D.F. Ch.10

Ch 10: 150,000 Celebratory Stream Part 2

“Well then, let’s start by grinding this Chateaubriand into minced meat.”


The meat of the Armored Demon Bull boasts a strength comparable to steel. Even the most tender cut of meat, the Chateaubriand, is literally impossible to cut with an ordinary knife.


: Isn’t it impossible to grind meat that can’t be cut properly?

: Can we even eat that in the first place?

: Can you bite through meat harder than steel?

: Well, hamburgers are supposed to be a dish for enjoying tough meat, but…

: Even if you take it to a butcher, the teeth will break, right?


“Yes, the comments make a valid point. As you can imagine, we can’t cook this meat using normal methods. Therefore, just like with yesterday’s crayfish, we will cook it using a method that ordinary people cannot imitate.”


With annotations for the listeners, I readied my knife. And then, I activate my skill.

Mysterious powers called “skills” that are obtained by exploring dungeons. They are superhuman abilities that can exceed human limits in the hands of a skilled user.

To cook exceptional ingredients, one must also use exceptional techniques. When dealing with ridiculous ingredients, the chef must also be ridiculous.

So, while transferring the meat to a large silver bat, I activate my unique skill “Alayavijñāna.” Then, I call forth various skills related to swordsmanship, such as “Zantetsu,” “Unyō,” “Blade’s Logic,” “Divine Realm,” etc.

I then extracts the key points from each of the sword-related skills I possess, layers them according to my purpose, and temporarily integrates them.

What is created as a result is a technique of instant killing that can turn the target into dust in an instant. It is the ultimate dance of a thousand blows, which pounds a thousand strikes into a single blink, realizing a flash of light.


“Radiant Flash Slash.”


It is imperceptible to an ordinary person. Therefore, it is a declaration to indicate that something has been done.

The silver light flashes, and then it ends. With a tap of the tip of the knife, the meat, which was as hard as steel, crumbled into dust and fell into the bat.


“Okay, the meat is ground up. Now, let’s knead it.”


: Huh?

: Huh?

: Wait!

: Wait, wait, wait, wait!?

: I don’t understand…

: What does that mean…?

: Is that a skill? No, I don’t know such a skill…

: What they’re doing is too anime-like…


Good, good, good. I’m very satisfied with the comments section that’s flowing at lightning speed. Some of the overseas viewers are going crazy, and the number of channel subscribers is increasing in proportion to the reactions.

As I continue to knead the minced meat piled up in the bat, I can’t help but think that performance in the extraordinary category really gets people excited.


“By the way, this minced meat is still quite dangerous at this stage. It’s no different from small metal shards, so if you squeeze it tightly, your hands will be torn to shreds. So let’s make sure to harden our palms before kneading it.”


: I don’t really understand what you’re saying.

: Hardening? Regular people can’t do that.

: Yeah, it’s not something that humans normally eat.

: And on top of that, we can’t even get the ingredients.

: You say it’s nothing, but only Yamagmi-san can do it all.


“Well, at this point, I don’t think it’s edible yet. But by mincing it like this and kneading it thoroughly, it should gradually become tender. See, it’s already getting soft and squishy.”


The reasoning itself is not much different from the preprocessing of regular meat. It’s just that the hurdle to clear is ridiculously high.


“This way, if you thoroughly break down the fibers and then cook it, I think it will become delicious.”


: …It’s kind of vague, isn’t it?

: Could it be that the mountain lord has never eaten it before?

: No, no, no, there’s no way he’s bringing a completely new ingredient for a commemorative stream.

: But it’s not something you can easily get your hands on, so there’s still a chance it’s his first time seeing it.


“Ah, the comments are correct. This meat is my first for me to eat. Because if you think about it, outside of a stream, I wouldn’t bother using such troublesome meat. There are plenty of easier dungeon ingredients to eat, and even if not, I usually just buy food at convenience stores, you know”


It’s unlikely for ingredients that require serious combat skills for cooking or anything so special to appear on the dining table, unless there is a very special reason.


: That’s right

: A fair point

: Can’t refute that.

: Grass

: I mean, it’s kind of a hassle to do it yourself…

: Well, I can kind of understand, but I’m surprised that you’re willing to eat something like that. I mean, normally you can’t even eat meat that’s as tough as iron, right?


“Why did I think this could be eaten? Well, of course, because it’s guaranteed to be delicious. As you go deeper into the dungeon, the items you can obtain become higher rank, following the same rule as in games. And in the deep levels of food dungeons, what you can harvest, despite the slight differences in taste, is absolutely delicious. It’s stupidly delicious.”


Even the meat of the crayfish obtained in the middle layer of the dungeon has a taste that resembles the best parts of high-end crustaceans. 

The point is that the food dropped by monsters that kick crayfish away like insects in places far deeper than where crayfish live, is so delicious.


“Okay, the prep work is done. Now, let’s marinate it with salt and pepper, shape it, and start cooking. Let’s make it into a hearty one-kilo portion and freeze the rest. …Oh, I almost forgot, I need to heat up the stone grill plate on this stove over here.”


While preparing the dishes, I shaped the hamburger into a long cylindrical shape. Then, I poured a small amount of olive oil into a frying pan and placed it on the stove. 

After a while, the sizzling and juicy sounds began to resonate, stimulating my appetite.


: Wow, it looks delicious!

: Consistent food terrorism.

: The simultaneous viewing slot is also in a frenzy.

: I can’t believe this is the meat that broke the knife…

: It looks delicious, at least from the appearance.


“Wow… As expected, even though it’s tough, it’s a Chateaubriand. A considerable amount of juice comes out even at this stage. This will make sauce making easier…”


It’s really delicious when you make the sauce in the same pan where you cooked the meat. 

Actually, even the smell is already amazing. It’s like the sensation of your appetite being directly stimulated. It’s making me so hungry in an aggressive way.


“Okay… The surface of the whole steak has turned brown, so let’s transfer it to a plate for a moment… I think it’s a shame to wipe off the oil in this state. Good thing I used a small amount of oil just in case. Now, let’s pour in some red wine and various seasonings like this.”


: Oh no, that’s not good, customer! This is not good!

: As I thought yesterday, this mountain owner is really skilled.

: He said in the previous stream that he lives alone and also does outdoor cooking in the dungeon.

: He really seems like a professional chef.

: But isn’t he raising the heat a bit too much? Size-wise, the inside might still be raw.

: If it were a steak, it would be fine, but with shaped meat, it’s not good to undercook it! The bacteria that was only on the surface will spread throughout the whole thing!


“Okay, I know. I’m grilling the plate next to it. I’ll plate it up and then we’ll cook the middle part on the table. Have you ever looked up the barrel-shaped hamburger? It looks so delicious.”


The sneaky part of this type of hamburger is that you finish cooking it with heat just before serving. The overflowing meat juice creates a great sound and aroma on the iron plate or similar surface. That’s a real food porn moment.


: Aaaahhh!?

: I looked it up, but this looks delicious.

: Wow, is this really a thing? I want to go to a restaurant and try it.

: There seems to be a restaurant nearby, let’s go next time.

: Wow. I’m thinking of buying a hot plate and trying to make it myself.


 “Oh, wait a minute. I know some of you said you wanted to try making it at home, but I don’t really recommend it! To be honest, it’s not something you should do at home without proper preparation! If you do it without taking precautions, cleaning up can be a real pain!”


The smell sticks to the room and the oil splatters everywhere, so it can be dangerous.

That’s why I don’t really recommend it. In my case, I prepare a large tablecloth and don’t have any carpets on the floor, and I use magic to deal with the smell, so I can do it. But this is something that should be done in a restaurant.


“So for those who are not prepared, either go to a restaurant and pay or endure this stream while drooling. If you can handle it, well, do your best. But considering the effort, cost, and quality, it might be safer to just go and eat at a restaurant.”


: What’s with the tone of your comment?

: Your advice is helpful, but you’re obviously asking for a fight, lol.

: Yeah, I agree it’s easier to just go to the restaurant.

: This deserves a thumbs down.

: No matter how well you prepare, if you’re not a skilled cook, the end result will be amateurish.

: Lol, Mikoto-san keeps shouting that she absolutely wants to do an off-collaboration.

: Honestly, I envy Mikoto-san in the same agency as the streamer, more than the streamer surrounded by female streamers.

: It’s so funny that it’s the female streamers who are likely to be jealous.


“…I’ve been noticing in the comments that people are doing a live commentary of what’s happening over there. It’s so interesting that I’m getting curious and want to take a peek.”


Just the occasional comment about what’s going on over there is already entertaining enough, so could you please stop? I’m doing this commemorative stream alone, trying not to cause any trouble, so please spare me the temptation of your fun commentary.


“If this goes on, we’ll end up with some weird cross-streaming thing going on where we peek into each other’s streams. I don’t want that kind of nonsense in this commemorative stream. So please hold back a bit.”


: Haha

:Yeah, that’s a violation of etiquette.

: Sorry

: Understood

: But to be honest, I kind of want to see such a ridiculous live stream.


“If that’s the case, then it would make sense to just collaborate, right? If that’s what we’re going to do, we might as well just connect via a regular call… Well, some people might end up meeting face to face at the agency before they even do a call.”


“Mikoto-senpai” or “Miko- senpai” or “Mikoto Miko-senpai”. And also, with low probability, “Raika-san”.


“For now, I don’t want to scream so much that I hurt my throat. If anyone has any ideas, please feel free to make requests.”


Mikoto Miko: Full course!

Hanabi Raika: I want seafood!

Yakochannel: Something interesting.

Kotoba Yotsuya: Delicious sake.

Fubuki Hyosetsu: Meat.

Haruka Tokonatsu: The most expensive one.

Tenmoku Hitoka: Something sweet, like fruits if possible.


I didn’t expect all the members to gather like this, you know?

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