Ch 73

“Before I attack you next time, confess to me, I can’t wait any longer♪”


or …………


These words have been running through my mind since yesterday. I woke up in the morning, went to school with Reika-senpai as usual, and felt a little restless during class.


And the morning class ended without me being able to think of anything.


I wonder how I should confess my feelings to her…….. I mean, when should I tell her how I feel?


I’m sure we both know that we like each other, so it would have been okay to confess yesterday at that time.


Anyway, when I’m in trouble, I think I should think about when, where, and how to confess my feelings.




I don’t seem to have that much patience anymore, or I’d like to get together soon.


……….. Then why can’t I say it? …………


Maybe I’m a surprising romantic?


………… I don’t think so. I’ve been rejecting Reika-senpai for a long time now, and I think that’s putting some kind of weird stopper on me now.


Oh my God, …………


Well, let’s put that aside for now and see where we go next.


On the roof? On the beach? Or outside the train station? On the way to school? At my house?


……….. Maybe I’m a romantic after all.


What’s next? I want to look my senpai in the eye and tell her that I love her.


In summary, sometime in the near future, I will look her firmly in the eyes and tell her that I like her. I’m going to ask her to go out with me.


Something like that.


It’s kind of difficult.


“I love you, please go out with me.”


I can’t believe how much it bothers me just to say that.


“Huh!? Eh, Omine-kun!?”


“Wh-What’s wrong? Yuya, suddenly.”


“Heh? Wh, what?”


Eh? Wh, what? What’s going on? In front of me, Natsuki and, um, …… Saki-san? look surprised.


“I like you now. Did you ask me to go out with you?”


“What? Eh?”


“So, did you just tell me that you like me ……?” 


Hmm? ……….. Could it be that it came out of my mouth?


“Ah, um, no, no. I think I was thinking about …… some things and it just slipped out. I’m sorry.”


“I-I see. That’s right. Ahaha.”


Saki-san shyly touches her cheek. …… something, I must have done something bad.


“Yuya-kun! Let’s have lunch together♪”


I open the classroom door and Reika-senpai happily comes this way. 


“Yuya, you’ve made up your mind.”


“……….. Well, yeah.”


Natsuki looks at me with a face like “Finally”.


And from behind Reika-senpai, Yuka-senpai also comes.


“Yuka, what’s going on?”


“Do you want to eat together?”


“Oh, oh.”


“Sorry to bother you.”


Saying that, Saki-san went to another group of girls.


“That’s nice, Yuka. I want to be called Reika too. I want to call you Yuu-kun, too.”


I look around. Senpai looks at me.


“Ah~ I could cry because I’d be so happy if you called me like that~”


“I don’t want you to cry, so I won’t.”


“Yuya-kun! I’m crying because I’m happy, so it’s okay to cry.”


Reika-senpai’s cheeks puffed out. Ah, more than that, I have to eat lunch.


I take Reika’s hand.


“Look, don’t be so cute, okay? Reika.”


“….. //Oh my God, oh my God! Yuu-kun, I love you, I love you!


I like it too.


Yes, I think it was just now. The right time to say it!! Haa…what am I doing? She couldn’t hear me if I mumbled it in my head….


And before I know it, Reika is hugging me and I can’t walk.


“Reika, I can’t walk while you’re hugging me.”


“…Sit down, Yuu-kun.”


I sat down on a chair as I was told.


“Do you want to eat like this?”


Reika straddled me.


“Stop. Reika, we’re in a classroom.”


I touch Reika’s mouth gently with my index finger. …..Did I go too far?




The surroundings are noisy. Especially the girls.




My cheeks turn red and I fidget and collapse.


“Go out with her already, you couple of idiots.”


“Shut up, Natsuki.”


I know, I know, I know.

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