I.N. Ch.6

Ch 6 Breaking The Ice

A few days later.


Sunday arrived, and Yuu was waiting for Yui to come over to his house.


Yuu and Yui have known each other for a long time and have visited each other’s houses before. This time, they had called each other because there was something important they needed to discuss. Yuu’s mother passed away several years ago, and his father, being a busy producer, rarely comes home. As a result, Yuu is the only one currently at home, with no one else around.


Yuu’s room has a typical layout, with a study desk where his computer is placed, bookshelves for storing manga and other books, a glass table, and a bed. He is dressed slightly more formal than his usual loungewear, but it doesn’t seem like he put much effort into his appearance. However, there is a lewd smirk on his face as he imagines what’s to come and contemplates the future.


Yui comes to Yuu’s house despite having a boyfriend because she trusts him. It’s a fact that she has such trust in someone she cares about. It may seem like something that should be easily understood with a little thought, but Yuu only sees what he believes and considers only what exists in his own mind as the truth.


As the time for their meeting approached, about ten minutes in advance, Yuu turned on the power of a certain item he had set up in his room. Just as he did that, the doorbell of the house rang, making a “ping-pong” sound.


Realizing that it was Yui who had arrived, Yuu quickly adjusted his own appearance, straightened his clothes, and hurriedly made his way to the entrance.


Struggling a few times to unlock the door, Yuu fumbled with the key, but eventually managed to open it with a click. And there, standing before him, was an angel. Yui looked so lovely and elegant that he couldn’t help but be momentarily captivated, almost as if he had mistaken her for an angel.


Yui was dressed in a straw hat, a white shirt, and a light blue summer cardigan layered over it. She wore a pastel-colored long skirt, and the overall ensemble had a predominantly white color scheme. It looked as if she had come straight from a fashion magazine photoshoot, and the outfit suited her perfectly.


Despite it being summer, Yui’s outfit had minimal skin exposure, likely as a measure to prevent sunburn. At first glance, it may have appeared that the outfit covered a large area of her body and seemed hot, but according to her, the fabric was thin, making it surprisingly cool to wear.


“ Hello, Someya-kun. It’s hot today, isn’t it? ”


Yui’s neck was slightly sweaty and somewhat sexy. This is not the first time I have seen her sweating but my eyes just can’t stop looking at her.


“ Yes, that’s right. My room is air-conditioned, so go ahead and come in. I’ll bring you some barley tea. ”


“ Really? Yay! I’m glad because it’s hot outside. Thank you! ” exclaimed Yuu happily.


Unaware of the hardships that awaited her, Yui expressed her gratitude to the man who would eventually cause her harm.


The genuine happiness reflected in Yui’s smile as she expressed her gratitude seemed to sparkle and momentarily overshadowed the darker side of Yuu’s thoughts. If Yui and Takuya were to break up as planned, the problem would be resolved. It would be best if Yui could be spared any harm in the process, if things could be handled smoothly.


However, Yuu doesn’t know a smart way to do that.


Yuu believes that rather than letting such an angelic girl, who is neither an exaggeration nor a lie, be taken by another man, it would be better to reclaim her, even if it means hurting her to some extent.


“ Oh? Why are you staring at me like that? Is there something strange? ”


Startled by the silence, Yui looks at Yuu with a curious expression. She wonders why he was staring at her so intently. Perhaps she noticed that his gaze was fixed on her because he was lost in thought.


“ Ah, no, it’s nothing. ”, Yuu responds, trying to brush off the situation.


Yuu, unable to compliment her on how the outfit suits her, hurriedly responds, “No, it’s nothing,” and awkwardly follows as Yui says, “You’re being weird,” with a playful smile and heads towards his room.


Yuu takes out a container of barley tea from the refrigerator and places two cups on a tray before bringing them to the room.


As Yuu enters the room, he finds Yui comfortably sitting on the bed, looking up at him. There is no sign of nervousness or hesitation in her demeanor, as if she were in her own room, casually glancing around without a care.


Yuu pours the barley tea into the cups and hands one to Yui. She expresses her gratitude once again with a word of thanks.


“ Thanks. It’s cool inside the room, and I must say, summer is best enjoyed indoors. ”, Yui remarks, appreciating the comfortable atmosphere.


Yui, being more inclined towards outdoor activities, used to enjoy spending time outside. However, due to her profession as an actress, she had to be mindful of things like sunburn and often had to shoot under scorching conditions. As a result, she gradually developed a preference for staying indoors during the summer, as it became less desirable for her to be outside.


“ Yeah, your room is really tidy, Someya-kun. Yesterday, I went to Takkun’s room, and it was so messy. I understand that he’s busy with the soccer club, but if we had planned in advance for me to visit, I would have expected him to tidy up, you know? ”


The words were spoken as if it were nothing, but to Yui, it was a natural thought that as his girlfriend, it wouldn’t be strange for her to visit his room. However, obviously, Yui’s thinking was different from Yuu’s.


( She went to Takuya’s romm…?!? )


The new information made Yū tremble. The notion that such things could happen in a relationship might be common sense to others, but it did not resonate with Yū.


“ Oh, really? You went to Taku’s house? ” Yuu responded, feigning casualness.


“ Ah, you have such dirty thoughts, Someya-kun. We just played games and watched movies together. Just because we’re dating doesn’t mean we’d do something like that right away. ” Yuu replied, dismissing any suggestive implications.


Seeing Yuu’s surprised reaction, Yui felt slightly embarrassed but firmly asserted her response.


“ Well, maybe there was a slightly good atmosphere or something… but that’s all… ”, Yui replied, acknowledging that there might have been some moments, but emphasizing that it didn’t go beyond that.


Because she didn’t want to be misunderstood, Yui deliberately spoke without hiding anything.


“ So, what’s the important talk for today? What is it about? ”


Blushing and trying to hide her embarrassment, Yui changed the subject as a way to cover up. Little did she know that this act would open the gates to hell.


For a brief moment, Yuu hesitated about what was about to happen, but Yuu had made up his mind and was determined to go through with it.


“ What is this? ”


Saying that, he displayed the photo on his smartphone and showed it to Yui.


“ Huh? I didn’t mention that to you…Oh, Takkun? Did Takkun worry about me and tell you…? ”, Yui said, her voice filled with surprise and confusion.


As Yui spoke, she noticed something.


Upon realizing that she had shown the captured photo to Takuya but hadn’t actually given him the image, Yui’s gaze turned towards Yuu with an incredulous expression. She was struck by the realization that, apart from herself, the only person who possessed the photo was the one who took it. She looked at Yuu as if trying to assess whether he could be the culprit, ready to take immediate action if necessary.


There is a significant possibility that Yuu also received a similar email from the culprit, so Yui wanted to trust Yuu, with whom she has had a long-standing relationship.


Yuu himself destroys that faint hope.


“ I took this photo… At that time… ”


Yuu’s face was disgustingly distorted as he said those words.


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