Ch 46

“Yes. Ahn.”


“Reika-senpai, no one even ahhs over drinks…..”


I come to the stairs leading to the rooftop and have lunch. ……


I’ve been wanting to take care of her like this for a long time.


‘What’s the matter? Reika-senpai. You want to take care of me so much.”


“Uu. Because.”


Then, she starts to talk about the reasons why she is doing it.


“Yuya-kun became even cooler, and when I saw that everyone was coming closer to Yuya-kun, I suddenly felt uneasy about whether ‘I’ was in Yuya-kun’s sights or not.”


“People are just amused by the sudden change in my image.”


“…… I don’t understand. I don’t understand at all. Yuuya-kun.”


“Reika senpai ……?”


Reika-senpai stared at me and said that.


I wonder if I said something wrong?


And then, as if she had made up her mind to mutter “Yeah”, Reika-senpai took a deep breath and opened her mouth.


“Yuuya-kun is cool! Besides, he’s kind, but sometimes he shows his cute side.”


“Kyu, what’s going on all of a sudden!? Reika-senpai.”


“I’m aware of it, you know? I’m noticing that you casually match my steps, or that you walk around to the side of the road when I walk.”


“Stop, Stoop!”


Not good, Reika-senpai is not stepping on the brake at all. On the contrary, I even feel like things are heating up.


“Also, when I stumbled on a step, he supported me, and he would quickly pick up something from a high place.”


“Reika-senpai! Stoop!”


What should I do? She won’t stop at all.


What can I do to make her stop?


….. You want me to try? But that’s all I can think of right now.


“Reika-senpai is always beautiful, isn’t she? But she looks cute and sometimes selfish, and when you think she’s mature, she’s a little childish.”


“Hey, Yuuya-kun…”


Good. My senior’s face turned red and she stopped. I was able to repay her, all I had to do was to push her to the point of no return.


I’m not lying, I’m letting out my true feelings.


“When I feel down, she supports me and keeps me positive. There is no other senior like that but Reika-senpai.”


“Eh, hey, ….. yeah.”


“So please don’t worry about it. I still distrust women. Except for my family, only Reika-senpai can speak like this.”


I unconsciously stroke my senpai’s head.




“So, ‘Reika-senpai’ is firmly and clearly in my field of vision.”




Senpai smiles and leans her body against mine.


…… Phew. That’s good. I wonder what would have happened if things had continued like that.


But still …… I feel like I said some pretty embarrassing things when I calm down.


Maybe because I was aware of that, I suddenly became hot.


No, I did it knowingly. It’s more embarrassing than I thought it would be when I actually did it.


“What’s wrong? Yuuya-kun? Your face is red. Could it be a cold!? Are you okay”


“No. I mean… I did it to stop Reika-senpai, but since I really mean it, it’s surprisingly embarrassing to try.”


“…….That may very well be right”


Senpai also turned slightly red and leaned her body against me.


Even this small gesture was cute.


I was staring at Reika-senpai’s face and touching her head, when I suddenly thought.


What are we doing here?




“This is bad! Senpai.”


“Hmm? What is it? Nothing is bad. It’s not bad for Yuuya-kun to pat my head.”


Senpai looks at me with slightly mellow eyes.


“Right now, it’s lunch break and we haven’t had lunch at all, and it’s almost over.”


“Huh? Ah. That’s right. Let’s hurry up and eat.”


Thus, the lunch break ended in a rush.

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