Y.S. Ch.22

Ch 22 Smartphone

Today is my first day off since the start of classes.

Although it had been two weeks since the opening ceremony and I was getting used to life as a second-year student, I was still quite tired after a long day of classes.

So, I was going to take it easy and rest at home today.

Yes, that was the plan…

“Ah, Haru-kun, welcome!”

“You called me, didn’t you?”

As soon as I rang the Aizawa family’s intercom, a sprained leg had healed successfully, and a young girl, now back to her former lively self, came running out of the door with great vigor.

I let out a small sigh as I looked at her big smile.

As usual, I had received a call from Ageha via Karen this morning.

It was late afternoon. After eating lunch, I headed to the Aizawa house as soon as possible.

According to my plan, I was going to read manga while lounging on my bed to relieve my weekday fatigue.

However, I guess it’s called the weakness of love.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the option of refusing when I was summoned by Ageha.

Today was a rare day when she told me what she wanted, so I kept my eyes glued to her and continued speaking.

“So, am I correct in saying that you’re going to go buy a phone?”

After entering high school, Ageha was to be given a smartphone.

She told me that she was going to choose a phone today and asked me to go with her.

I wondered if there was really any point in me going along, but decided not to think about it.

When I told her, she smiled more brightly and nodded her head.

“Yeah! I was just about to leave. As expected of Haru-kun, the timing is perfect.”

“No, I wasn’t aiming for that.”

While we were having this conversation, Aunt came out of the back of the house.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you call Haruto-kun.”

“No, I don’t mind, but… what the hell am I supposed to do?”

While answering to the aunt, I look at the Ageha on the way.

Ageha froze for a moment, then flashed a grin, as if hiding something.



Ageha and my aunt entered a small cell phone shop near the station and immediately started talking to the clerk.

I had nothing to do, so I sat down on a cushion surrounding the children’s play area.

From a distance, I saw the look of excitement on the face of Ageha as she rummaged through the phones.

The expression on her face was exciting to see and she seemed to be having fun.

For a moment, I almost started the camera on my phone to take a picture, but I managed to restrain myself.

I put the phone I was about to take out into my pocket and looked at Ageha.

A little while later, Ageha, who had been staring at her phone until then, suddenly turned to me and beckoned me to come over.

“What’s wrong?”

Walking up to Ageha’s side like a loyal dog, Ageha showed me the same model of phone, each in a different color, in both hands.

The one in her right hand is pink and the one in her left hand is light blue.

“Which do you think is better, Haru-kun?”

“Which one do I like? I don’t know, you pick the one you like best.”

“No, Haru-kun, I want you to choose.”

“Even if you say…”

Even though I was perplexed, she looked at me with a stern expression on her face.

When it comes to this, Ageha won’t budge even if it is leveraged.

It’s a strange thing to be so stubborn.

“… Pink.”

“Okay, I’ll take this one!”

When I said “Pink”, she smiled and offered it to my aunt.

It’s really cute, it’s a hassle.

You’ll be using it for a few years, so why don’t you just pick the one you like best?

I wonder if I was invited here today just for this?

If so, I have to complain about having my precious day off ruined, but I guess it’s a worthwhile way to spend my time.

After that, I went to a family restaurant in front of the station with Ageha and my aunt, who had finished signing up for a smartphone contract and other things.

I ordered mille crepe, which the aunt told me that I could order whatever I wanted since I was forced to go out with Ageha.

Next to me, Ahega ordered a large parfait.

“Hey, hey! Can I open it?”

While waiting for her order to arrive, Ageha asked in a childlike tone as she looked at the box containing her phone, which was placed next to the aunt.

Aunt laughed and said, “Okay, but don’t make a mess, okay?” and handed the whole bag to Ageha.

She took the box out of the bag, and then did as she was told, taking care not to make a mess.

The bag on her lap seemed to be in the way.


I picked up the bag.

She looked at me for a moment, then turned her head down and muttered a small “thanks.”

She took the phone out of the box and turned it on.

The screen cover seems to have been put on by the clerk.

… Considering that when it was my time, I had to put it on myself and had a disastrous experience, maybe Ageha was much more mature than I was.

No, because it was my first phone and I didn’t want the clerk to touch it too much.

Aung got up from her seat while Ageha was waiting for her phone to stand up.

I watched her back and then slurped a sip of water from my glass.

Next to me, Ageha was happily going through the settings on her phone.

A little while later, Ageha said “Hmm” and thrust out a brand new smartphone towards me.

When I frowned, she puffed out her cheeks a little and said quickly, as if embarrassed.

“… Nyain.”


“Oh, Nyain. Let’s exchange numbers.”

“Oh, yeah…”

Chuckling at my own poor guess, I hurriedly pulled my phone out of my pocket and activated Nyain.

I exchanged contact information with a little hesitation.

The name “Ageha” was added to my list of friends, one of the few I have.

I looked next to me and saw Ageha looking at the screen of her phone and saying “Ehehe” with a smile on her face.

“Now my first Nyain friend is Haru-kun.”

“… Is this perhaps the reason you called me here today?”

“Yeah, I wanted to register Haru-kun first. I’m sorry… I called you on your day off from school.”

She looked up at me apologetically.

Those words were too late, but I didn’t feel dissatisfied at all.

“No, that’s okay. I was also thinking of wandering around outside today.”

It was never a lie.

At this very moment, it became clear that this was the plan.

It’s a waste of time off to just laze around in my room on my day off, yes.

As I was thinking about this nonsense, my phone emitted a beep and a notification sound.

I looked at the screen and saw that I had received a message from Ageha.

I opened the talk screen and saw the message that was sent from Ahega: “Nice to meet you, Haru-kun!”

I hesitated for a moment and then flicked the screen.

I replied with a single word: “Nice to meet you.”

Next to me, her phone emitted a notification sound.

Immediately, Ageha burst out laughing.

When I looked in doubt, Ageha was also looking at me.

“Ehehe, Haru-kun’s Nyain really sounds like Haru-kun.”

“Is it?”


What in the world is so typical of me?

Anyway, I felt strangely embarrassed when she said such a thing to me with a laugh.

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