D.F. Ch.3

Ch 3  Struggles and A Decision

As of now, the number of subscribers for the VTuber Yamagami Botan is 3040.




It has been about a month since my debut, and as expected, my growth has been sluggish. No matter how bravely I shout, it doesn’t necessarily lead to results. That’s the sad reality.


For now, I’m trying to play popular games and do casual chat streams where I answer viewer questions, but…


It seems difficult for me, with my level of gaming and talking skills, to satisfy viewers who are accustomed to watching popular streamers. In the field of streaming, I’m pretty much an amateur, and it’s really challenging.


On the other hand, I can’t choose the collab streams that would probably bring in the most viewership. It would be like adding fuel to the fire given Denjilas’s situation, and I don’t have enough achievements to collaborate with other channels.


To be frank, all the factors that hinder my growth have come together. If I’ve got this many debuffs, there’s no helping it. It’s to the point where it’s laughable.


However, sadly as a corporate player, the lack of numbers cannot be dismissed as a mere joke. Although the management tells me not to worry about it, a company of Denjilas’s size cannot afford to be complacent.


Certainly, I was hired for a special position to appeal that I can produce male live streamers properly.


The management company knows that as long as there are no issues and the talent can continue to work for a long time, revenue is not the top priority, and they are satisfied with that.


“But you know, the current situation is still not good…”


As for me, I have a goal to collaborate with Lehman off-stream, and as for the agency, if they can benefit from me, then there’s nothing better than that.


That being said, I’m thinking of proposing a little improvement.


Yamagami: Mane-san, I have a question regarding the livestream.


Kasai: What is it about?


Isn’t the response quick? I got a reply in no time. Is my message set to a higher priority or something? …Well, it doesn’t bother me, so it’s fine.


Yamagami: To be frank, I’m not really growing, am I? I’m like a liability as a corporate player. So I’m thinking maybe we need to make a little improvement.


Kasai: Please don’t worry about the numbers. Now is the time to steadily build up. It’s not worth pushing ourselves too hard and ending up burned out.


Yamagami: Well, even so, there’s a limit to that, you know. My colleague, Raika-san, is steadily growing, and that’s why the obvious “gap” is conveyed to many people.


Kasai: …Well, I won’t deny it.


As expected, I received a bitter response to my proposal. Even as a manager, it seems that I have no choice but to acknowledge that a new source of trouble is smouldering.


My fellow member, Hanabi Raika, is a female streamer with a design featuring red hair and yellow highlights. Her channel currently has about 32,000 subscribers. Considering the size of Denjilas, it can be said that she has had a fairly successful start.


It is a characteristic of corporate creators that the number of channel subscribers in the early stages increases as each season progresses. The main reason is that there are more paths to lead new viewers, and my fellow creator, Raiha Hanabi, has been able to benefit from this.


Of course, the pipeline is just a pipeline. It depends on the individual’s qualifications to acquire fans from there. But the live streamer, Raika Hanabi, also had the necessary qualifications.


As for her personality, she is an energetic junior character. Her streaming style, which can be described as loud and high-energy, has earned her high praise from many people.


Her stunning figure, like a literal firework, burned away the sediment that had formed due to the previous incident and captivated the hearts of the viewers.


Yamagami: It’s good that Raika-san is growing, but at the same time, it’s not good that Yamagami Botan is in such a sorry state.


—However, things are two sides of the same coin. If fireworks shine brighter, it is only natural that a darker shadow is cast.


Yamagami: It’s not about the acceleration of malicious comments or anything like that. The mere existence of male livestreamers who aren’t gaining popularity reminds people of the incident. That’s why listeners can’t accept the existence of the “Yamagami Botan” even more. At least, they should feel that way at the root of their hearts. Even the management should have some idea about it, don’t you think?


Kasai: …That’s right. However, we will make sure to take proper measures regarding that. Even if it takes time, we will definitely make sure to have the listeners accept Botan-san.


Yamagami: I have no doubt about their determination, but I think it might be too late. This is not as a streamer, but as an adventurer who earns their living by fighting. This is just my gut feeling as a professional explorer. This is the dividing line. If they don’t change course here, they won’t be able to make a comeback and will just drag on until it’s game over.


In prioritising simplicity, I said ‘hunch’, but to be frank, this is a conviction. You could say it’s almost a prophecy without causing any offense.


Why can I say that with confidence? It’s simple because I bet my life to earn a living. It’s precisely because it’s all over if I die that I become sensitive to my future and such.


That’s why I understand. If we don’t take action at this time, we’ll be ruined. Well, to be honest, I personally won’t suffer that much damage, but it will be a fatal blow to the “Yamagami Botan”. As my debt grows, the agency will start making noise. Denjilas cannot abandon male streamers again, so everyone involved will be dragged down and drowned.


Yamagami: I am an amateur at streaming and I know next to nothing about corporate marketing. But, I have confidence in my instincts when it comes to reading the situation and timing. The managers can’t hold a candle to me in that regard. As someone with that kind of confidence, I can assert that this is the turning point.


I am aware that it may be rude, and I am prepared to risk offending someone, but I must ask—


Kasai: I see. I understand what Botan-san is trying to say. And I understand that we need to make some improvements.


Yamagami: You’re welcome!


Okay, we got accepted. This clears the first hurdle.


Yamagami: I’m glad to hear that. I ended up using pretty confrontational language to convey how serious I was, so I apologize for that…


Kasai: No worries. It’s the role of management to support the things that the talent wants to do, so I just wanted you to feel comfortable and not too pressured. I was also in favour of the changes you proposed.


Yamagami: Oh, is that so? My apologies. I jumped to conclusions on my own and feel quite embarrassed about it.


I had a feeling of overprotection, or rather, a pretty clear one. There was a kind of atmosphere that is occasionally seen where it feels like “We’ll take care of it, so please just sit and wait.”


Well, if that’s what the management says, then it must be my misunderstanding. Let’s just leave it at that.


Kasai: But it was a bit surprising. The earlier impression I had of Botan-san was that of a strong character, quite different from the impression during the streaming or meetings.


Yamagami: Ah, well, to be honest, I’ve been acting a bit reserved until now. Especially during streams and such, if I were to show any strong pushiness, it seemed like my evaluation would quickly turn negative…


I wouldn’t say I have a volatile temperament, but it’s undeniable that I have a strong-willed personality. However, considering the environment I’m in, I judged that there was a higher risk in showing my true self, so I held back. Well, as a result, my character in my streams became shallow, and my growth was stunted.


Kasai: Hmm, it’s a shame. The fearless attitude earlier could have been quite popular with women. It also matches Botan-san’s model vibe. …Ah, is that what you mean by ‘tekoire’?


Yamagami: No, it’s a little different. Even though I have a cool and beautiful appearance, I think that role is not bad, but the fan base of Denjilas is overwhelmingly male. Even if we sell it that way, it might not lead to popularity, and we might receive criticism.


Choosing a role that matches the appearance would be a safe choice. But being safe is not enough. In the situation surrounding Yamagami Botan, a simple fix like that would be counterproductive.


What we need is impact. Something that can completely blow away the negative image I’ve had so far. Something that can grab the attention of even those who don’t know Denjilas, something that can pull them in.


Yamagami: What I’m envisioning is a more extravagant overhaul. Something that nobody can replicate, with content that garners attention from a large audience.


Kasai: Are you suggesting you have such an idea?


Yamagami: Yes. However, to be honest, it’s a pretty offbeat idea. It’s the type of thing that could be classified as a flame war, not a criminal or immoral act, but if it were done as a VTuber, it would be a little difficult to judge. If it were to be done, it would be the type of turnaround that individual content creators would do, not something that companies should do.


To be honest, I’ve already come up with a way to grow the channel. However, it was so far outside the framework of being a VTuber that I’ve been holding back until the very last minute.


On the other hand, this means that the environment in which Yamagami Botan finds himself is bad. He is so cornered that he has to play even his hesitant demon cards, so to speak.


Kasai: For now, it seems like the disadvantages outweigh the benefits, doesn’t it?


Yamagami: It will definitely lead to growth. Actually, I am convinced that it will create enough impact to push aside any criticism. However, as I have mentioned before, this idea is quite controversial. Therefore, I would like to explain the details now and discuss them with the management.


Kasai: …Okay, I understand. Please tell me. But just to confirm one last time, it’s not something that involves criminal or immoral actions, right?


Yamagami: On that point, I can assure you there is no problem. I am just pushing my strengths to the forefront.


Now, it’s time for the presentation. From here on, it’s a big gamble whether we succeed or fail. Let’s show them the shortest route to reach our goal!

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