I.N. Ch.1

Ch 1 The Beginning

Her real name is Yui Hazuki, and her stage name is Yui Shimotsuki. With a captivating appearance that no one can forget after seeing it once, she possessed two fruits that were disproportionately ripe for her age of sixteen at the time. Additionally, she had a slim and tightly-waisted figure that any woman would envy, and a well-shaped with perky buttocks that could be seen even through her skirt. Despite being pure Japanese without any mixed heritage, she had fair skin resembling that of a Caucasian, and her hair, which was a jet-black color, extended all the way down to her waist, accentuating her features.


    No matter how unfashionable the clothes may be, when Yui wears them, they transform into a sparkling outfit like a dress. That’s the charm she possesses, overflowing with beauty. It has been said that her beauty is beyond what can be expressed even with all the eloquent words in the world, and in recent years, she has often been described as an angel.


    She attends a school called Hoshinomiya High School.


    Of course, when someone like her attends school, it quickly becomes the subject of gossip. However, the teachers, students, and residents in the neighborhood respected Yui’s words, where she expressed her desire to have a normal student life and prioritized maintaining a good personality. As a result, her situation was kept secret.


    As a result, only people in the vicinity were aware that Yui was attending this school.


    And attending Hoshimiya High School, alongside Yui, is Souya Someya, an ordinary male high school student who doesn’t stand out much except for being jealous and having a higher sexual desire than others. If we were to point out something notable about him, it would be that he recently celebrated his birthday a few days ago and turned seventeen. Souya is currently a second-year student in high school.


    In July, as the temperature started to rise, Souya walked alone along his commuting route. With just a few more weeks until summer vacation, he endured the heat as best as he could.


    “ Hey, Souya. ”


    Amidst that, Souya heard a familiar voice from behind. He turned around and saw the person he expected, feeling a hint of surprise but still replied.


    “ Good morning, Takuya. ”


    — Takuya Kisaragi. He is a friend since entering high school, his handsome appearance and popularity make Yuu wonder why they are friends. He has a well-proportioned face and is well-liked by others. He is also a member of the soccer club and excels in club activities. Being good-looking, he has received numerous confessions since he entered school last year and has even sought advice from Yuu about how to handle the situation.


    “ Are club activities going well for you? ”

    While the soccer team at Hoshimiya High School may not be a powerhouse, they consistently achieve decent results each year. As a result, they usually have morning practice, and this is the first time I’ve seen Takuya at this time.


    I was told yesterday that you pushed yourself too hard, so you should take a break and skip morning practice for a while. ”, he said (Takuya).


    Takuya’s success in the soccer club is largely attributed to his own hard work. He is the first to arrive for club activities and often stays late for extra practice. The coach and others who are aware of his dedication likely advised him against overdoing it, as they understand the importance of finding a balance.


    Then, instead of me, why don’t you accompany her on the way to school?


    I say this while hiding the pain in my heart. It was only yesterday that Takuya told me he had found a girlfriend. He told me that he confessed his love to the person he had always liked and that he had been accepted. The moment he heard her name, Yuu’s heart was overwhelmed by an emotion he had never experienced before.


    ” That’s because I’m busy in the morning today, and I can’t come to school until the afternoon. “, he replied.


    “ Really? ”


    “ Besides, you gotta take care of your friends. ”


    Saying that, he puts his arm around Yuu’s neck in a sportsmanlike manner.


    “ It’s hot. ”


    While I didn’t necessarily dislike the gesture itself, simply changing into summer clothes during last week’s wardrobe change didn’t make the heat magically disappear. When I told him not to cling to me because it’s hot, Takuya just laughed.


    “ Heh, you should tough it out with this level of heat. We’re running around in conditions like this, you know? It’s no big deal.


    With a confident smile that captivates many of the opposite sex, Takuya exuded a charm that Yuu couldn’t help but envy rather than dislike.


    Upon arriving at school and entering the classroom, Yuu was immediately surrounded by classmates and engaged in lively conversations with them. After bidding farewell to Takuya, Yuu made his way to his fortunate seat by the window at the back of the class.


    It was the same scene as always, nothing seemed to have changed. However, for some reason, Yuu just couldn’t shake off the feeling that today was different from yesterday.


    No, the truth is Yuu was aware for the reason. The cause lies within the person whom Takuya had started dating. The significance of the girl sitting in the empty seat next to Yuu’s right side, and what that meant for Yuu, was something of great importance.



    The “Girlfriend of Takuya” whom Yuu had no way of knowing about arrived just moments before the lunch break ended, right before the start of class.


    “ Good morning! ”, she greeted.


    With a bright and energetic voice, she arrived at school, blurting out something slightly unusual. It was Yui, or rather, Yui Hazuki. Her gaze moved around, as if she is searching for someone.


    Everyone in the class turned their gaze towards Yui, not just because of the volume of her voice, but rather due to the aura and charm she possessed. It wasn’t just a matter of hearing her voice and looking in her direction; the classmates continued to fix their eyes on Yui.


    No matter how many times you see her on TV or in magazines, or how many times you come across her at school, you never get accustomed to her presence. That is something Yuu has observed and can confidently assert, as he has been watching her since elementary school.


    “ Yui, it’s already lunchtime! ”


    A female student, who is relatively close to Yui and has a decent appearance, approaches with a smile and speaks to him.


    “ Oh, don’t be like that. I’ve been working hard all this time, you know. ”, Yui responds with a playful tone.


    “ Well, I bet you were filming some lovey-dovey scenes with a handsome actor, right? ”, she retorts with a teasing tone.


    “ No, no, today was for a magazine shoot. And trust me, once you try it, you’ll understand that filming a drama is also tough. ”, Yui explains, defending herself with a smile.


    “ Come on, don’t be like that. I’m just sharing my experience. It’s not about bragging. ”, she responds playfully.


    “ Just being honest. ”, Yui replies with a smile.


    Then they giggled at each other, sharing a lighthearted moment.


    The fact that their exchange was not taken as sarcasm is evidence that she hold a certain level of respect for Yui as an individual.


    “ Hurry up, the teacher is arriving. Stop chatting by the entrance and get to your seats. ”


    The teacher in charge of the next subject comes in, just moments after Yui.


    “ Good morning, sensei ”


    “ Instead of  ‘Good morning.’, it should be ‘Good afternoon.’. It’s time to start the class, so please take your seats. ”


    “ If you promise to buy it when the magazine featuring you is released, then I’m fine with that. ”


    “ Would a teacher really buy a magazine with a student’s appearance in it? ”


    After their usual banter, Yui takes her seat next to Yu, essentially right beside Yuu.


    “ Good morning! ”


    With a dazzling smile on her face, Yui speaks in a soft voice, being mindful of the teacher’s presence. Deep down, I know that she means no harm, but her sincere and innocent smile makes me wonder if she has any special feelings for me. But that can’t be true.


    “ …Good morning… ”


    Even though it was repeatedly said, Yuu seemed uninterested in correcting it and simply echoed (repeated) the greeting.


    “ Oh, finally someone who responds with ‘good morning’. ”, Yui replied with a hint of sarcasm.


    “ Well, it’s already afternoon after all ”, Yuu responded, playing along with the conversation.


    It’s probably only someone like me who would respond with ‘good morning’ at this hour for the sake of accompanying Yui.


    While thinking of that, Yu wrote something in his notebook and showed it to Yui.


    [ Have you decided to go out with Takuya? ]


    It is likely that when she arrived at school initially, she was looking around to find her beloved boyfriend. Currently, Takuya is sitting in the middle seat of the classroom, waiting for the class to start.


    “ Hey, I told Someya-kun about that. ”, she said to Takuya.


    Given Yui’s popularity in society, the fact that she has a boyfriend would be treated as gossip. That’s why I thought I needed Yui’s permission to tell me.


    “ Could it be that it was a secret that I wasn’t supposed to know about? ”


    “ No, it’s fine if Someya-kun knows. But let’s keep it a secret from others. ”


    Yuu couldn’t help but think that the gesture of placing her finger on the lips and making a “shh” pose was intentionally done and looked good on her. It felt a bit unfair.

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