THOS Ch.13

Ch.13 As expected, scum never fails to disappoint

“Hey, you. Would you like to become my woman?”


It was the second day since the Saint had arrived.


Finally, Phil’s concerns had come true.


「Um, well…」


On the second floor of the mansion, in the hallway in front of the room where the guest was staying, Milis, the envoy of the goddess and the Saint, had a troubled expression on her face.

“This guy did it. He never fails to meet expectations, whether it’s a good or bad thing… Maybe he’s suited for street performances or being a commentator? He’ll definitely be popular in various places.”


“If he’s in the comedy category, he’ll be highly valued, won’t he?”


“The development is already comedic, isn’t it…”


As his head throbs, Phil, who stands behind them, holds his head.


Although Phil is known as a scumbag, as his younger brother, he had a faint hope that his brother won’t make a move on the Saint.

However, on the second day, the scumbag revealed his talent as a comedian.


“Of course, I’ll promise you good treatment. Heck, I’ll even do whatever you want.”


「But, I am just a believer..」


“Being a believer doesn’t give you a reason to reject a relationship between a man and a woman, does it? The church doesn’t have any rules against it.”


「Ugh, that’s true, but…」

Certainly, there are no rules in the church prohibiting friendships between men and women.


However, Zan didn’t realize that the premise was wrong in the first place.


Of course, in terms of romantic relationships.


After all, it’s meaningless if the other person doesn’t like you back.


Nevertheless, he puffs up his chest to make his already chubby body look even bigger, and confidently displays a questionable self-assurance on his face.


Phil wonder why? It’s really strange.

「What should I do,  Phil-sama…?」


Milis is confused by this sudden confession.


Although she’s confused, it’s not because she’s happy, but because she’s wondering how to reject him, as it is clear from her face.


She regrets that there is no servant here to reprimand Zan.


Phil let out a deep sigh and whispered to Milis.


“(I apologize for my foolish younger brother’s behavior. As his older brother, let me help you politely decline.)”




“(Um… Is your face turning red?)”


「(What?! N-no, it’s not!)」

Phil was left wondering if there was something strange about Milis’ hesitant denial, as she spoke with the uncertainty of a cat.


 It seemed that even though he was a frequent visitor at the brothel, he could not fully comprehend the feelings of a young woman when a person she admired came close to her ear.

“(In that case, please repeat the words I say exactly as they are. It’s what is commonly known as a proxy task.)”


(I understand, it’s a proxy task!)」


Milis cutely clenched her fist and turned straight towards Zan.


Then, she began to speak, following Phil’s words.

“(I’m sorry, but i have to decline your proposal.)”


「I’m sorry, but i have to decline your proposal!」


“(I haven’t fallen so low as to be raised by a piglet.)”


「I haven’t fallen so low as to be raised by a piglet!」


“(Reevaluate your weight and come back in your next life.)”


「Reevaluate your weight and come back in your next life… wait, what are you making me say?!」

Milis, who was smoothly continuing Phil’s words, suddenly snaps back to reality. She finally notices the onslaught of insults being hurled at her.


“Brother, you…!”


“Oh, scary scary. Don’t glare at me with that expression, I won’t be able to sleep at night.”


Zan realizes that this is clearly the work of her brother and shows a look of anger. However, Phil just raises both hands and maintains a nonchalant attitude.


“Doesn’t that have nothing to do with you, Brother!? Don’t get in my way, useless one!”


“I would, normally. Unlike Kahlua, Milis is a guest with a different position and status. To suddenly make such a person your woman, are you stupid? I don’t care about myself, but don’t cause trouble for our family. Mother and Father will be affected.”



Zan clenched his fists in frustration. Phil was amazed at how much he wanted that girl for himself.


“I hate to say this, but you need to change your womanizing ways. It may not be a perfect substitute, but brothels are great. They satisfy a man’s every desire without any trouble,” Phil suggested.


“I’d never go there! Such harlots are filthy!” Zan protested.


“What?! Don’t you dare insult them, including my sister! They satisfy us so well because they have so much experience! It’s not like everything has to be brand new! Antique items are preferred because they have a unique flavor!” Phil retorted.

The regular customer’s patience snapped at the man’s prejudiced words.


And then─


“Um…what are you talking about? Is a brothel a place where they do massages?”


“Well, maybe it’s a massage parlor that scumbag would like,” he replied.


Innocent and pure, the saint who knew nothing of impurity tilted her head cutely and asked Kahlua.


Meanwhile, a prominent blue vein appeared on Kahlua’s forehead.

“Listen! Next time, even if I have to drag you there by force, I’ll take you to my regular shop! Your damn attitude of only wanting new ones needs to be fixed, so I’ll personally–“


“Just die already, will you.”


“–fix it for youuuuuuuuuu?! What, my eyes, my eyeeeees?????”

“ A girl with bulging veins suddenly appeared in their field of view, but before they knew it, their vision had gone black.


Suddenly, intense pain shot through Phil’s eyes, causing him to stumble around while clutching them.


“Phil…if you go to a brothel or mention it again, it won’t just be your eyes that suffer, you know?”




With a cold gaze from Kahlua and Phil writhing in agony, Milis was bewildered by the scene before her.


“Ha! My interest has been dampened!”


Zan, who looked fearful in Karua’s eyes, leaves with an excuse, patting himself on the back for preventing any disrespect towards Milis. However, it seems that there was one casualty along the way.


But to be honest, this was undoubtedly a result of his own actions.


“Phew… He’s gone now. Thanks for your sacrifice, Phil.”


“Hey, wait a minute. You’re the one who made the sacrifice…!”


Phil glares at Kahlua with bloodshot eyes, but she calmly changes her cold gaze into a refreshing smile.

“Are you okay,  Phil-sama…? If you don’t mind, perhaps I can be your comfort…”


“It’s not necessary.”


“But, it looks very painful…”


“It’s not necessary.”


“However, I…”


“It’s not necessary.”


“I-I see…”

The mysterious pressure emanating from the beautiful smile made Milis flinch and step back. She wanted to ask why, but she sensed that this was not the right moment to do so.


And then…


“Um,  Phil-sama… a guest has arrived.”


Suddenly, one of the servants appeared and spoke to Phil. Milis felt uneasy about the timid attitude of the servant, but Phil, whose vision gradually returned, understood the situation in an instant.

“Why did you come here with an autograph board?”


“Well, if possible, I’d like you to sign it…”


“You know I’m just a scum of a son …and besides, there’s a guest here, prioritize that, will you?”


“If I miss this chance, there may not be another…!”


“Do I look like an idol to you?”


The servants who had been gossiping behind his back all this time, calling him a “jerk” and a “playboy,” had managed to come this far. Phil, despite feeling emotional about the changes around him, signed the autograph on the paper they had brought with them.


And then…


“So, who’s the guest?”


“Her Royal Highness, the Second Princess Nicola.”




Phil dropped the pen he was holding.

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