Ch 68

“Ah, I’m sorry.”


I run down the hall as fast as I can. If the teacher says anything, I will apologize sincerely later.


This school is quite large, as is the gymnasium, and the distance between the gymnasium and the special wing that can go up to the roof, or rather open it, is quite far. Now even the facilities make me angry.


Usually, the special wing is nothing but art classes, resource rooms, the library, and empty classrooms, and even the silence of the wing is now eerie and unsettling to me.


Maybe it’s not me falling down the stairs, but ………..


I can only think of bad things. ……It’s okay, it’s okay.


I repeat these words in my mind like an incantation, a kind of suggestion.


I finish climbing the stairs and open the door to the roof.




I yelled as hard as I could, but “Yuya-kun!” No voice comes back.


Is she in the infirmary, or… was she kidnapped by one of that bitch’s friends?


A particularly unpopular place in the special wing……. The library is unlocked. The art room is also unlocked. So the only place that is unlocked is an empty classroom that is used as a storage room for cultural events….


Right now, everyone is at the Miss Contest in the gym. Of course, no one would come to the empty room.


I run out, tell Natsuki the gist of the conversation, and hang up.






Yuya-kun, Yuya-kun!


I’m running to the roof, I don’t care about the Miss Contest right now!


I don’t care what happens as long as Yuya-kun is safe.


We’re finally getting closer. We’re almost there.


As I am about to climb the stairs to the third floor, a voice suddenly approaches me.


“Kisaragi-san, Kisaragi Reika-san! Please wait a moment.”


“Sorry! I’m in a hurry!!”


That person… If I remember correctly, he confessed to me last year… Kento-san?


“If it’s Yuya Omine, he was lying at the bottom of the stairs on the roof, so I carried him into an unused room.”


“Oh, really!”


“He wasn’t bleeding. I think he must have hit his head and passed out.”


“That’s good.”


Good, really good. I patted my chest gently.


“So where is Yuya-kun?”


“This way. I can’t carry him all the way to the infirmary on the first floor by myself, so I thought about calling a teacher. Then you happened to come along with Yuya Omine, who was rumored to be with you.”


“I see. Thank you very much.”


I followed Kento-kun and came to an empty classroom.




I open the door and look for Yuya-kun, but there is no one there.


All I see is a desk, a chair, and some wood left over from the school festival.


When I turn to ask him what happened, he pushes me away.




“Okay, let’s be quiet.”


He approaches with a quiet, eerie laugh.


“You lied to me…!”


“Yes, I did.”


Then he smiles this time.




“There are two reasons. The first is that …. I guess it’s because you rejected my confession.”


“And ….?”


I don’t understand it at all. Why? Why?


“Eh? Because that’s it, isn’t it? You rejected my confession. Thanks to that, I was told things like, “Even a wise man like you can’t take Reika-chan,” and “Don’t worry. It was the first time I was told that. Words like that. I’ve never been rejected before.




…….. I don’t get it at all. Is this guy a prideful guy or something?


All I know is that this guy is the same as Ichika just from that one moment. I think both she and this guy think they are the best, as if they are bound by something, they have to be first.


I can see those two people overlapping.


“Well, I’m going to go one step further and overlook it. Why am I no good and why is this guy good?”


Then he slaps my cheek as hard as he can. 


“You know, it bothers me when people do that. I wish I hadn’t dated someone like that. It makes you worse than him.”


With that he strikes the other side. I feel a pain seep into my cheek and I feel it twitch.




“I see, I see. Well then, one more time.”


I had gone to a lot of trouble to clean up for Yuya-kun……… My hair was a mess too.


I tried to resist, but there was no way my slender body could resist the power of the senior students, even the boys, and I was restrained.


And just as he was about to hit me again, the door was forcefully opened and Yuuya-kun came running towards me, using the momentum he had gained to hit Kento with all his might.


“Reika-senpai…! I’m sorry, I’m late.”


“Sorry, Yuya-kun.”


Thank you, Yuuya-kun.

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