R.C. Ch.33

Ch 33

(TL note: Author didn’t upload the ch 32 strangely so here’s Ch.33 ig)

“Yes, then. I look forward to working with you. Rie-san.”

“Leave it to me.”

Through Rie, we had an in-depth discussion about the future and post-debut policies.

There is still much more to discuss, so we will be waiting a little longer, but I hope all listeners are looking forward to it.

“Oh, by the way. Ao-san.”

“What is it?”

“I’m thinking of holding a welcome party for Ao-kun after he finishes his debut, but… would you come…?”

“Oh, okay, I’ll come.”

“Really! Good. Well, I’ll call you later to let you know the date and time.”


“See you later.”

“Okay, thank you.”

That’s where the call will end.

I’m looking forward to what’s to come.

Well, it’s about four o’clock now.

It’s a little early to do the live stream, and… I think I’ll cook something to make them happy for the first time in a while.

I put on an apron and stand in the kitchen.


I can make curry.

Rimi said she hates carrots, so I cut them into small pieces and let them melt.

I finished making the curry in about 30 minutes.

“Big brother, I’m home.”

“Welcome home, Rimi.”


She hugged me as hard as she could, and I hugged her back.

“Rimi is a spoiled child.”

“That’s right. Rimi is spoiled only by her brother.”

She hugged me even more.

“Oh, this smell. It’s curry. Did you make it for you?”


“I will eat a lot!”

“Yes, I’m glad you did.”

Rimi was in a good mood because I didn’t go to school today and stayed at home.

She is always in a bad mood on days when I go to school.

When I eat sweets with Rimi or watch TV with her in the living room, she is in a good mood.

“I’m home.”

“Welcome back, mom.”

“Welcome back mom.”

“I’m home. It’s not fair. I’m going to eat sweets with Ao too!”


Mom sits down next to me.

Rimi leans closer to me as if to compete with her.

“Let’s have dinner in a little while.”

“It smells like curry. Did Ao-kun make it for us?”


“Ao-kun, you’re great. I love you.”

She hugged me and rubbed my cheek.

“Uu, me too.”

Rimi rubs my other cheek, too.

I was happy because I had not had many opportunities to interact with my family recently because I had been busy with various things, such as the cultural festival, stream, and preparation for my debut.

I want to continue to take good care of my family, I thought.

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