Ch 42

“Do you want to watch fireworks with us?”


A moment of breathlessness.


My heart beats fast. My head goes blank and I can’t help it.


I take a deep breath,


Whew. Haa.


 ……. You? Maybe she doesn’t know it’s me?


If she had noticed me, she wouldn’t have approached me.


Well, then, I’d better just let it go and go back to Reika-senpai.


I’m very calm, I suppress my emotions, I endure my trembling voice and spin my words.


“Sorry, there’s someone waiting for me.”


“Eh, her?”


“…something like that.”


…… Didn’t she say she had a boyfriend?


…… Let’s calm down and think about that later. It’s obvious that thinking about it now won’t give me an answer.


“Sorry, I’m keeping you waiting.”


“Um, okay. See you later.”


Ichika waves at me, but I don’t care and run toward the park.


I can feel a lot of emotions swirling inside me right now.


Anger, fear, etc….. I run to shake them off. I run. I run faster and faster.


Soon, I see a park bench and Reika-senpai.


“…. Phew. Haa. I’m sorry, Reika-senpai. I’ll buy shaved ice later, so please give me some time now.”


“I’m okay, but are you okay too, Yuuya-kun?”


Senpai peers at me with concern on her face.


“…maybe a little bit screwed up.”


I answered honestly, perhaps because I was weak.


“Something’s happened to you, isn’t it?”


“…… Yes.”


Reika-senpai also knows about it, so it’s okay to say it.


“…I met Ichika and she approached me. That’s all. That’s all. ……”




“I had gone completely blank, and I didn’t know what to do.




“It’s too late for that, and I’m scared, and I’m having a hard time, and I’m feeling so overwhelmed with feelings that I can’t do anything about it.”




My senpai gently embraces me and accepts all that I am saying with only my emotions.


Slowly and carefully, she caresses my head gently, and it is as if even my heart is being melted.


Ah, this is it, this feeling. I feel so safe.


“I’m sorry… I’m filled with a sense of hopelessness.”


“It’s okay. It was hard, wasn’t it?”




“It’s not like I can understand all of Yuuya’s feelings. However, we can worry together, suffer together, and listen to each other’s stories.”


“…… Yes.”


“I really want to understand everything.”


Senpai giggled and slowly stroked my head.


I continued to express my feelings, leaning my body against my senpai.


“I’m sorry, senpai. I’m sorry for exposing my disgraceful appearance.”


Then maybe a few minutes, or maybe an hour? I don’t know, but it has been a while. The fireworks had already started and they are still glowing in the distance.


Luckily, there were not many people around, only a few grandpas and the like.


“It’s okay. Yuuya-kun, who spoiled me, was cute….You’re beautiful.”


“……Is that so.”


I couldn’t look away. From Reika-senpai.


Haa…… I can’t lie to myself anymore.


I’ve been looking away until now.


I knew it. But I didn’t. I thought it was a lie. I wanted to.




But I have to take it seriously now, right?


I have made a new decision.

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