Ch 43

“Bye, Mom. Bye, Dad.”


“See you later,  Mom, Dad.”


“Hey, can you stay a little longer?”


“That’s right, Yu, Kyoka.”


“I’m going home. I’m going home.”


It has been a few days since I made up my mind.


The reason why it’s been a few days is because my sister and I are planning to go back tomorrow, but my mom and dad keep insisting.


And ……


“Yuya-kun, do you have a little more time?”


This. When Reika-senpai says this to me, I feel weak.


I want to do what Reika-senpai wants to do. I want to listen to all her wishes and requests.


I’ve already made up my mind and I won’t look away about it anymore.


But …… It’s not easy for me to confess to someone right after being rejected like that once. …… Well, it’s not easy for me to do that.


So I want to respect Reika-senpai as much as possible.


But I’ve got to go home. I have an examination, and above all, I have to ……




“Hm? What?”


I whisper softly in Reika-senpai’s ear.


“I want to spend some time alone with Reika-senpai.”


Senpai blushes and turns over, fidgeting.


“…… Yeah. Ehehe.”


Senpai grabs my sleeve and smiles happily.


“So we’re going home.”


“I can’t help it. I understand. But come back anytime.”


My mother, who is grinning at me, is a little annoyed, but I can go home, so the result is all right.




“You too, Reika.”




Finally, I left the house and headed home, stopping at a convenience store on the way, returning with my sister and Reika-senpai to my home.


“Yu. I have a drinking party with my friends now, so I don’t need to have dinner. Also, I’ll be home late.”


“…… I got it.”


I guess she was trying to take care of me.




“I… wonder what this is about.”


“I don’t know.”


We both giggle for no reason.


“Bye, sweetheart.”






My sister took care of it for me, so I should be grateful to use it.


“Mooo. Unexpected foreshadowing? But it’s something different to be jealous of a sibling relationship, so ……”


Senpai says something in a mumble and hugs me.


“Senpai, let’s sit down first before doing something like that.”


” Eh!? You want me to sit down?”




Senpai looks surprised, but I grab her hand and go to the living room to hug her.


“Ah, um, Yuya-kun. I haven’t sat down yet.”


“Yes, you are. But it’s better than doing it in the hallway.  Ah, I’m sorry, I won’t do it again if you don’t like it.”


“…That’s a cunning way of saying it..I don’t mind it. I’m fine with it as it is.”


That’s good. I was wondering what I would do if she didn’t like that.


I’ve been trying to go to Reika-senpai myself lately, but if she hates me or doesn’t like me, I might not be able to get back on my feet the next time, so I’ve been watching for her reaction. …… I’m not sure if it’s because I’m nervous or because I’ve done it before, but I’m not sure.


I’m not sure if I’m nervous or if Reika-senpai is more so than usual,……. I’m not sure what to expect.


In addition to that, what can I do to make her happier?


I’m not sure.


“Hmm. It feels good.”


“I’m glad.”


When we slept together, she said this made her feel safe, so I did it, and I am glad she was pleased.


These small realizations, even the fact that she is happy makes me happier since I am aware of it.


So…please wait just a little longer. I will confess to you at least on Christmas.

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