R.C. Ch.20

Ch 20

“Hi guys, long time no see!”

I turned on the feed for the first time in about three days.

I thought it was a bug or something because the standby screen showed 200,000 or something like that, but when I saw the comments flowing in at a blistering pace, I could really feel it…

“I missed you so much.”

“I thought I was going to die when Ao-kun didn’t stream.”

“I reviewed the archives a lot. I reviewed the archives so much, it’s become a part of my daily life.”

“I’m sorry, guys. I’ve been a little busy lately.”

As everyone has said, the total number of views of my archive has surprisingly surpassed 400 million views.

The comments section has become bigger and bigger worldwide with many of them seen from overseas…?

“Okay, today I’m going to read the questions that came in the letterbox from everyone.”


“I’ve been waiting!”

It’s like marshmallows in a previous life.

“Well then, I’ll start with… How can I marry Ao-kun? Kah… Sorry, I’m not interested in marrying anyone at the moment.”

“I see…”

“I feel both relieved and lonely.”

“Mixed feelings.”

“Besides, as I said before, I don’t even have a girlfriend.”

For now, though.

Well, as the numbers grew, I realized that if I had a girlfriend and it was discovered, it could be a big problem, so I really don’t want to make it now.

“Okay, now onto… Why are you so good looking, Ao-kun? Don’t make me read this. It’s embarrassing.”

“You’re cute.”

“Whoever sent the question is really nice.”

“You’re too cute.”

“So cute, I’m gonna throw up.”

“Don’t throw up, okay?”

The questions kept coming and coming, and before I knew it, an hour and a half had already passed.

“It’s already late at night, so let’s leave it at this.”

“Oh no, no. I want to keep watching.”

“Please, five more minutes.”

“Please, please.”

“I want to keep watching.”

The comments flowed at an incredible speed.

“I can’t help it. Ten more minutes, huh? It’s almost eleven o’clock. There are people who have to work tomorrow, and people who have to go to school, too, right? You have to go, right?”


“I understand!”

“I’ll go even if I die.”

“Don’t die, okay?”

After a long enough delay to accommodate everyone’s requests, I closes the session.

I then wrote about today’s stream on the ‘tritter’ I had started the other day, and then closed it.

As I was looking at the responses to what I had written, I received a DM.

The contents are…

“Sorry it’s so late at night. Is it possible to talk to you sometime when you have a free moment?”

It was from a major distributor’s office.

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Bored Armadillo
Bored Armadillo
1 year ago

Oh hey, welcome back translator and readers!