R.C. Ch.24

Ch 24

“Good morning, Yuri.”

“Good morning, Soshigaya-kun.”

My heart is filled with joy when Soshigaya-kun greets me back.

“I have P.E. class today…. I’m tired. Whew.”

“You look sleepy.”

“A little.”

Soshigaya-kun is cute and good looking no matter what he does.

Soshigaya-kun called me cute even though I was fat.

People used to laugh at me and say that people with large breasts are fat, and I didn’t really like my body, but thanks to Soshigaya-kun, I like it now.

Soshitani is a mysterious person.

He is not only normal with women, but he is also very friendly and tolerant of naughty things…

He is also open to naughty things.

I thought it was Ao-kun from the first glance and approached him. He said that he actually likes big breasts, and when I pushed them against him, he reacted happily.

I love you, Soshigaya-kun.

I can say this with confidence.

However, Soshigaya-kun is popular.

That’s true. It’s impossible for such a good-looking, cute, kind, and perfect person not to be popular.

Besides, I’ve seen him receiving love letters every day.

That’s why.



“What kind of a woman do you like, Soshigaya-kun?”

“I told you before.”

“Not that. Hair style, girls who can cook.”

“Hmm, that’s right.”

After a few seconds of thinking about it, he said,

“I think I’d prefer long hair, although I can and would do the cooking myself, so I don’t really need her to be able to do it… Oh, but it would be fun if we could do it together. Also, someone who really likes me?”

Cooking with Soshigaya-kun…

Oh man, just thinking about it makes me happy.

I should learn how to cook.

I can’t stand the fact that I already like Soshigaya-kun, so I think I can handle that too. I think I’ll be okay with that too.

“You’re talking about something that’s bothering me.”

“Wow. You scared me.”

“Good morning, Yuri. Soshigaya-kun.”

Before I knew it, Airi was growing out of the ground.

“A story about Soshigaya-kun’s specific type. I want to hear it too.”

“Someone who really likes me.”

“Then me and Soshigaya-kun are perfect for each other.”

“Wait, Airi?”

“I really love you, Soshigaya-kun.”

Airi gazes into Soshigaya’s eyes.

I think it’s cunning of her to do this. I can’t say anything because I’m afraid I’ll be rejected.

“… Sorry, I know I’ve said this before, but right now, I can’t make a girlfriend.”

“But in the future.”

“I’m not so sure about that.”

“Fufu, Soshigaya-kun likes teasing play.”

“That’s not quite right.”


I, too, have to say something. To be, in the future.

“Oh, um. Soshigaya-kun.”


“Me too…”

“… Because I know”

“… Huh? That’s…”

“Maybe that’s what it is. Oh, I’m so sleepy.”

“Wait, wait. Soshigaya-kun.”

I’m going to chase after Soshigaya-kun, who has gone ahead of me.

I’ll show you I’ll marry you for sure! Are you ready for that?

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