IAIK Ch 129

Ch 129

In a way very similar to the transition that takes place when a woman of mature charm slowly takes off her clothes….

Time, indecipherable at the expense of all prognostication, continued to run.

It had already been days since finally….

The rebellion was over.

In these days many things had been done, too many things, and one of them was to declare that day that it was all over, as the “Hero’s Day”.

Undoubtedly, that was the most special day that existed in all of Eos at this time, so again, an explosive party could not be stopped under any circumstances.

That time was one of the most liberating times the Humans had ever had in a great, great period of recorded history.

Not only was the war with the Dark Elves ended once and for all, but even the Armed Rebellion that had risen was also ended.

And of course, it’s obvious.

All this…

It was due to one person.

The unprecedented valor that Alexander’s prestige knew, was one… a bit too exaggerated….

Although one could not judge, given that when one recalled all that had happened, one realized that it was not so exaggerated in reality….

Alexander’s status raised the heavens and he himself was accepted as a “Living God”. Of course, unlike Celestine Lucross, who was called a Reincarnated Goddess by various surrounding factors, in Alexander’s case, it was something completely convincing.

Her power, her Divinity, was real.

Alexander’s surprise, upon learning that at night a Cult of mature Women of dubious provenance were undressing and praying to their Living God to come and grant them her “grace”… or of that other Cult where absolutely “everything” of that same being is recorded, from things she touched, things she said, or parts of her hair… was worthy of being captured in a photo and used for a mockery of good intentions in the future.

It was not known where it was taken from, but quickly a long, extremely realistic and detailed biography… of the Hero-sama, Alexander Smith… was made.

Not only that, the figure who by this time had become famous in the First Fortress, had become a huge commercial success, and at the same time, the stuff of adoration.

All kinds of rumors, objects, stories, drawings, short novels, performances, clothes, even Fanfics….

They were out in almost no time at all, and quickly spread throughout the Strongholds, with their new travel system.


New travel system?

That’s right.

Previously, to get from the First Stronghold to the Kingdom Capital, it took an absurd amount of time, almost being a full winter’s rotation.

This, not counting or regardless of the “condition”, with which one traveled.

And now, it was only necessary to pay their respective and quite comfortable teleportation price, standing in the great circle of the formation in the middle of each City-State, and in the blink of an eye you reached your goal.

Another huge contribution of Alexander Smith to Humanity.

Even, by serving completely independent, constantly absorbing Magic from the surroundings, it was not even necessary to give it maintenance or anything like that….

Families and close people who had not seen each other in years, gathered, cried and celebrated.

The people of the Second Fortress, mostly trained in the use of Magic, were finally able to go out and visit as much as they wanted to the other Fortresses, something that was absolutely impossible to do before that.

Since they were the farthest known settlement from the Capital of the Kingdom.

Not only that, seeing the Princess Knight of the Second Fortress, and having the citizens start praising her almost as if she were an Idol…

And even more, seeing her respond in the same way, comically, brightly and cheerfully…

Alexander sweated a little hard at that moment.

A lot of things had happened in this period of time, really a lot of things.

Alexander finally “finished”, of securing his relationship with both Claudia and Aki, in some very memorable days and moments for them….

And of course, as hot as the Sun itself when it comes to “minting” their relationship….

Also, all the members of Alexander’s growing family became acquainted with Sui, previously, the Slime girl.

She had all the intelligence of a normal girl, and also had battle skills learned through practice and personal training, only her greatest and well… meager accomplishment, had been shortening the word “Maaashtehhrrrrr”, to simply, “Mashter”.

Of course, with his incredible Kawai tone, every time Alexander was on the receiving end of that “Mashter”, he felt like he received an invisible arrow in the knee, just as his blood sugar suddenly spiked.

As for his behaviour, actually….

The only thing Sui, or Su-chan according to Olga, seemed to do all day, was to turn into a little pink ball and perch like a newborn pigeon on top of Alexander’s head.

Alexander felt that if Sui were a demonic bird, and he himself could not use Magic, he would become someone very much like the protagonist of a very famous Manga that Alexander read in his past life.

Alexander’s only complaint being that in the Anime the protagonist was too… loud, to speak kindly.

In fact, there was also a certain resemblance to Yu Ilhan-sensei, who always carried some Angel or other, in chibi form, on his head….

So, Alexander’s mission after having Sui-chan close to him for two days, was to introduce her to a new social circle, apart from himself.

Olga was thrilled with the new task and suddenly, Alexander was not needed in the same mission that he had started in a few minutes…

He felt a bit abandoned, but a few pats on the head by Luu Luu-chan, who liked the idea of being the Onee-sama for a moment, settled it.

Days of change, days of trajectories, days of relaxation and release.

Days of incredible sexual tension for their “new” Wives… who seemed to want to make up for all the lost time, or in this case, all the lost Alexander fluids….

These types of days are what Alexander lived through in those moments.

At least, until today.

Today would be the time when Alexander would do two things, two important things.

First, he would deal with the Multiversal Gacha who had finished his cooldown, and second….

He will try for the first time…

Break through the invisible wall of the Multiverse, make a slot of this level, and travel into some history or at least….

Try to do it for the first time.

Everything was already discussed with his wives, and although there were many different opinions, in general, Alexander was so strongly supported, that in that moment he realized something like this, he again laughed from his heart while caressing and patting each of his Wives, from his loving and warm family.

It goes without saying, but even serious people like Alicia and Claudia took the approach of purring kittens when Alexander petted them, with incredible gusto.

As he had already spoken to his wives, and this itself could not have gone better, Alexander, now with one less weight on his mind, made up his mind and reaffirmed his decision, only, that of course….

He had reconciled small guidelines for this new journey to be undertaken, the time duration being one week… the first and foremost, as well as strict, that would be in effect.

Alexander had gone to bed yesterday quietly in the bosom of several of his women, after a remarkable session of the display of his unconditional Love… though also a bit wild, and pleasurable, and obviously, being careful and putting up several barriers of silence in the large room, since there were still Luu Luu and Sui in the Mansion… though….

Alexander himself didn’t seem to notice the small 2 pairs of eyes that were glimpsed through the edge of the opening in the closet door in the room….

Alexander had fallen asleep peacefully, and the night had passed.

Today, it would be the day when something important would happen.

Today, Alexander would fulfill not only his dream, but the dream of each and every otaku or fan in the world.


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