IBDOW Ch.16 – Reika’s side

Ch 16 – Reika’s side



I wake up earlier these days.


Because I have to wake up my future husband, Yuuya!


Haa. He was so cute and cool yesterday and the day before.


How much more are you going to make me like you?


Just thinking about Yuuya makes my heart tighten.


Mou. I’m going to ask you to take full responsibility for making me like this.


It is good to think about Yuya, but it is a hundred, or even a thousand times better to see him in person than to think about him, and just thinking about him makes me sad, so let’s get ready to see him.


After that, I change into my school uniform and fix my hair.


Hmm. Hmmm.


I wonder what kind of hairstyle Yuya likes? More importantly, what kind of girl is his type?


I have confidence in my style and face, but I wonder if they match Yuya-kun’s tastes.


If not, I’ll have to get plastic surgery or something.


When it comes to Yuya-kun, I can’t stop worrying, in a good way.


Hmmm… All right!


I finally get my hair done to the point where I’m satisfied with it and leave the house.


“I’m leaving, see you lateeer.”


Well, no one is home.


My parents are busy with work and only come home about three times a week.


Rather than that, let’s hurry to Yuuya’s house.


It was about 5:45 when I got to his house.


As usual, Kyoka-san opened the door for me.


“Good morning.”


“Um. Good morning.”


Kyoka-san and I exchanged one condition and decided to open the door every morning.


That is, I will teach Kyoka-san how to cook.


She says she feels bad that she always has Yuya-kun cook for her.


I love it. I wish I could eat Yuya-kun’s cooking every day.


But I’ll be like that in the future, so I’ll have to be patient for now.


“Kyouka-san, you’ve gotten better at using knives.”


“Thanks to Reika.”


“No no”


It was difficult in the beginning.


Especially, since she didn’t know how to use a knife. I had a hard time teaching her.


Then, the work progressed silently (Kyouka-san made a mistake with the amount of salt and remade it from the beginning), and finally finished making it.


Phew. It’s about 6:45 now.


It’s about time. I have to wake up Yuya-kun.


I take off my apron, wash my hands and go to Yuya’s room.


And I entered Yuya’s room without waking him up and look at his face.


Haa. He’s so cute.


He is sleeping with an innocent face as usual.


How many times have I thought of attacking him?


Ah, come to think of it. He’s going to be late for school.


I have to wake him up.


“Yuya, wake up!”




I found out after waking Yuya-kun, he is weak in the morning.


But why was he able to come to school so early in the beginning?


Did he put on an alarm?


“Yuya-kun wake up.”




Oh, God.


“Darling. Wake up.”


“Mmm. Huh……… I’m not Reika-senpai’s husband or anything, but I’m getting up.”


It would be nice if he could take it a little further.


I don’t know what my reasoning would be if you did.


“Good morning.”


“Good morning.”


After we finish greeting each other in this way, we lay out our breakfasts.


“Good morning. Sister”


“Good morning, Yuu. I did my best at cooking today, too.”




Yuuya-kun patted Kyoka-san’s head and said, “I love it.”


I like it. When I was thinking, I pulled Yuya’s sleeve without permission.


“Yuya-kun, I did my best…right?”


“Thank you too. Reika-senpai.”


Then he pats my head. Phew. Ah. Yuya-kun’s hands feel so good.


Haaah. I got nervous. I don’t feel shy when I hug someone, but when it comes to having someone pat me, I get nervous.


It sounds a little mocking, but it’s not because I’m conscious of it, so it’s nothing.


Sometimes I do it on purpose, but most of the time it is a manifestation of nervousness.


I wonder if Yuya-kun likes it when I tease him. But I hear that boys don’t like girls who act cute.


What do you think?


“Ah, school is about to start.”


Oh, that’s right. Yuya’s patting felt so good that I forgot about it.


Then we happily ate breakfast and went to school.


“We leaving.




Haah. I went to school with Yuya.


We are a family now!


Thus ends the morning as usual.

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