D.F. Ch.11

Ch 11: 150,000 Celebratory Stream Part 3

Along the way, there were a few unexpected amounts of requests, but let’s put that aside for now.


“Alright, it’s done. So, what do you think of this?”


After finishing the cooking for now, we moved from the kitchen to the dining room. 

The streaming screen then displayed a huge hamburger patty in the shape of a bale, sitting on a sizzling hot stone plate. In addition, there were sides of corn, mashed potatoes, and rice.

Moreover, the room was filled with violent sounds and smells. Even without the smell, the sizzling sound was enough to stimulate the appetite.

This is already food terrorism. The violence named gourmet, and the glossy gravy sauce full of meat flavor is about to be poured on it.

What will happen next? Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.


: Uh oh

: Looks delicious

: This is tempting

: Ban card

: Do you think it’s okay to do this!?


Indeed. The comments section is also bustling, which is very nice. The enthusiasm of overseas viewers is especially tremendous. Those people really love meat dishes and such.

And now, this is the main event! We’ll cut this big piece of meat in half and grill it on a hot plate until it’s crispy! This is the highlight of today’s stream!


“Behold everyone! Witness the result of the meat with toughness even stronger than steel──Wha-?!”


Words fail me. As a streamer, it’s not something to be proud of, but I was so shocked that I couldn’t speak properly.

The knife effortlessly glides through the meat without any resistance. And then, the overflowing meat juice from it…


“Wait, no, oh no, aahh!?”


Water bursting like a fountain. The moisture trapped inside the sturdy meat. It was released by being finely chopped, kneaded, and heated.

The cut used was Chateaubriand, the finest lean meat with fine marbling. Its juiciness was extraordinary. Despite boasting a strength like steel, when touched it clung to the hand like a moist sponge.

That’s why the overflowing meat juice was enormous. Along with the umami that resided in the meat, it spilled out like a flood.

The meat juice’s tremendous intensity remains even after it has evaporated by being heated on the plate and remains even with the sauce. It was a violent food porn where the meat juice’s boiling and scattering did not bother one bit.


: …Amazing

: Looks delicious

: Dangerous

: Wow


Even in the comments section, the situation is the same. The flow is accelerating, but most of them seem to lack vocabulary. Despite the absence of scent, only the visuals and sounds are enough to mesmerize and captivate the thoughts with such a magnificent sight of food.

As a streamer, my thoughts and composure disappeared in an instant. This is not good. It’s really bad. Even the expression “whetting your appetite” is too simple. This is simply hunger itself. Just by watching, my stomach is growling uncontrollably.


“…I’ll pour some sauce. I’m going to eat it now.”


Decision made. I can’t even see the comments anymore. That’s how violent this hamburger was.

There’s no way I can resist it. Whether it’s raw or not doesn’t matter. Unlike ordinary people, this body has been trained to the level of a superhuman. I can endure even if I ate poison.

So I move. I take the gravy sauce I prepared and sprinkle it on the meat in one go.

There’s no time to enjoy the flavor of the ingredients or such fancy things. All I want to do now is to make the meat in front of me the best it can be and take a big bite out of it.




“Pfft… Hahahahahahahaha”


I naturally let out a strange laugh. What is this, what is this…!? The sound, the smell, the scenery! None of it is a joke!


“Thank you for the meal!”


I cut it with a knife, impale it with a fork, and take a big bite. I don’t have time to bring the fork in front of the camera or anything like that. All I can do is try not to eat it like a ravenous dog, for the sake of my appearance on camera.




It’s impossible to put it into words. The deliciousness of the meat hits you like a punch to the head, making it hard to gather your thoughts.

No, that’s not quite right. I could come up with comments. Like, “It’s so soft it’s like it wasn’t even tough in the beginning,” or “It’s melting in my mouth,” or “Juices from the meat are overflowing from my mouth,” or “Even though the meat itself is tender, it has the weight of a steak.” I could do a food report if I wanted to. That’s how much potential there is.


“Mmm, slurp, gulp. sigh … delicious…”


But it’s tasteless. In front of this dish, there’s no need for any clumsy comments. If you’re going to move your mouth like that, it’s better to keep bringing more and more meat into your mouth


“Ah…! This is bad…”


Mashed potatoes and corn as a chopstick break. This is also dangerous. Since it’s absorbing the meat juice and sauce, it packs a punch too.


“Mmm, I really need some rice after all…”

And when it comes to Japanese people, it’s all about rice. White rice. The wonderfulness of scooping up a stupidly delicious hamburger with rice all at once! This is just…!!




When I noticed it, I had finished eating everything. Even the one-kilogram hamburger, mashed potatoes, and corn for side dishes. As for the rice, I went back for seconds about three times. I was so absorbed in eating.


“…pogchamp. That’s all.”


: No, I have a comment.

: You just ate without even doing a food review!

: But I understand. Words are not necessary for that.

: The only comment I could come up with is “looks delicious”.

: What a food porn.

: We were all just fascinated by it…

: We just kept eating endlessly without any small talk.

: If it was boring, the number of viewers should have decreased. But in fact, it increased. That’s proof that it was such a great live stream.

: Now I’m getting hungry.


After taking a break, I checked the comments section, which was in a similar state. Actually, the number of viewers had increased again. If it were expressed in words, it was nothing more than a stream of just eating hungrily. 

However, even so, there were no dislikes at the moment, so it must have been enjoyable content as a whole. … By the way, foreign viewers are highly praising it. Perhaps because they don’t understand the language, they were able to enjoy content that was just eating food with a single-minded focus.


“Um, to all the viewers. I apologize for abandoning the stream… but I hope you can understand that this is just the way my cooking streams are. There is a high chance that I won’t be able to respond to comments. I would appreciate it if you could accept that and be okay with it.”


: Hahahahahaha

: He’s become shameless haha

: Don’t apologize and become shameless at the same time lol

: Well, yeah. I guess it can’t be helped.

: It’s fine


Good. I’m glad you accepted the apology. Given the current situation where there are also anti-fans, I was worried about saying something like this, but it seems my concerns were unfounded.

For now, there are no negative comments. It’s possible that the moderators are working hard, but I can’t see them anymore. So, let’s just make it a common understanding among listeners and move on.


“Yes, thanks for your warm comments. Well then, I’ll do as I please. So that’s it for today’s commemorative transmission. I will close with a word of thanks.”


: No lmao

: This is the end of the story!

: It was the celebratory stream.

: I told you to do whatever you want!

: Did you see any VTubers who almost cut off the talk on the celebratory stream?

: I’m not proud of it.

: I want to learn from this mentality.

: I’m too strong in many ways.


“No, it can’t be helped. I’ve already reached a good point. If I talk about it alone, it’s going to get boring anyway, so I should just get it over with.”


You must not make the mistake of choosing the right one. As a streamer, I think that the trick is to find the flow of the story and not make it seem boring, so that it is accepted for a long time.

And so I come to my ending screen.


“Well then, ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for coming to my 150,000 subscribers celebrating stream. Thanks to the help of so many people involved, we are truly delighted to have been able to reach so many people, not least our listeners who have been watching since the very beginning.”


: Congratulations!

Hanabi Raika: I didn’t do nearly anything!

Mikoto Miko: Don’t worry about it. You can thank me with food.

: I was in a slump until the day before yesterday.

: I’m so happy and sad that my guess has become a man of the moment.

: I’m new here, but I will support you from now on!

Amanome Ichika: We couldn’t do nearly anything. So this result is a testament to your ability.


“Yes, yes. Thank you very much for your warm comments. ─ ─ Now I would like to conclude by talking about our future plans. The number of registered users has increased dramatically, but I personally think that this is more of a temporary phenomenon and that we haven’t managed to acquire a fixed fan base.”


It’s only now, we’re in a state of flux from yesterday. If we let our guard down here, we will end up with a segment of the population that has registered but will not watch the distribution. We want to avoid that if possible.


“The dungeon’s content is probably higher outside of the country than inside, due to the various factors behind the dungeon. So from now on, we will be working towards gaining a solid, fixed fanbase and increasing our domestic profile, so please give us your support.”


And a bow. My main goal remains the same: offline collaboration with my oshi. We are now finally at that starting line.

So please, please help us. I’ll make sure you’re entertained instead. Please, everyone, help me reach my goal.


“ ─ So, thank you very much for coming to the distribution today. Good night.”


The number of subscribers to the channel after the distribution, 224324. It seems that it was also spread overseas. In particular, the clippings of [Senzan Huang] exceeded the million mark at a blazing speed, or something. Why is that?


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