Ch 74

“Yu-kun ♪ Yu-kun ♪ My Yu-kun ♪”


“No, please stop, Reika-senpai.”


“…………Yuu-kun, Yuu-kun, my Yuu-kun♪”


Reika-senpai happily skips in rhythm in front of me.


Why did I call her Senpai again? ………. After what happened.


“Reika, shall we go now?”


“Yu-kun, Yuu-kun. Ehehe”


Reika with her arms around my neck and rubbing her cheek against mine. Cute ……….. I can’t!!!


I’m still embarrassed to do this in public! I’m sorry I got a little carried away too.


What am I supposed to do? ……….. If this continues, I’ll start my afternoon class without eating.


……….. I’m kind of full in a way……




“What is it?”


Yuka-senpai, who was nearby, called out to me in a small voice.


“If you want to bring Reika back, maybe you can call her Senpai again.”




“Moo, Yu-kun. Look at me.”


Reika ….. Senpai forces me to turn my face to her.


“You’re always cool to look at.”


Reika-senpai looked at me with her eyes full of lust. I almost got sucked in a little by those eyes, but somehow I was able to hold myself together with the self-control I have trained myself to have every day.


“Reika….. Senpai. Let’s go for now, shall we?”


“!!! Yu, Yu-kun. My name! I don’t like it when you don’t call me by my name!”


I guess she came back to reality, Senpai shakes her face in disgust, holds my hand, looks at me up and down, and pleads with teary eyes, “Please.


Kuk……….. Haa. I whisper into Reika’s ear.


“I prefer it when it’s just the two of us at home. I don’t want other people to see Reika’s pretty face too much. Okay?”




………. So this is how it is now.


I’ve changed the way I call her back, but Reika-senpai still calls me Yu-kun.


“Have you been to the park lately?”


“………. I don’t like it at all if Yu-kun only calls me Reika when we’re at home.”


“………. Reika, would you like to go to the park with me?”




She took my hand and we went straight to the park. She was so cute.


After a short walk, we arrived at our usual park.


“It’s a little cold, isn’t it?”


Saying that, Reika snuggled up to me.


It got a little chilly in November, but maybe Reika-senpai just wants to stick with me.


“Um …… Reika-senpai”


“…… Pui.”




“Yes, what is it?”


Smiling, Reika-senpai looks at me. 


“I don’t know how to confess to Reika.”




Reika tilts her head. That’s right. I don’t know what that means.


I thought about it the whole day, but I didn’t know how to confess.


I could only come up with abstract ideas.


I was ashamed, but I came to the conclusion that it would be better to ask her.


Senpai mumbled, “I see.”


“Such is …….”


Senpai turns my face to her and stares at me with clear eyes. Then these words reach my ears, clear as day.






“That’s enough for me, Yuu-kun.”


My heart is beating faster in my chest. So far, I have been told many things, but for some reason, I cannot look at Reika-senpai.


There seemed to be so much emotion in those words. It’s …… It seems to overlap with when I confessed to that bitch.


And Reika whispers in my ear


“When you confess, I want to hear that you love me more than I love you, Yuu-kun.”


“I’ll do my best.”


I really wanted to win this person over, at least at the time of confession.

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