I.N. Ch.10

Chapter 10: Bento Box 2

“ ………………… ”

During lunch break, Yuu noticed that Takuya and Yui left the classroom at different times. Of course, Yuu was aware that they were secretly having lunch together. However, if Yuu were to openly intervene and stop them, the significance of the obtained leverage would diminish. The fact that their relationship was not public knowledge was essential as material for blackmail.

“ Yuu, let’s grab a meal. ”

Saying that, a classmate brings a convenience store bento. He is a friend whom Yuu became close with because they share the same hobby of being anime fans.

“ Oh yeah, today is a good day because I got to see Shimotsuki-san this morning. ”

He has been a fan of Yui as an actress even before high school, and he refers to her by her stage name, Shimotsuki. Although Yui occasionally reminds him not to use her stage name, he seems to have no intention of changing it, as it serves as an opportunity for her to initiate conversations with him.

“ To be in the same school and classroom as Shimotsuki-san for more than a year feels like a dream. ”

“ Yeah, it does. ”

“ Yeah, you’re right… Good for you, Yuu. You’ve known each other for a long time, haven’t you? ”

“ …Well, yeah. ”

It was certainly fortunate for Yuu to have been able to witness the process of Yui’s transformation from a girl to a woman. This was a happiness that Takuya couldn’t experience. Yui had always been an attention-grabbing presence since elementary school, and that didn’t change as she grew up. Her facial features became more mature, her chest grew, and her waist became slender. Until middle school, Yuu spent the most time with her, and there were often rumors among classmates and people around them that they were dating. Yuu denied it verbally, but deep down, he was secretly delighted by those rumors. He assumed that Yui felt the same way, but he realized—No, he was made aware of the fact—that he was mistaken about it after entering high school.

“ Yeah, Shimotsuki-san is amazing. She’s not only incredibly cute, but also has a great figure and a wonderful personality. Whoever called her an angel on TV came up with a really accurate description, I think. ”

“ Alright, let’s quickly finish our meal. ”

“ Ah, I wish she would agree to go out with me by some mistake. ”

Upon hearing the phrase “go out by some mistake,” the image that came to Yuu’s mind was that of Takuya. He thought to himself, “Indeed, it must have been some kind of mistake that he ended up dating Yui-chan.

“ Those words hit me like a slap on the ear. ”

While exchanging such words, Yuu and his friend had their lunch.


“ ………………… ”

After school, Yuu started walking home alone.

Yuu had been observing Yui’s behavior over the past few days, and aside from not approaching Yuu, everything seemed unchanged compared to before.

Yuu had been under the impression that there would be tension between Yui and Takuya. Despite being threatened by Yuu, which made Yui engage in oral sex with another man, even though she had a boyfriend. Yū couldn’t help but feel a sense of guilt and believed that such an act, which could be considered infidelity, would have some sort of impact.

However, from what Yuu observed, Yui didn’t show any signs of it. But that didn’t mean she didn’t think anything of that act. It was likely the result of her displaying the part of herself known as “Shimotsuki Yui,” who had appeared in numerous acting roles as an actress.

( There must be a change happening internally. )

That is evidence that she was avoiding me. And not only that, but she was also sneakily observing my actions. And to me, it didn’t seem to stem from fear or any negative emotions.

Since Yui believes that there are no more blackmail photos of herself, there is no need to maintain an excessive distance or avoid being alone together, even if things can’t go back to the way they were before. Showing such behavior would only raise suspicions and invite unnecessary scrutiny from those around them.

Moreover, Yui was showing signs of concern for Yū, not just maintaining distance.

( Perhaps she was aware of me as a man, even if only a little. )

Yuu tends to think in a self-centered manner. He misunderstands that the kindness that Yui shows towards him is because she has feelings for him.

It seems that Yui is not being seen as an individual by Yuu. He is focused on finding a “good woman” based on his own perception of what it means to be a man. The definition of a “good woman” may vary from person to person, but it is a common desire among many men and is not inherently wrong.

It seems that Yū struggles to control his desires and impulses, and his rationality may align with his sexual desires. In other words, his rationality may be driven by his sexual urges.

From the perspective of someone who knows all of Yui’s actions, it is difficult to believe that he is simply motivated by genuine feelings for Yui.

( If things continue to go well, I won’t need to use this. )

With that in mind, Yuu confirmed that there was no one around and then manipulated his smartphone to retrieve the recorded footage from the device he had installed prior to inviting Yui to his home.

There was Yui licking his slender penis in Yuu’s room.

I promised to delete the photo of her kissing Takuya, but I didn’t promise not to create new blackmail material. Moreover, this has more destructive power than the deleted photo.

If it’s just kissing, it still doesn’t seem like a sexual act. However, sucking a man’s penis is a different matter. There is no excuse for this. And since this is not a photo, but a video, and it clearly shows her giving a blow job in his room, the power of the video jumps to a whole new level.

For someone willing to pay, I might ask for tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of yen. Because if I can successfully blackmail Yui, I can have control over her body whenever I want. Yui is praised as an angel and she captivates many men. That alone holds enough value in Yui, or so Yuu believes.

However, I have no intention of letting go of this for such a small amount of money.

( Yui-chan belongs to me only…, and me only…… )

The shape of love is different for each person. However, Yuu’s love has become grotesquely and excessively distorted to the point where it can be called an obsession.

Until now, Yuu had a close relationship with Yui, mistakenly believing that she liked him. That’s why this twisted love never came to the surface, and no one could crush it at the early stages.

( …………… )

Feeling the blood beginning to gather in his “lower body part”, Yuu stopped the video and decided to comfort himself when he got home.


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