THOS Ch.11

Ch.11.Helping others that begins from such kindness.

What is the main reason for the ‘shadow hero’, who is admired by the people, being able to rescue individuals across various regions?

The significant factor is the ‘darkness’ that Phil possesses

“A member of the nobility is under attack by a group of robbers near the Amethyst Count’s region at the base of the mountain”.

Phil hears a young man’s voice in his head, and it was the end of the day and time for him to sleep.

“Who are you?”
“I’m your ally”.

Still in his nightclothes, Phil speaks in his mind.

The more one studies a theme in magic, the more the repertoire of events that can occur in this world expands.

Phil’s “Binding” magic has evolved into something more powerful…and more convenient, thanks to previous research.

Phil’s magic has also played a role in laying the groundwork for the conversation in his mind.

—- ‘Freedom to talk to the person you have bound’.

It’s a great thing that you can talk through telepathy with targets you’ve bound in the past, without being bound by distance.

The drawbacks are that you have to bind the target in the first place, and that the bound targets cannot communicate with each other.

However, the benefits of this magic are much greater than the drawbacks.

If anyone could use this magic, then the messengers who carry letters on horseback would be in tears and would quit their jobs.

“Well then, don’t move from there. I’ll go from here.”

After finishing his words, Phil threw away the pajamas he had just changed into.

At that moment—

“Oh, you’re going out today too?”

Suddenly, Kahlua, who was enjoying her tea time before going to bed in Phil’s room, spoke up.

“Don’t just hang around the changing room like it’s a natural thing to do…”

“I’ve been here since earlier, isn’t that unfair? I can’t just leave the room so easily, you know.”

“Then can’t you at least show some intention of leaving? You’re just casually drinking tea…do you really want to see my body that badly? Too bad! I’m not taking off my pants!”

“I didn’t say anything about wanting to see it…”

Kahlua let out a big sigh, placed the tea down and headed towards the closet.

Then, she took out a black outfit and a plain mask from there.


“Yeah? Sorry, but I have to hurry and go.”

Phil received the outfit and plain mask from Kahlua who had taken them out.

A slight sense of urgency could be seen on his face.

“Don’t you not want to be known as the ‘Shadow Hero’? If so, then do you really have to go…?”

If you don’t want the rumors that have spread so far to spread any further, you should avoid unnecessary actions.

If Phil doesn’t help anyone, there won’t be any sightings or information left behind, and the risk of spreading rumors will be completely eliminated.

Besides, Phil has no obligation to help strangers.

Even though he shouldn’t have any obligation, the boy named Phil—

“Don’t say stupid things. I can’t just ignore it when someone is in trouble. Besides, is it wrong to hope that even a stranger can live happily?”

“…Yes, that was a foolish question.”

Kahlua puts the mask on Phil’s face.

Even though she can no longer see his beloved face, Kahlua still likes this mask.

Naturally, a smile appears on Kahlua’s face.

“Thanks to your kindness, I was saved.”

“Now, we’re partners.”

After changing his clothes, Phil gently strokes Kahlua’s head.

“Besides, this is a good opportunity. I thought I’d take advantage of it to cover up the rumors.”

“How are you going to do that?”

“If you say ‘My name is ○○!’ After helping someone, then the rumors about Phil Salemabert being the ‘Hero of Shadows’ will disappear, won’t they? After all, if the person denies it themselves.”

“Well, that’s an unusually good idea. I’m impressed.”

“Keep it up and keep praising me like that. And, if you could let me go back to the brothel again–”

“No way.”

“That sucks.”

Well then, I’m off.”

“Okay, have a safe journey, Hero-san.”

With these words, Phil’s figure began to sink into the shadows.


When Phil next poked his head out of his own world, the surrounding scenery was tinged with darkness.

The night breeze gave a chill to his skin, while the sprawling streets and vegetation created a sense of openness.

―――’The freedom to communicate with the bound opponent’.

The reason why Phil can move to another place in an instant like this is due to his binding magic.

It’s a technique that allows him to jump to the location of the bound target – a creation aimed at achieving freedom of communication.

“No, I can’t disrespect the ‘Hero of the Shadows’ who once helped me… If possible, please let me continue to interact with you like this.”

The view was completely different from Phil’s room just a moment ago.

“Thank you for coming, Hero of Shadows,” said the young man kneeling beside him, wearing warm clothing.

Upon seeing this, Phil remarked, “I say this every time, but lift your face. I’m not good at being respected.”

As mentioned briefly at the beginning, the reason why Phil helps people in various places is thanks to the “Shadow Organization.”

They are scattered throughout various places and can be notified if there is any trouble or dispute.

The members select trustworthy people from those whom Phil has helped in the past.

By binding all members of the “Shadow Organization,” communication and movement like this become possible, allowing them to continue helping people.

The method of binding is very simple. Phil completes it by marking a seal somewhere on the target’s body.

It is a very convenient magic that is easy to use no matter where you are.

—This is what Phil Salemabert’s kindness has created.

It’s an organization called “Shadow,” created solely for the purpose of helping people.

Of course, the Shadow know Phil’s true identity and has been ordered not to disclose it.

“That reminds me, the ‘Hero of the Shadows’… someone is currently under attack–”

“No need to say it. It’s probably those guys being attacked over there, right?”

The sight that Phil gazed upon.

There was a carriage and people surrounded by dozens of bandits.

Given the sound of weapons ringing in the poor visibility, it was likely that the situation had not yet turned into a disaster.

“Okay then, shall we get to it?”

With his back to the man, Phil took a step towards the place where someone was being attacked.

“Another day, another rescue,”

he thought to himself.

For the sake of allowing good people to live a happy life.

A happy life, in other words, is the ultimate freedom.



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