THOS Ch.18

Ch.18.Kahlua’s Abilities

When Milis directed her gaze, Kalua’s figure suddenly blurred.


Milis exclaimed in surprise at Kahlua’s disappearance.

The vanished figure intruded among the knights and mercilessly slammed her fist into their armor.

As the knights tried to counterattack, Kalua slipped through them and went behind one knight to deliver a kick to the top of his head.The knights are being dominated without being able to touch Kahlua.

They can’t even graze her with their swords, and the formation they had neatly arranged is gradually breaking apart.

“Up!” “Stop it!

Don’t try to follow Kahlua-sama with your eyes!

 Predict her movements!” “Back-to-back! Crush her blind spots!The panicked knights try to regain their stance, but even then, their path is blocked by Kahlua.

At first, they could barely keep up with her movements, but as time passed, they couldn’t catch her at all. Karua moves with an incomprehensible speed, knocking out each knight accurately one by one.

The scene was truly spectacular, and Milis couldn’t close her gaping mouth.“Impressive…”

Milis couldn’t help but be amazed as she watched a seemingly weak girl drive numerous knights into a corner.

“In this mansion, there are two people who can use magic,” Phil explained calmly, ignoring Miris’s surprise.

“One of them is me, but the other is Kahlua. There are few people who are born with magical powers, but it’s also because it’s quite difficult for idealists to sublimate their ideals into magic. However, the girl who succeeded in doing so in this mansion is Kahlua.”

“I see!”

“She may look like that, but she’s actually amazing. Even the maids still can’t understand her.”

As Phil watched Kahlua take down one knight after another at an unimaginable speed, a small smile formed on his lips.

Kahlua’s incantation name was “The power to always be able to be close to the person you desire at any time.”

The magic was developed based on the idea of always being near a particular person, and it consisted of three main components.

Firstly, power is proportional to speed, which is related to power.

Kahlua compensated for her lack of physical strength by incorporating her own movement speed.

Moreover, Kahlua’s speed increases over time.

However, this speed boost is a response to her movements and is reset when she stops.

Regardless, her speed becomes challenging to track with the naked eye from the moment she starts moving.

It is already potent enough to cause Millis to become disoriented and lose focus.

The second component is straightforward: improving vision.

When your movements get faster, your visual field moves at an astonishing speed.

But being fast is pointless if you can’t do anything once you get there.

In a combat situation where it’s not a foot race, it’s futile to try and outrun your opponent if you can’t keep up with them.

That’s why vision enhancement is crucial.

It’s a spell designed exclusively to keep up with your own movements.

The third component is also similar to the second.It is the strengthening of the body.

Kahlua can surpass the speed of sound and even the speed of light, but if she were to do so normally, she would be crushed by air resistance.

To prevent this, her body is strengthened, not just to increase her power but also to maintain a body that can withstand the speed.Kahlua, who has mastered this magic, may not have any visibly large power, but she definitely moves the battlefield.

She is a girl who possesses such power…

(Not just Phil-sama, but also Kahlua-san…)

What exactly are these people?

The reason why such remarkable individuals were buried in the shadows without seeing the light of day.

It was both strange and impressive, causing Millis to have an elevated sense of admiration.

On the other hand…

“(Seriously, why is such an amazing person still by my side…?)”

Huh? Did you say something?

“…No, it’s nothing.”

With a lingering doubt in the back of his mind, Phil turned his gaze back to the front.

There, most of the knights were lying on the ground, and a young girl stood in the center, with her maid uniform fluttering in the wind.

When did she defeat so many knights over there?

Even Phil, who was supposed to know Kahlua well, couldn’t hide his bitter smile.

“We’ll end it here for today. Everyone, you lasted longer than before, didn’t you?”

“We’re grateful for your words, but… we’ve realized how inexperienced we still are. Thank you so much today, Kahlua-sama!”

“Thank you so much!!!”

The remaining knights all bow their heads at once.

Karua smiles slightly, brushes off the dust from her maid outfit, and slowly walks towards Phil with a relaxed gait, as if her duty is done.

“Hey, good job.”

“Great work, Kahlua-san!”

“Thank you very much.”

After being comforted by the two, Kahlua sat down in the shade of a tree with Phil and the others.

“I’m tired… It’s about time they raised my salary,” Kahlua said, brushing the dust off her maid uniform.

“But you always say you don’t need money. You’re one of those who just wants to work for free, right?”

“I just don’t need money. I want some kind of reward… I want to see some new clothes,” 

“Alright, I’ll take you to pick some out next time. The visitors at the mansion have decreased lately, and the privacy  has also returned,” .

“Yeah, I’m looking forward to it,” .

Upon hearing those words, Kahlua’s lips relaxed.

The gentle eyes and the smile that overlapped with them were childlike, appropriate for her age.

Perhaps if anyone were to see that smile, it would not only capture their eyes but also make their hearts race uncontrollably.

However, there was one man here who had become accustomed to seeing it and was not captivated by it… That man slowly stood up.

“Alright, I think it’s time for me to go.”

“Huh? Where are you going?”

“Um, let’s see… a regular report, I guess?”

Upon hearing those words, Millis, who didn’t understand what he meant, tilted her head cutely.


“… You don’t have to go every time, you know?”

“Don’t be silly, I’m entrusted with an important young lady. I’m the type of gentleman who thinks I need to make sure I have good connections around here.”

“Well…okay. Have a safe trip.”


“Uh, um… take care!”

Phil tapped his heel on the ground and without any hesitation, he dove into the shadowy swamp that suddenly appeared. Millis was surprised by the appearance of the shadow, but Phil didn’t mind and disappeared into it.

“Give my regards to  father.”

“I’ll make sure to add the embellishment option when I do.”

Phil cracked a joke and was seen off by the two girls before disappearing into the shadow.

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