Y.S. Ch.27

Ch 27 Something like a high school student

“I said that to Saijou-senpai, but…”

After returning home and taking off my uniform jacket and hanging it on a hanger in my room, I crossed my arms and wondered what I should do.

I had told that I would give Ageha what I thought was the best, but to tell the truth, I hadn’t decided what I would give her yet.

I was going to go to the mall tomorrow after school, which I had been to before, and scrutinize every single item and choose the best one.

However, it would be a different story if I were to go with Saijo-senpai.

I have to look as if I know everything about Ageha, and I shouldn’t show too much hesitation in doing so.

… I don’t really understand the point of showing off in such a place, but it’s a matter of how I feel.

But still, I wonder what Ageha would want.

Since the season is spring, the things I give her are inevitably spring or summer items.

Last year, I gave her an antique clipboard to hold her notes.

As she was a student preparing for an entrance exam, she told me with a smile that it was useful to keep her study list for the day.

This year, I wanted to give her something that is typical of high school students.

However, what is something that is typical of high school students…?

As I stood there in the middle of my room, the phone in my pants shook with a shudder.

I looked at the screen to see if it was Saijo-senpai, and saw that some kind of stamp had been sent to me from Ageha.

When I opened the talk screen, an illustration stamp of a cat raising its hand appeared with the words “Hello!”

Feeling my own cheeks relax, I said, “What’s wrong?” I sent back a message.

The read receipt came immediately.

As I sat on the edge of my bed, staring at the chat screen, I suddenly received a call from Ageha.


“Oh, Haru-kun? I was so surprised to get a reply so quickly.”

“I just got home. I guess it was good timing. What’s wrong with you sending me a stamp out of the blue?

“Can’t I send you a stamp unless I have something to do?”

I chuckled at the somewhat sulky voice.

“No, it’s not like that. So you didn’t really have anything to do?”

“No, of course I have something to do, but it’s just a matter of how I feel about it… We talked the other day about going somewhere during the Golden Week holidays, remember?”

“Did we?”

“Yes, we did.”

“Hmm? Hmmm… I see… I see…”

When I said that, I heard Ageha’s “OK” over the smartphone.

Did you do it? I don’t remember.

… Well, I wouldn’t mind if it was a mis-remembrance on my part, and I’d welcome it.

“Then let’s go somewhere for Golden Week.”

“… Uh-huh. Yeah!”

Ageha, who nodded back twice with a voice full of temperament, hastily added, “No, no, no. I promised to go!”

When I replied, “Okay, okay.” she puffed up and then quickly changed her mind.

“And it just so happens that I have a pair of tickets to an amusement park in my possession!”

“Well, I’m seriously wondering where those tickets came from.”

A pair of tickets to an amusement park must be quite expensive.

I don’t believe that Ageha bought them, but whatever the case, I am curious to know how she obtained them.

Perhaps sensing that I was a bit wary, she replied, as if she had given up on the idea.

“My father got it from the company. A commemorative gift for perfect attendance? Or something.”

“I see, so that’s what it was.”

Some companies give commemorative gifts to employees who have continued to follow through on their work properly.

I guess the pair of tickets is a part of that.

When I was satisfied, she continued.

“Dad was too busy with work to go, and mom said it was okay if dad didn’t go, so that’s why I got it.”

“What about Karen? Isn’t it better to go together?”

“Golden Week seems to be a little difficult because my sister’s boyfriend has a practice match.”

“We have ten days off this year, can’t she arrange for at least one day?”

Haru-kun, you’re not very perceptive! I’m sure I got it from my sister quite forcibly so that I could go with Haru-kun.”

“… I see.”

I was embarrassed to hear the jokingly angry tone in her voice.

It was certainly my fault.

It’s my fault that I didn’t think of the possibility of her liking me.

I’m disgusted with myself for being such a failure in this area.

A man who is unable to notice the subtleties of a girl he likes is no good.

“Then let’s take advantage of your father’s kindness and go together during Golden Week.”

“Uh, yeah! It’s a promise!”

With a bouncy voice, the call was disconnected.

For a short while, I stared at the screen of my smartphone with Nyain displayed, and suddenly a clever idea came to my mind.

When I thought about it carefully, it was close to me.

For Ageha, something like a high school student.

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