D.F. Ch.1

Ch 1 Prologue

My favourite saying is “The day you decide to do it is a lucky day.” My motto is “Quick decision, quick resolution”. It’s my policy to regret after doing something rather than regret not doing it.

That’s who I am, a human named Yozakura Shishio, also known as the Night Sakura Boar King.


“To be honest, I’ve recently had the opportunity to taste some rare and unusual items.”


Other than that, I tend to get deeply obsessed with many things until I get bored of them, but I have no interest whatsoever in things that don’t pique my curiosity. As a result, I can come across as a bit of a misfit or outsider in social situations. 


In fact, my friends often joke that my name embodies the extreme version of the idea that ‘one’s name represents their character.’ Even my own father laments, “While I had decided to give you a name based on the Chinese zodiac, I never meant for you to become the king of boars…”.


“And believe it or not, it’s a dungeon fruit! I heard rumours about it before, but it was amazingly delicious! I even thought to myself that if I have the chance to eat it again, I would love to have it right away”


“Alright. Let’s dive into the dungeon”


In fact, I am fully aware that my tendency to act like this for every single thing is causing inconvenience to those around me who are connected to me.


“When it comes to delicious food, we’re looking for a dungeon that produces food. Around here, it would be the ‘Garden of Gourmet’ dungeon.”


But it can’t be helped. That’s just who I am. I’m the type of person who always goes straight toward what I want to do. 


My latest obsession is VTubers, and among them, I have a favourite named Shakaizin who’s also known as ‘Mr. Businessman.’ 


As a fan, if he’s searching for delicious food from dungeons, I can’t help but feel compelled to support him and make his wish come true. 


Fortunately, I already have experience exploring dungeons. 


Specifically, when I entered high school, I obtained the qualifications to become a dungeon explorer. 


The mysterious space where defeating monsters earns you strange items and awakens special powers called skills, overflowing with romance. There was no way that I, in the midst of my adolescence, would not be interested in such a thing. 


Well, I explored enough dungeons during my high school days, so I got tired of it after graduation.


And now that I’m 20 years old, I’m currently stuck in the VTuber craze. 


However, even though I may have grown tired of it, I haven’t lost my touch. I still dive into dungeons regularly to earn money for my living expenses and to support my favourite VTuber. 


Simply put, I may have lost the passion, but my abilities remain intact. In fact, I could even make a living out of it if I wanted to, thanks to my luck and talent.


“Let’s see, about the strategy for exploring the ‘Garden of Gourmet,’ it is…”


As a first step, I searched online for the destination and gathered information on the Gourmet Garden, a food-themed dungeon where all obtainable items are related to food, as part of my preparations.


“Nowadays, things have really become convenient, haven’t they?”


It seems that it was quite difficult when dungeons were first created, but that was already a thing of the past. Nowadays, it has become very convenient.


In the past, explorers who ventured into the dungeons were treated as part of the underground scene, but that was a long time ago. Nowadays, they have become relatively common. Although there are some restrictions, students can even work as explorers as a part-time job. 


So in these times, it became quite common for explorers, who used to be treated as part of the underground world, to the extent that students can use it as a substitute for a part-time job with some restrictions. That’s why if you search the internet, you can usually find information on most dungeons. 

However, relying too much on strategy sites can lead to an easy death when there’s an irregularity. 


“Alright, printing complete. With this, I have all the information I need. It may be my first time going there, but…well, I’ll figure it out somehow.”


The Gourmet Garden is considered to be of medium difficulty level. However, the items obtained from it are not very profitable, which makes it unpopular among explorers. Although dungeon-produced food is delicious and considered a luxury item, it is still just food and therefore not very efficient in terms of the exchange rate.


However, since delicious ingredients can be obtained, there are still some customers interested in them. According to reviews, these are either hobbyist who enjoy consuming the food themselves, or high-end restaurants that have exclusive contracts with certain explorers.


I suppose I’ll be categorised as a hobbyist as well. It may be a bit risky to dismiss it as just a hobby, but the difficulty level of the Gourmet Garden is not much different from that of mountain climbing. It can be dangerous if you let your guard down, but if you stay alert, you can enjoy it. It’s that kind of balance.


“Now, how should I deliver it to Lehman?”


Dungeon-sourced ingredients can be easily obtained. The problem lies in finding a route to deliver them.

“Lehman” is a corporate VTuber belonging to the top company in the area. Naturally, I, an ordinary person, cannot meet them directly.


There is a way to deliver the dungeon-made ingredients to Lehman’s office as a gift, but it’s highly likely to be rejected. The dungeon-made ingredients are not packaged as products and cannot guarantee their safety. Besides, Lehman is a top corporate VTuber in the neighbourhood, so it’s impossible for an ordinary person like me to meet her in person.


I see. It’s like eating a fish caught by an acquaintance as a hobby, but feeling uneasy about eating a fish caught by a stranger, especially if they are not even a fisherman.


When it comes to popular VTubers like Lehman who belong to one of the top companies in the scene, one would expect that their safety and security measures are well established.


“Hmm… try to become friends with them in private is out of the question. And asking them to come and visit my shop is also not feasible, I guess.”


To give up and move on would be a straightforward choice, but in this case, that may not be the right one. I want to do this, and once I set my mind to something, I have to give it a try.


If it doesn’t work out, then I’ll have to accept it, but giving up without even trying goes against my principles.

It’s better to regret doing something than to regret not doing it. After all, the former is definitely more enjoyable.


“Alright then, guess I’ll become a VTuber. If I collaborate with Lehman, everything will be solved”.


Life is all about taking things as they come. At least, that’s how I’ve been living my life.

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5 months ago

The text doesn’t show up on my phone unless I press the double arrow button on the left tab. Thanks for the translation!