D.F. Ch.22

Ch 22: Important Announcement Part 1

Official websites and Tweetter accounts have released statements from Denjilas and LiveLa regarding this matter.


“From the above, we ask that you refrain from making casual postings and spreading information on the internet.”


Although the official statement was written in a quite formal and stiff manner as an external public announcement, summarizing it briefly, it basically stated, “Stop the defamation and slander. If it is judged to be malicious, LiveLa and Denjilas will cooperate to take legal action.”

The official statement, which demonstrated a firm stance against defamation and slander, did not necessarily bring many of the unruly fans back to their senses.


“Based on the response, it seems to have little effect. Well, that’s to be expected…”


As expected, ridicule naturally arises at the predictable turn of events. Even if an official statement is issued, the heads of the foolish who have boiled over won’t stop.


Of course, it’s not that the effect is completely absent. It’s likely that a considerable number of people have regained their senses. But this is not a matter of numbers. After all, those who engage in defamation are a minority.

Sensible people don’t write comments on the internet that denigrate others. They either murmur their dissatisfaction in their hearts or complain to acquaintances in real life.

Those who are a little more prone to becoming emotional will muddy the waters with comments of sympathy at best. They don’t assert specific malice, and they don’t write content that goes beyond the scope of their own impressions. They do this as a form of risk management.

Up to this point, this is the majority. They are people who possess common sense and understanding. However, because they are reasonable, they do not raise their voices. As a result, they are not conspicuous.

Those who speak the loudest are always the unreasonable minority. Especially in cases like this, it can be said with confidence that they are all such people.

Because that’s how it is. Those who, from the sidelines, loudly voice their complaints like parties involved are nothing but scum who prioritize their own emotions and trample on the rights of others.

Half-hearted cold water is meaningless. They don’t stop because they lack a sensible sense, and their voices don’t seem to decrease because they’re needlessly loud.


“…Well, with all the settings done.”


Therefore, if we are going to crush them, we must do it thoroughly. We have to shower them with ice-cold water and make them realize just how dangerous a bridge they are crossing.


 : It’s about time.

[The message has been deleted]

: I wonder if everything is okay.

: Whenever they say “important announcement,” it’s usually something ominous.

[The message has been deleted]

: The moderators are working hard today.

: There are a lot of comments being deleted. The stream hasn’t even started yet…


Despite it being before the start of the broadcast, the comments section is moving quite quickly. This is likely due to the high level of attention as the official statement was just released. Also, the fact that the broadcast title is “Important Announcement” is another factor.

As for the percentage of comments, it’s split in half. Fifty percent are from those who are worried or have good judgment. Thirty percent are not quite criticism but express concerns beyond the line. Moderators have deleted twenty percent of comments that have been judged to be out of bounds.

We want the regular listeners to be reassured. Despite the ominous title, there is no bad news to report. We’re just going to talk about our future plans.


“Alright, let’s start the stream.”


And let this be a warning to all you fools who keep making a fuss. I will teach you the consequences of not knowing when to back down. Keep living in fear that you might ruin your lives.


: Kicha!

: I’ve been waiting for you, Yamagami-san!

[The message has been deleted]

[The message has been deleted]

: Can you help Uta-chan?

: Will you help Uta-chan?

[The message has been deleted]


As soon as the greetings are given, the comment section accelerates rapidly… To put it mildly, it’s hell. There were already defamatory comments before the fix, but the atmosphere has never been this intense before.

Personally, I feel that comments that get deleted are much better for my mood than those in the “Help Utachan!” category. The poster probably doesn’t intend to be malicious towards Utachan, but the self-righteousness that comes with being unaware is very unpleasant.

In the first place, the official has issued a statement to refrain from such comments, and it is a matter of manners before that. It’s taboo to mention other streamers’ names without the consent of the streamer, let alone in a situation where the host isn’t even talking about them…

It’s creepy how they prioritize their own feelings, and it’s like they belong to a different species where conversation can’t take place. This is why many VTubers become ill. It’s understandable to be concerned about the voices of a few antis. They clearly stand out as being different, and their lack of understanding is intuitively uncomfortable. If you consider them as hostile aliens who are mutually incomprehensible and being monitored by several people, it’s no wonder it’s scary and uncomfortable.

Even I, who am used to tough situations, got goosebumps. So, it’s probably best for ordinary streamers to be prepared for the worst.


“And now, regarding the important announcement. Well, as you may have already guessed, it’s about the uproar that was sparked by my tweet.”


Well, even so, I have to keep pushing forward. I started doing VTuber because I wanted to feed my oshi with delicious food. Just like that. Since I swore to take responsibility for the life of the kitten, I can’t let any sparks fall on it.


:I see.

:That’s really hilarious.

[Message has been deleted]

: Anyway, can you explain your thoughts about Uta-chan?

: Anti-kun, come on…

[Message has been deleted]

:Even after all this, you still type messages that would get deleted…


The speed and content ratio of the comments section hasn’t changed much. As expected, those who continue to make a fuss even after the official statement and legal action are on another level of determination. To put it bluntly, they are irredeemable idiots.


“OK. Understood. Ah, I’m sorry to those who haven’t done anything, but please bear with us for a little longer. I know that those who are causing trouble are only a very small part, not even a handful, of the entire fanbase. Nevertheless, this is something we have to do.”


First, let me apologize. I am deeply sorry for the regular listeners who will have to bear the brunt of this from now on.

But this is a kind of public safety activity. Considering what might happen in the future, a warning is absolutely necessary. It may cause controversy or even backfire, but it’s better to face it head-on and get it over with quickly.


“With all that said, we have made disclosure requests for multiple accounts. Additionally, for those who have made implied threats, we have submitted reports to the police and they have accepted them. If any of you have a guilty conscience, tremble and don’t sleep, you idiots.”


Now, there’s no need to hold back. Switch your mindset. Let anger emanate from your presence. Let your voice carry hostility. Shall we make those fools who are making a fuss, thinking they’re in a safe zone, taste the iron fist of the law?

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