Ch 47

Summer vacation is over, the assignment review has been successfully completed (by the way, I won this time, but since I had no competition, nothing special happened), and a few days have passed since then, during a long homeroom.


The next day, the students were discussing who was going to play what in the ball game tournament.


“Even if you make it sound like it has nothing to do with me, Yuuya will do it too.”


“I know”


I like exercise, but I just don’t like PE very much. In PE class, I feel a little sad when I am paired up with a friend or two and I am left out.


However, I am proud of the fact that I do well in practical tests and get high marks.


“What are you going to do, Natsuki?”


“Umm, I’ll – …… Ah, that’s right, Yuya. Why don’t we pair up and play badminton together?”


“I’m good with that. Is that okay with you, Natsuki?”


I wondered if Natsuki would be okay with me, so I asked him.


“Huh? What? I don’t mind.”


Natsuki doesn’t seem to care about it at all, and he’s enthusiastic, saying, “I’ll definitely win,” so that’s fine.


“And is badminton even a ball game, by the way?”


“Well, badminton is written in Chinese characters as ‘feather ball’, so it must be a ball game. Badminton is written in Chinese characters as “羽球”、so it is a ball game, isn’t it?




I don’t think I’m very interested in it. I wished I had not asked him from the beginning.


Well, after all that, we decided on our respective sports, and I was chosen to play badminton, and Natsuki was chosen to play badminton and volleyball because of his athletic ability.


“So, which event will Reika-senpai participate in?”


“I play badminton too, but singles.”


Time passed, after school that day.


We went back to my house together and were just taking a break after finishing all our chores.


Come to think of it, before I knew it, Reika-senpai’s presence at my house after school had become a normal part of our daily routine.


I feel like I’m being set up by her, but then I realize that I don’t mind it, and I smile a little.


” Ah, you just laughed because you thought it would never look good on me.”


Senpai looks at me with a discontented look in her eyes.


“I’m not, but please do your best! I will support you.”


“Yes! I understand. I’ll do my best!”


Senpai is fired up as if she has forgotten what happened earlier.


“But, Yuya-kun. I’ll definitely win and make you laugh again. And a reward too.”


So it’s going to be firmly attached there. Then…


“Then please reward me if I win.”


“Okay. Promise.”




Senpai shows an unusual winning smile.


I can’t lose either.

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