothing.”


It seems like her cheeks were naturally relaxed. “I see,” she said and I looked at my senpai who was also thinking about it.


Senpai. Could you please wait for me?


Almost there. It’s just one more step.

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