Ch 83

Blood is dripping from the knife.


At that moment, I pushed Reika away, switched places, and immediately went to be stabbed by the knife myself. In order to prevent her from stabbing other people, and above all, Reika.


It stabs deep into the hand and penetrates. Damn……………..!! A sharp pain runs through me at the moment I get stabbed. But…… This is not the time to worry about that!


I hold the handle of the knife so that she can’t pull it out, and I force her to let go of the knife and kick it, forcing her to move away.


The surroundings are quiet for a moment, and when they see my right hand being stabbed with the knife, they instantly burst into screams.


“Why the hell are you here!!”


“It’s obvious!! Because that bitch over there ruined my life.”


Reika, who had her finger pricked, kept looking down and I couldn’t make out her expression.


“You’ve probably ruined a lot more people’s lives than her!!”


“Haa? Don’t compare me to those people.”


Ichika laughs in a strange, crazy voice. This woman……


“……. Hey, Ichika.”


Reika staggered to her feet. Her eyes were as cloudy as mud. A black emotion swirled in the depths of her eyes, and only her focus was on Ichika alone, the murderous intent consuming her and dyeing her.


“—No! Reika!!”


“It’s okay, Yuu-kun. That’s enough… let’s put an end to this.”


Reika smiles as if she’s broken…..




Yu-kun suddenly pushed me out of the way, startled, and when I looked up……


Ichika swung a kitchen knife, and the knife pierced deep into Yu-kun’s hand.


At that time,…… my heart cracked and the sound echoed through my entire being, breaking it.


It disintegrates into rags and crumbles.


Because of me…… because of that woman… Yu-kun is in this mess,……………..


……….. I have to end it now. I must. I don’t want Yu-kun to get hurt any more. I shouldn’t have fallen in love with…… Yu-kun, shouldn’t I?


“Hey, Ichika.”


Let’s get this over with, shall we?


“—No! Reika!!”


“It’s okay, Yuu-kun. That’s enough… let’s put an end to this.”


Yu-kun. I love you, I love you. I love you…………….. I love you…………….. I love you.




Ichika gasps when she sees my eyes.


I was about to take the first step to approach Ichika and strangle her to death, when I grabbed her hand and squeezed it gently.


“No, Reika. I’m not happy about that.”


A gentle, warm voice stops me.


“It’s okay, it’s okay now.”


That’s what I tell myself.


“Not good, not at all. Not good at all.”


“It’s okay!! I’m already…”


Stop…it’s okay now… I can’t be by your side.


“I love Reika, so it’s not good.”


He shakes his head saying no.


“I …….hate.”


The words that came out in such pain touched my heart.


I should not be around you. Because you will suffer again.


“I love you, so I’ll stop you as many times as I have to, and I’ll confess to Reika as many times as I have to……. I love you, Reika.”




Yu-kun smiles and confesses to me. I am almost enveloped by that smile.


“I love you.”




I put my hand on his chest and try to push him away, but my mind, my heart, gets in the way of that, and my hand won’t move.


“I love you, Reika.”


“…… No. Not me. I can’t……. do that with you.”


“It’s okay, that’s it. More than that, I’m getting something from Reika. Such a small thing like this doesn’t hurt me.”


He……. Yu-kun hugged me. 


“You gave me a lot. You pulled me up when I was at the bottom. You comforted me. You gave me a lot of smiles… That’s all I need.”




“So, don’t make that face anymore. Smile.”


Yuu laughs, and I try to laugh too, but tears fall. It doesn’t stop flowing down my cheeks.


I try to smile, but I can’t and my cheeks twitch.


“……. It’s not funny…..”


“…… I see.”


Yu-kun said so and gently hugged me.


“Are you okay!!”


Someone must have called the police, because the police came this way, seized Ichika, and rushed toward us.


‘Well then, Reika….. Can you promise me?”


“…. What?”


“…… When you can laugh again, will you come to me?




“At that time…….. I’ll confess to you again. I’ll say “I love you”. I will never change this feeling. I don’t care if it’s a few months or years from now. So……….. Let’s say goodbye for once.”


“……Yes. I promise……….. Absolutely.”


Before I knew it, my heart became warm and clear.

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