I.N. Prologue


Yuu Someya’s room.


 In the dark room with the lights dimmed, only the TV was on, and on the screen was a popular TV drama from a few years ago called “Blue Rose”.


    This drama is known as the work that launched the career of Yui Shimotsuki, a beautiful young actress of the day, and is still very popular today.


     Yui Shimotsuki–.


     She has the looks and acting ability that attract people of both sexes, or more precisely, both men and women, young and old. Recently, she has been called a national and also a once-in-a-century beauty, and her popularity has not waned over the years since her first appearance, and in fact, it has only increased. She has the kind of translucent white skin that all women yearn for, with shiny, silky black hair and breasts that are full to the point of being inappropriate for her age.


     She is a pure and unspoiled girl, just like an angel. She has a mysterious beauty that is so beautiful, people regard her as an “angel”.


     Although many scenes, such as kissing scenes, are considered nugatory, perhaps due to the fact that Yui is a high school girl, there is no end to the number of requests  for them to appear in the film due to its popularity, which increases the sales several fold even if the role is a passing, unnamed one.


    She works hard as an actress because her father has passed away and she has a younger brother and sister who cannot afford to financially support themselves on their mother’s earnings alone. This fact is widely known, and her healthiness is also a factor in her popularity.


    On the other hand, however, she has not appeared in many films. One reason is that any film she appears in becomes a big hit, but that is not the only reason. When asked in an interview, “Do you ever think about becoming an actress or appearing in more films?” Yui replied, “I am happy to receive invitations, but right now I want to enjoy my student life.


    She has many enthusiastic fans, some of whom seek her presence as if they were dependent on Yui, calling her “a legal drug”.


    –She was naked and shaking her hips on top of an ordinary high school boy who had nothing special to say to her.


 No, there is no reason to bother to mince words. Yui Shimotsuki herself was a prisoner of pleasure on top of a man who was not her boyfriend.


    Her breasts sway painfully , and she looks so ecstatically lewd that it is hard to believe she is an actress, and she is seeking a penis. It is hard to believe that she is the same person who appears on TV. Yui is the only one in the world who shows this kind of figure in front of Yuu.

   “ Oh, that’s good, Yu-kun’s penis is so big and hard, it’s so strong ♡ …… oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, it feels so good, nnn♡ “.


   Many men have dreamed of Yui’s wild figure and masturbated to it in solitude. Yuu is so pleased to know that he is the only one who knows about it, and he devours Yui’s lips as she shakes her hips in a face-to-face sitting position.


   “ Kiss, suck , schlurp, squelch, nn…… ah, mmm, ssshhhhhh……(moaning intensifies) ”


    The kisses are incredibly luscious as they reach for each other’s tongues. The fresh and elastic lips of a plump teenage girl with the tongue covered in saliva from excitement. While that is happening, her ample breasts are also pressed against Yuu’s breastplate, conveying their softness.


    While enjoying Yui’s presence with his whole body, he listens to her sweet moaning voice and the dialogue of the girl she plays at the same time.


    What a luxurious and unparalleled state of fulfillment. Moreover, this is not a temporary state. Yui is completely of Yuu’s property, and if Yuu asks for it, or even if he does not ask for it, she will give her body to him and engage in sexual intercourse with him.


    While tasting the sizzling saliva, he pistons his own hips in time with Yui’s swinging hips.


    Her vagina is so mellow and debauched that you can have sex with it over and over again and never get tired of it. In fact, I am tempted to enjoy the pleasure over and over again.


   “ Slurp, squelch, smack, smack,…, nnn……..ahhh, mmmmmmm, ahhhhh…… (more moaning) ”


    Instead of moving her hips up and down to facilitate kissing, Yui begins to grind her hips from side to side as she presses her shapely ass against him. The girl who had only been subjected to Yuu for the first time had become greedy to move and feel good on her own after repeated encounters.


    If such an appearance were to be filmed and posted on the Internet, it would cause more than just flames and uproar. If the fans are not careful, they may even try to kill Yui for betraying them.


    “ Squelch, kiss, nnnnghh, ahhh, slurp …… ahhh, slurp, kiss, Yu-kun shuukii, dai shuukii ♡ (“Yuu-kun, I love you, love you lots”)…… ahhh, nnnnghh. ”


    When they remove their mouths from each other’s, a bridge of saliva connects the two of them.


    “ Really? You’re not just saying that to sound nice? ”


    He grabs her breast roughly and pinches the hard, pinkish protrusion at the tip of it.


    “ Oh, no, that’s not true. …… I really love you, Yu-kun♡. ”


    Even though you have a boyfriend, is it okay for you to say such things?


    I couldn’t help but fall in love with Takkun, so it can’t be helped, right? Ah, right there, it feels like electricity passing through, ahn!


    You only like this, don’t you? ”


    Yuu thrusts at Yui, as if to demonstrate what this represents.


    “ Oh, ……, I love your penis, too ♡ but I love Yu-kun even more ……  ”


    She whispers words of love with a tongue that has become inarticulate.


    “ Raishuki, aishiteru ♡ …… ah! ” *I love you, love you a lot ♡ …… ah!(slurrish voice)*


    Taking Yuu’s hand firmly, a chest that conveys a definite resilience is felt. Embracing Yuu’s neck with her arms, as if pressing against it, despite its size being too large to fit in the palm of the hand.


    “ Please don’t let go, let’s stay like this forever. ”



    And the words that escaped from Yui’s mouth were exactly the same as the words spoken by the girl Yui portrayed as the lover’s role from the drama.


    The Yui who is currently in front of me is younger than the Yui from before she knew about Yuu’s existence. The dignified voice coming from the TV and the sweetly whispered voice conveying warm body heat in close contact. The two voices had such a difference that it was hard to believe they belonged to the same person.


    The grown-up Yui, who has transitioned from a girl to a woman, sucks the object in with her lower mouth and communicates her love to its owner with her entire body. This is a far cry from the old days when she said she did not want to have sexual intercourse with anyone other than her lover.


    However, the young Yui seen on TV, the Yui who tried to protect her chastity, and the disheveled Yui right in front of me are all one and the same person. Yuu never expected Yui to undergo such a transformation, but unexpectedly, she changed to his liking.

    The days Yui spent happily with her boyfriend. But those days have ceased to exist since the day Yuu threatened Yui and took away her first time.


   Yu-kun,……, please poke me a lot more, don’t worry about me, please fuck me more, ah…, mmm, ahh……


   “ Are you sure? It’s your dangerous day, isn’t it? I’m going to cum inside you raw. ”


   “ Don’t worry about it, please cum in me, cum lots in me ♡ , i want to have a baby with you so shoot all of your sperm in me ♡ , impregnate me ♡ , ah…ahh…nnggh, ohh…uhnn, please make love with me ♡ ”


    It is known to both sets of parents and all the students at the school that Yui is dating Takuya. If Yui were to become pregnant in the current situation and claim that the child is Takuya’s, no one would doubt it. The only person who knows that Yui is so promiscuous and lewd, aside from herself, is Yuu.


    It is undoubtedly that Yuu has brought about such a change in Yui, who was once innocent. However, there is no sense of guilt in that. As if being begged for it, Yuu decided to inject all his semen into Yui’s womb to impregnate her.


   Ah, ah… Oh, aah, it’s intense, Yuu… ♡ I’m so happy… Ah, ahn, I’ll cherish our baby with you, aah…


    Yuu, who had no intention of escaping, still tangled their legs to immobilize her and exerted more strength in their arms, pressing their bodies even closer together. This position, known as the “Daisuki Hold,” was a posture that came naturally from the deep affection for the other person from the bottom of their heart.


    Yui’s hips move, making slurping, squelching sounds as if she is rubbing against it, feeling the undulating folds of her flesh against his penis.


    The vagina, which has memorized the shape of Yuu’s penis, is snuggled tightly together, from which she can feel the vaginal spasms that are characteristic of a vagina on the verge of coming.


    “ Are you about to cum? ”


    “ Oh…ahhh, ahnn…nghhh, uhnn…… ohh, Yuu’s cock feels so good, I can’t take it anymore, nghhh…, ahnn…, I’m going to come. …… Yuu’s not my boyfriend, but his cock is making me come, impregnating me, making me have a baby ♡ , ohhh… ahhh, ughh…, ahnnn… nghhhh, ahhhh…*Just a lot of moaning* . ”


    “ I’m going to cum too,…… and I’m going to cum inside the deepest part of Yui’s body….! ”


    “ Ohhh… uhnn, nghh…, please cum, cum in the deepest part of my cunt, shoot all of your seed in my womb, impregnate me, ♡♡. ”


    As Yui moans and shouts, Yuu pushes his penis to the deepest part and unleashes everything.


     “  Iku, Ikuuu, Ikuuuuuuuuuuuuuu !!!!! ”


   “  Ahhh… ahhh, ohh, nghhhh… ahhh…, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cuuuuuummmmmmmm…, ughh…, ahhhh…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! ”


    Yui’s body trembled as she reached her limit from the sperm being spewed into her womb.


    Even after Yui comes, the sperm load that has built up like a pool in the uterus continues to be expelled without mercy. The load, which is so large that he feels as if he is spitting out a lifetime supply, enters her uterus and swims toward the egg.


    “ Oh… ahh, I’m still full of …… Yu-kun’s sperm♡ …… Oh, now Yu-kun and I will have a baby. I’m …… so happy ♡ ”


    Yui, who always projected a pristine image and captivated many with her dignified presence, wore a delighted smile on her face, which had become flushed and unreserved, a side she couldn’t show to others.


    The remnants of being called an angel, as she indulged in sexual activities with men other than her boyfriend, were no longer present. She now resembled a succubus, often referred to as a seductive demon.



     ――This is a story about an ordinary male high school student without any notable characteristics, who manages to seduce a beautiful actress who is also a high school student and takes her away from her boyfriend.

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