Ch 18



It’s about ten o’clock. It’s Reika-senpai.


I thought she would come around nine o’clock, since she is Reika-senpai.


“I’m coming.”


And when I opened the door….


“It’s a courier”


“… Ah, yes. I see.”


“Sign here, please.”




“Thank you very much.”


And the courier leaved.


Hmm? What’s wrong with my senpai? Is she forgetting? Did something come up?


Hmmm. I thought senpai was the kind of person who kept their promises?


……. Maybe I trusted my senpai too much.


Hah. ………


Study, study.


And when I went back to the living room to start studying…


“Good morning. Yuu.”


“Good morning. Sis.”


For a little sister on a holiday, she got up early. I thought she would wake up around noon. I’ll make you breakfast.


“Good morning, Yuuya-kun.”


“Good morning. Reika-senpa- …… Huh? Wha? Ehhhhh?!”


“Fufu. You were surprised, weren’t you?”


“Well, I mean, when did you get here?”


“Since last night. I’ve been in Kyoka-san’s room. I thought it might be a good idea to crawl into Yuya-kun’s bed, but I wanted to surprise you. Above all, I couldn’t wait to see you.”


“It’s not to the level of “can’t wait”, is it?”


“Well, well.”


“Well… …… Don’t be so eager to let her get into the house, sister.”


“Uhm. But isn’t it too late? Besides, Reika has done so much for me.”




It’s true that Reika-senpai has taken care of me for breakfast and many other things, but hmmm…


“Do you really hate having me around so much?”


“Not at all. ….. I don’t mind.”


If someone asks you that, you can’t say no, can you?


….. Well, I really don’t hate it, though.


“Haa, good.”


“But if you’re coming, please tell me you’re coming.”




“I’m glad you understand.”


Huh. I feel like an idiot for worrying or even doubting until just now.


“Have you had breakfast yet, Senpai?”


“No. I haven’t eaten yet.”


“Haa, then, please wait. Sister too.”




“I’ll make it, okay?”


“Please let me do it for today.”


“Okay. I understand.”


Then I make breakfast. Recently, my sister has been helping me, which is surprisingly enjoyable and nice.


But I wonder why she’s been helping me lately. She seems to be helping me in the morning too.


I hope I’m not bothering my senpai.


“Haa, I like Yuya’s apron look.”


“Yeah yeah. That’s right. It makes me want to hug him.”


Haha, what a silly thing to say.


“Don’t do that, sister. It’s dangerous.”




“I’ve got a record.”


“Eh, nice. I want to squeeze you from behind too, wait. Because I’m not paying attention…..”


“I won’t listen to such quibbles. Reika-senpai please don’t do it either”




While talking about such things, I finish up quickly.


Well, I’m quick because I don’t have a large repertoire of dishes I can make.


Okay! It’s done.


“Wow, thank you. Yuuya-kun.”


“Thank you Yuu”


“Thanks for always making me breakfast, Reika-senpai and sis.”


“…Yeah. Ehehe.”


“Leave it to me”




Reika-senpai, please don’t be shy. ….. I’m getting embarrassed too.


“…More importantly, please finish eating quickly.”






Haa. It’s been a rough morning.

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