Y.S. Ch.32

Ch 32 Meeting

When I woke up from a nap, or rather a nap I had taken, it was already light outside.

The clock was showing eight o’clock.

Leaving the bed early, I take a hot shower and put on the clothes I decided to wear before going to bed.

Standing at the washbasin, I brushed my hair habitually more carefully than usual before leaving the house.

“I’m glad it’s sunny, really.”

Looking up at the blue sky with a few clouds, I proceeded along my familiar path to the station.

The station was crowded with more people than usual during the Golden Week holidays.

There were quite a few people gathered under the clock tower, which is often used as a meeting place.

I looked at the time. It was 8:45. Not too early, not too late.

If I went too early, I was sure to be teased, “Are you looking forward to it?” If I went too late, it would be bad for Ageha.

I have a theory that 15 minutes before is just right.

“I wonder if she’s here yet.”

I look around for the figure of Ageha.

Even fifteen minutes ago, it seemed reasonably early, so it would not be surprising if she had not arrived.

Just when I was about to sit on a bench and wait for her, I spotted her in a corner of the station, facing the window of a convenience store and doing something as if she were hiding.

“Here you go, Ageha.”

When I approached her and called out to her, Ageha turned around with trembling shoulders.

I didn’t mean to startle her, but it seems that she didn’t notice my presence because she was so lost in the noise of her surroundings.

She looked at me and froze for a moment, then quickly turned her face away from me and turned her hands to me.

“Ha, Haru-kun! Hold on a second!”

“What, what’s wrong?”

“Okay, look over there!”

I don’t understand the reason at all, but I decided to obediently obey her since she was in a bad mood in the morning.

I turned my head to the window and listened to the sound of something moving busily, while my eyes followed the clouds that were moving in the sky above me.

After a few moments, I turned around at the sound of a shy voice saying, “That’s enough.”

She was holding her bangs and wandering her gaze restlessly.

Today’s attire of Ageha is a little more mature than usual.

She is wearing a navy blue off-the-shoulder dress and bright, loose-fitting denim.

She also has a small brown bag over her shoulder.

Her hair is in twin-tails as usual, but it’s very typical of her.

When I smiled at the thought, she puffed up her cheeks.

“Don’t laugh. I did my best to fix it this morning…”


At the same time as I asked back in bewilderment, Ageha’s bangs jumped.

Perhaps Ageha herself understood that, and hurriedly held down, saying, “Ah, already!”

“… Have you been trying to fix your sleeping habits since a while ago?”

“… Because it’s a date.”

“I don’t care.”

“I do!”

“Haru-kun doesn’t understand women’s hearts,” says a slightly angry-looking Ageha, puffing up.

… Well, I can’t deny what Ageha said.

I don’t know, and that’s why we’re here now.

That being the case, it would be bad to make Ageha sulk like this.

I hesitated, scratching my cheeks, and decided to say something.

“I think you look good in that dress. I think it’s a little fresh and mature.”

“W-what’s wrong with you all of a sudden? Ha! You’re trying to get me back in a good mood! That’s not going to happen.”

“No, no, no, I mean it!”

I thought she was frozen for a moment, but then I was surprised to see Ageha develop a raging logic with a hoarse voice.

She was as sharp as ever.

But it’s also true that I really meant what I said.

The truth is, I was embarrassed to compliment her on her outfit, so I just conveniently prepared the excuse of putting her in a good mood afterwards.

Before… I could have put it into words more easily.

It seems that the sharp Ageha sensed that my words were not a lie.

“I see…” she muttered quietly, and turned her head down while playing with her bangs.

“Ha, Haru-kun, you look good too. Well, yeah… as usual.”

“Don’t force yourself to compliment me.”

I wish I had chosen a more elaborate outfit if this was the case.

I was bothered by her concern for me.

“We should probably get into the station.”

Looking up at the clock tower, the long hand overlaps at exactly 11.

I said, and she nodded her head.

We started walking toward the station.

When I bought a ticket to my destination and went through the ticket gate, I was grabbed by the sleeve.


“Haru-kun, well, thank you. For complimenting me on my clothes.”


The shy, but bouncy voice of Ageha made me stand there.

The ear of Ageha, who took a step ahead of me, was so red that I could see it from behind.

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