Ch 69

Reika-senpai’s cheeks are a little red and swollen.


I didn’t make it in time. …… I didn’t want Reika-senpai to get hurt.


The guy I hit was still cowering in pain.


“It hurts, it hurts, it hurts… ……., damn it.”


“Who was the guy who did that painful thing to Reika-senpai earlier?”


“It was me. But of course, I’m worth more than you. What did you hit me with? What if there’s something left?”


“… What?”


What is this guy talking about? Worthiness?


I feel my heart getting colder.


…… This guy too. Rubbish. Really.


“Haa……… All you do is get in my way. Yuya Omine.”


“What? I don’t even know you. And I’ve never interfered with you.”


“That’s what pisses me off! You’re uglier than me, you piece of trash.”


Then he stands up and tries to hit me.




“What are you doing?”


“Sorry I’m late, Yuuya.”


Natsuki and the teacher came…………. Good.


“Um, this is… ahaha”


Saying that, he laughed to fool us. Looking at this situation, it was obvious who was worse.


“Fujioka, come here.”


Fujioka stared at me and reluctantly answered. 


“…………. Yes.”


“And Omine, Kanzaki and Kisaragi.”


“Before that, may I take Kisaragi-san to the infirmary?”


“I understand. Kanzaki will stay and listen to the story. I’ll let you hear it later.”


The teacher sees the swollen cheek and gives permission. 


“Okay, let’s go, Reika-senpai.”




I pull my senpai’s hand and leave the empty room. I squeezed her hand so that she wouldn’t let go of it, so that I could get rid of any fear.


My senpai squeezed my hand back with more force than I could muster to not let go.


We go to the infirmary to have her swollen cheek cooled down and to borrow a bed while we are there. The doctor readily agrees, and he leaves the infirmary as if taking care of me.


The door closes and I cover my face with my hands so that my senpai doesn’t see my tears.


“I was scared, I was so scared, Yuya-kun.”




I hug her silently. As if to hide Reika-senpai’s crying. Strongly.


“I was much, much more afraid that Yuya-kun would disappear or die than that I would get hurt.”




“I’m sorry that I couldn’t protect you when it mattered. I was only protected by you.”




“I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”




I hugged Reika-senpai and stroked her head until she stopped crying and said everything she wanted to say and everything she was afraid to say.




“Mmm-hmm. Mmm.”


It must have been about an hour since then, and Senpai is sound asleep. She occasionally mumbles my name and smiles happily, so I think she’s probably okay now.


I mischievously stroke her hair gently, and she wriggles ticklishly……. adorable.


…………. And oh no, oh no. I have to do something.


I get up from my chair, walk over to Senpai and …………. Not on the cheek, not on the forehead, but I… place my lips gently on senpai’s lips.


“I’m sorry you were asleep, next time I’ll make sure you’re awake.”




I whisper in a low voice so that my senpai doesn’t wake up.


………….. I’m so embarrassed. I can feel my cheeks getting hot.


I can’t help it. After what happened, I can’t help but love Reika-senpai.


I left the infirmary as if to run away.

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