C.C. Ch.4

With Rize♡

Jupu♡ Jupu♡

(How did this happen…?)

I was confused by the sudden turn of events, but I checked the current situation. I’m sitting on the bed, and Rize-san is licking my cock deliciously.

Before I went to the adventurer’s guild, I was invited to Rise’s store, and while I was having tea at the store before it opened, I was invited to her bedroom in her home part, and before I knew it, she was sucking my cock!

“Mmmm. You’ve got something amazing for a face like that…”

Rero♡ Rero♡

(Oh no… it feels so good…)

Unlike the charming face she was showing me outside, Rize-san, with a bewitching smile on her face, takes my cock into her mouth and moves her face back and forth. The inside of Rize-san’s mouth is warm and slippery, and she carefully sucks the glans and rod with her mouth. It’s unbearable.

(Yes, that’s right. Let’s use the appraisal skill.)

I try to apply one of my thief skills, the Appraisal skill, to Rize-san. This should give me an idea of Rize’s status.

Name: Rize

Skill: Virginity Eating

Effect: Can tell if the other person is a virgin or not.

I found a dangerous skill in the skills section. Apparently, Rize-san knew that I was a virgin and approached me.

“It’s your first time, right? Just let your sister handle it and we’ll be fine…”

Rize-san whispered in my ear. The hot breath that escaped from her mouth that had just licked and sucked my cock made my body tingle. My cock, which had gotten bigger since I arrived in the other world, was now fully erect.

Without confirming his intentions, Rize took off only her underwear while wearing a brown dress and apron, which was probably the bar’s uniform, and guided the penis to her pussy with a familiar hand.


Putting her hands on my shoulders in a sitting position, Rize-san sits back a bit. Then the tip of the glans scrapes through something soft and buries itself in something slippery and warm.



Rize-san quickly bucked her hips, and before I had time to enjoy the feel of the glans against her pussy, my penis was slurping its way into her pussy. My cock was completely buried inside her, right down to the root.

For the first time in my life. My entire dick is all wrapped up in a nice, undulating female hole.

“Now you’re an adult, Yuri-kun. How do you feel? Does it feel good?”

“It feels good!”

I answer as I stare at Rize-san’s slightly flushed face with my cock all the way inside her. I’m connected to Rize-san as one. I’ve learned that I can feel such a good sensation even though I’m just putting my dick inside the other person’s body.

“But yours is a little too big, so wait a little longer -oh♡ no♡”

Zuchu♡ Zuchu♡

Having just graduated from being a virgin, I was excited and started pistoning away. The sensation of my cock sliding in and out of Rize’s slippery pussy is the best feeling ever. I use Rize’s vaginal walls to rub my cock up and down the slippery surface.

In a seated position, I grabbed Rize’s waist firmly with both hands and rocked her hips back and forth while I also shook my hips. I can feel the love juices squirting out from deep inside Rize’s pussy, making her vagina squishy. Rize seems to be feeling good too.

“Ah♡ Ah♡ What the hell… How is the first time…♡”

Rize hugs me tightly with both arms and asks me how I’m feeling. Maybe it’s the effect of my cuckold cock skills, but I know how to move to make Rize-san feel better.

Rize squeezed her body and used both legs to cling desperately to my waist.

“I have a feeling that maybe we have good body chemistry.”

Zupo♡ Zupo♡ Zupo♡

“Oh, my God!♡♡♡”

I push down Rize, who is still in the hold state, and in the missionary position, as I mess up the depths of her pussy with my cock!

Guchu♡ Guchu♡ Guchu♡ Guchu♡

I get down on my middle and let my body rest on Lizzy’s entire inner thigh while I crush her womb with a seeding piston press.

Gori♡ Gori♡ Gori♡

“It’s so good!♡♡♡”

Rize’s tagger flies off when her uterus is stimulated. Desperately clinging to my body, she takes my cock into her pussy with a big hold and doesn’t let go! (Tl:It was tough sentence to translate and I tried to translate it so it it will make some sense, here is the original-子宮口をゴリゴリと刺激されたリゼさんのタガが飛ぶ.必死に俺の体にしがみつき,だいしゅきホールドでチンポをおまんこに咥え込んで離さない)

“Cock♡ Give me more♡”

Rize is in a mess and begs for more of my cock.

Nupo♡ Nupo♡

Without being told to, I started thrusting my cock in and out deep into her pussy. Rubbing the female meat with my cock was the best feeling ever!

“I’m cumming! Rize!”

“Yes♡ Come a lot♡”

Dop♡ Dop♡ Dop♡ Dop♡

I poured a lot of semen deep into her pussy. I learned that ejaculating while my cock is wrapped in female flesh is the best feeling ever. It was my first time to cum inside. It’s messy and exciting!

When I checked on Rize while satisfying my desire to dominate her as a man, she was in a daze, drooling, staring into the void, satisfied with the pleasure of cumming in her pussy. It seems that she too is absorbed in the pleasures as a female.


I pulled my cock out of her pussy after I finished cumming. Even as my cock is pulled out, Lizzy remains motionless with her legs spread wide, looking up at the ceiling. She still seems to be basking in the afterglow of my cock.

Kopo♡ Kopo♡

A large amount of semen spills out of Rize’s pussy. The inside of the uniform she’s wearing tonight to work at the bar is stained with semen, making it sticky and dirty.

I couldn’t stand to see her in such a shameful state, so I screwed my cock into her freshly cummed pussy once more.

“Oh, my God!!!”

Zuchu♡ Zuchu♡

Rize squirmed as if she was in a frenzy. As my semen was smeared all over Rize’s pussy.

“I’m cumming♡ cumming♡ cumming♡”

The flesh of Rize’s pussy began to twitch and move, and she sucked my cock into her mouth and wouldn’t let go. My cock is being sucked into her cunt. That’s what it feels like. I’m sure I’m going to end up cumming very soon because of how good it feels to be in Lizzy’s swollen pussy.


At the same time as the second shot, Rize also came. The feeling was as if the semen was being squeezed out of my cock by Rize’s squirming vaginal walls.


Now that I’ve taken a break, I’m drinking the tea that Rize-san made for me. She’s in the middle of fixing her makeup, and I’ve graduated from my virginity after only a few hours in the other world.

I also got a place to live. Rize invited me to live in the living space in her tavern.

This is how my life in the other world progresses.
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2 years ago

Hoho,Thank you for the releaseNETORI~ NETORI~

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Indeed,twas a powerful skill

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Dul' Mephistroph
1 year ago

If only I could see the look on that gatekeepers face