Y.S. Ch.57

Ch 57

“It’s getting a little hotter these days. Before I know it, spring will soon be over.”

“Is that so?”

While drinking the cream soda I ordered, Saijo-senpai spoke to me in a friendly manner.

I wasn’t in the mood for that, so I vaguely nodded back, and he continued.

“You have an exam soon. I wonder if you’re studying properly.”

“For the time being.”

“Very good. Work hard at your studies.”

I drop my gaze from Saijo-senpai, who nodded in a mocking tone, and watch the ice in the glass in front of me melt.

Meanwhile, Saijo-senpai continues to talk about casual topics in his usual cheerful manner.

It was hard to believe that he was cheating on his girlfriend.

However, he usually starts talking about his business immediately after calling me, but today he didn’t even try to start.

This made my suspicions grow stronger.

Soon, both Saijo and I had emptied our glasses in front of us.

Saijo-senpai, who had been talking cheerfully up until then, fell silent, and an uncomfortable silence fell.

I opened my mouth to try to break through the atmosphere.


“Shall we go outside?”

Saijo-senpai said that before I finished my words.



“This morning.”


As I followed Saijo-senpai walking aimlessly down the street with somewhat buoyant steps, he suddenly opened his mouth.

When I asked him back, he repeated in a slightly louder voice.

“When I sent you a message this morning, you immediately marked it as read, didn’t you?”

Just when I was trying to send a message to Saijo-senpai and I was opening the chat screen, a message was sent.

Of course, as soon as it is sent, it will be marked as read.

“To tell you the truth, I was a little worried about whether you would come to see me. But I was relieved to see that you had already read it. You were also trying to summon me.”

“… To be honest, I was worried, but I didn’t want to let this go unnoticed.”

“For Aizawa-san?”

I don’t even need to think about which Aizawa-san he is talking about, Karen or Ageha.

“It is for myself.”

“I see. The actuality that you can say that… is honestly enviable. Oh, here we are.”

Deviate from the street along the national highway and proceed down a narrow road.

After walking for a while, I slipped out into a square paved with cobblestones.

I didn’t know there was a place like this.

After looking around for a moment, I return my gaze to Saijou-senpai who stopped in front of me.

He turned around on the spot and turned to face me.

“Kanda-kun. May I ask why you tried to summon me?”

“Isn’t that what Senpai knows best?”

“… You have a bit of a thorn in your words today.”

I’m gradually getting irritated by that attitude of acting like usual with a cool face.

While suppressing that irritation, I tried my best to speak calmly.

“I have a question. Who was the woman who showed up at the diner yesterday with you?”

“What if I don’t answer?”

“I won’t even listen to you.”

“I want to confirm one thing… Is that question your own decision? Or did Aizawa-san ask you?”

“I said before, it’s my own decision. This is something I do for me.”

Saijou-senpai closed his eyes for a moment when I said it strongly.

After showing a thoughtful gesture, he opens his mouth in annoyance.

“I am at a loss for words when asked again. She is not my family, and she is not my friend, but it is not the same to say she is my girlfriend.”

“It sounds like…”

It’s like admitting cheating.

Saijo-senpai slightly averted his eyes when I stopped speaking.

“… Well, yes. I don’t know what to say about my relationship with her, but at least our relationship is cheating.”


Simple. Saijou-senpai declared as if nothing had happened.

In an instant, my mind stopped thinking.

However, Saijou-senpai threw words that caused even more shock.

“I called you here today because I have a favor to ask you regarding this matter. I know it is out of line to ask this, but… I wonder if you could help me get through to Aizawa-san.”

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