IAIK Ch 146

Ch 146

Alexander woke up early in the morning, feeling completely refreshed and renewed after a good night’s sleep.

Instantly, he could tell he had an extra, extra weight on himself that he previously wasn’t, so Alexander looked down at his chest.

‘Good thing I put a spell on the clothes so they wouldn’t accidentally fall off.’

That was his thought when he saw Kunou’s enormously cute face on his chest, drooling incessantly and even spotting the teddy bear under his arm.


She really was a cutie, and Alexander teased her a bit by putting his hand on her cheeks.



‘Good grief, she’s going to give me diabetes.’

“Kunou… you crawled into Alexander-sama’s bed at night, that’s disrespectful to him as our guest.”

“Hehehe, yes, mom.”

“What do you mean ‘hehehe’, you little brat?”

Sitting at the table, Yasaka, Kunou and Alexander were eating breakfast in a way that they wouldn’t lose to a normal family.

Yasaka was exasperated as she lightly scolded Kunou for eloping from his room to Alexander’s bed at night, and Kunou didn’t look at all sorry with the super big smile plastered on his face.

“Hmm, well, particularly, it doesn’t bother me at all, after all Kunou-chan is a very cute little girl, hahaha.”

“But still, this girl…my goodness.” Yasaka exhaled helplessly.

“Hmph! Did you hear mom, Kunou-chan is cute! Hmph!”

Kunou seemed to scorn the heavens now that Alexander called her cute and ignited her ego.

She thrust her small chest forward in a way that she doesn’t lose compared to Superman, and her nose pointed at the ceiling.

A few minutes later, in that harmonious harmony, they had finished breakfast.

“I have a question, Alexander-sama.”

“Oh, Yasaka-sama, you can just call me Alex, that’s what my acquaintances call me.”

“Alex-otou-san, Alex…? Hmm, Alex, Alex… Wa, what an American name Otou-san!”

“Well, it’s just that I’m really an American…” Alexander had beads of sweat on his forehead, ‘didn’t you notice with Alexander…?’

“So, excuse me, Alex-sama, my question is, what kind of magician are you really? Or at least, what does he specialize in?”

Yasaka certainly looked curious, and asked him with her eyes sparkling.

It’s true, all existing mages in this World, had a “theme”, or a general “specialization”, and as Alexander was a big fan of the Anime DxD in his past life, he knew this perfectly.

Alexander lingered a bit looking at Yasaka’s appearance, who had a simple dress now in the morning, and who didn’t have her usual artifacts in her hair. However, what stood out the most in that, was the immense looseness of her dress, to the point that her breasts were almost fully visible and that deadly valley was simply something Alexander couldn’t help but stare at as a straight man. He could even see the shadow of the halo of Yasaka’s breast and the sight almost gave him a nosebleed….

After all, that was quite a homely Milf charm he had there!

“Ehh…” Alexander was a bit entranced.

“…” Yasaka blushed with strange feelings invading her body, and from feeling hot when Alexander laid his eyes on her breasts.

“Mou.” Kunou looked like a squirrel holding two acorns in his mouth as he pouted chibi.

Alexander coughed a little to get out of his stupefaction, and with some embarrassment, he said, “I specialize in…. physical combat fighting…?”

Yasaka: “…”

‘Are you asking or answering it?’ Yasaka had a bead of sweat on his face.

Kunou: “?”

“What I mean is that I consider myself an expert in controlling the internal energy in the body, and in different ways of expelling that energy outward, yes.” Alexander was convinced, “For example…”


Kunou suddenly rose into the air as if an invisible hand was holding her, and although she was surprised at first, her mood quickly reached the limit of her bar for the very unique experience she was undergoing.

“Mom, I can fly, I can fly like Goku-san!”

Kunou was flipping her around the room in midair, with Alexander smiling softly and controlling her with Telekinesis.

“I see…” Yasaka spoke up smiling, “It’s pretty amazing actually.”

“I can fly!”

Kunou kept trying different poses to fly in the air, super excited.

They spent several minutes like that.

“Well, I can do other things too, but overall, I still haven’t found the person who’s beaten me yet.”

“Ooh?” Yasaka raised her eyebrow, looking amused, “Is that so?”

“I know mom, compete with otou-san to see which one of you two is stronger!”

Kunou said, now sitting up in the air cross-legged.

“Leave it Kunou, I’m sure Alex-sama won’t…”

“Ooh?” Alexander made a bit of a mocking face, “Is it fear perchance I feel?”

“…” Yasaka opened his mouth speechless at this foreigner’s recent ‘courage’.

‘Now, that’s more than a little confidence you’ve got there, huh?’

“Hahaha!” She guffawed with amusement. As she hadn’t done in a long time, almost as if a dull spark reignited in her Soul.

She then looked at Alexander with a provocative smile, “Well, if Alex-sama doesn’t mind, then I think a little post-breakfast practice bout would be a good way to work out.”

“Sounds good to me, so I can see what the strength of the Leader of the famous Asian Youkais is.”

Looking at Alexander and Yasaka who were concentrating on themselves with quite a bit of fighting spirit, Kunou squealed in delight, “Ouu!”

She looked as excited as if she was the one competing.

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